Baking bread, freezing green beans and Gift Cards

I have been doing kitchen stuff most of the day.  I did a lot of bread baking stuff starting with my Artisan bread recipe but I used the kitchen aid mixer rather than hand stirring the dough.  Using the mixer did save me some physical effort and the dough looks better than what I usually get from hand mixing the dough.  I don’t know if all bread doughs react to refrigeration like the artisan bread dough but it is nice to put the bread dough in the fridge and have some time between making the dough and baking bread. 

I’m trying out a new bread type called Challah.  I bought a loaf of this bread at the local farmer’s market and loved the flavor.  The recipe is a bit more complex than the artisan bread with the additions of butter, eggs and sugar and braiding the dough,  hell I can’t even braid hair and I need to braid bread dough…. 😉

Okay I just pulled the Challah bread out of the oven and it looks pretty good despite this is my first time trying to braid dough. The dough still needs to cool but just looking at the loaves I’m feeling positive that the results will be at least edible and perhaps positive for a new recipe to add to my bread making preps.  

I got the foodsaver bags all set up and got the pork chops and chicken thighs in the freezer.  Getting the green beans prepped and in the freezer is taking a bit more effort and time than I had anticipated.  It is not that canning, drying or freezing veggies takes a lot of time.  It is all the prep work so you are able to freeze, can or dehydrate food that takes the time.  I cut off any stems of the green beans and toss any beans that are dried out or look a bit iffy for blemishes or  dried out and less than a optimal veggie I want to freeze for the future.  I cut off the ends of the green beans and toss any beans that are discolored or dried out.  I blanch the beans for 4 minutes in boiling water and then toss the beans in an Ice bath to stop the cooking process.  After that I seal the beans up and freeze them.  I suppose  you could use a pressure canner to “can” or pickle the beans.  I’m not sure check out the “Ball” canning guide as I know green beans don’t have enough acid to to be hot bat canned and need a pressure canner to be safe.  I can’t think of a dumber way to die from food poising  than using only a hot bath canner or steamer when you can do the same amount of work and just use a pressure canner. 

I think I need to elaborate about adding Gift cards” to your cash preps/emergency funds.  Perhaps it generational or perhaps it is a economic “class” thing but I want to get more into depth about using gift cards rather than your debit/credit card or cash to buy something you need/want. 

I use cash buying stuff because I have a issues about handing over cash for a purchase and that is a good thing because I really notice how much money I am spending for that item. For me Sliding a card is just to easy and I don’t always notice how much money I spend if I just swipe my debit or credit card. If you look at the advertisements it is always about how fast and easy it is to spend money via your bank account or your smart phone. Those folks at the banks seldom make saving money as fast and easy as spending money.

I’m not saying gift card are a great way to save money. I do think they could be a tool if you get unbanked as you could still buy and pay bills online. Online buying is here to stay so how can a person adapt and if you want an online debit card that has minimal risk tracking back to your bank account I think these gift cards are an option. Especially since the US/DC establishment wants to track all your $600.00 purchases to get those Criminals that hide $600.00 drug and military arms purchases that everyday Citizen must be doing to keep the feds from getting their rightful share of the people’s income. LOL

I don’t want anyone to protest the government. I just want you to not comply and walk away from supporting the Feds. You are a construction contractor, plumber and see a Biden sticker or Inclusive sticker just walk away from the job. ” Just to busy or there is an emergency somewhere else” .

Two local hospitals declared last month that all health care workers had to have the vaccine by Sept. 15th or be fired. Sept 15th came and now the vaccine was no longer required for health care workers. I have know Idea if this is happening in other parts of the country but the local hospitals have activated volunteers that signed up to help medical facilities in a disaster. Idaho has not suffered a disaster!

I suspect that Hospitals don’t want to pay higher wages to attracted the people that work food service, laundry and janitorial staff at higher wages that is the norm in Idaho. I’m no Union advocate but a straight up captilist. The prevailing wage is not Federal Min. Wage. The wage is what it costs to hire some one to do the job!

I wish more people realize you are selling your work, time,. knowledge and effort as a contractor not as an employee. Damn skippy you should get the most money per hour worked as well as provide the most value to your boss as well as your customers.

Update: the bread is edible and is pretty good over all. I need to tweak the recipe but it was a good start!

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