Yard cleanup and the garden plants are trying to put out fruit.

I got some work down cleaning up all the apples that are dropping off the trees this summer.  I have not used the fruit from the tree as I have had other issues that took priority at the time so some of the fruit dropped and got very mushy before I got them cleaned up.   I’m doing a little better getting the Black walnuts picked up and drying out the husks around the nuts.  I have set up a frame to hold the walnut to dry until the outer husk is ready to fall off so I should get a little bit of harvest off my walnut trees.  At the price of walnuts even a couple of pounds will pay me for my effort. 

We had a brutally hot summer here and most of my garden just baked in the heat. What is happening now is I have volunteer tomatoes and pepper putting out fruit in October about week before the normal frost date. I did plant starts early and all of them got destroyed by heat this summer. A bunch of volunteer plants are doing better going into fall and I should get at least a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden beds I gave up on this summer.

I cleaned out one garden bed that went mostly to weeds. I want to try covering the bed in black plastic to kill the weeds and see how the bed handles winter and an early spring planting. I have plenty of frost cloth and I learned a lot about starting plants indoors this year. I have added shade cloth so I can protect my garden beds during the summer. I’m adding a better irrigation system to the garden beds. I think one of my biggest issues is getting more consistent about working the garden daily rather than getting overwhelmed and trying to fix problems when they become to big to ignore. I’m awful at doing 15-30 minutes work daily to take care of issues early and tend to work a few hours once or twice a week and try and catch up and/ or fix problems.

Good news I got my chimney cleaned and I started a fire on a cooler evening. OMG it was wonderful! There is something about a wood fire that seems to warm you down to the bone. It just isn’t the same feeling you get with an electric or gas furnace. I asked for a quote for a Mini-split system with a heat pump to circulate the air as my old furnace is non-functional but I’d like to have a more efficient Air conditioning and circulation of the heat from the wood stove to the back part of the house.

So far I got one bid and not a bad quote but there was a bit of a hard sell rather than I can do it for this price take it of leave it. I trust a take or leave it bid price from a contractor a bit more than some one acting more like a used car salesman that acts like all they want to work a deal. I’m also a bit afraid about going into debt to get a mini-split system on credit. I think debt is terrible to have in a good economy and absolutely devastating in a bad economy. Good news is my research was about dead on about a mini split system cost. I’m not against contractors making money that is a good thing. But I’m not going to buy anything just because the price per month looks good today.

I’m confident about most of my supplies for this year. I’m not so confident about what will happen with prices in 2022. It might not be the best time to go several thousand dollars into debt to get at best a $30-$50 payback per monthly electric bill.

I added storage of dry cat food that is pretty good quality and a new dog food from a local company. I’m not sure how the supply chain will work out but I’m going local as much as possible.

I’m sure many corporations know they could build local suppliers at huge cost and need at least 2-3 years to build a factory before they get any product. In a year or two the supply chain might be fixed… Then again the supply chain might break for other reasons than Covid.

Europe is hoping for a mild winter as the green energy is not providing the energy they need. The Canary islands has a volcano going off adding ash to the atmosphere that might reduce sunlight to solar panels and solar light to plants. I don’t think the EU will get a mild winter this year.

I think we will see a hard winter in SW Idaho. I think it will be more cold rather than snow. But a shift in the jet stream winds could bring a lot of snow. Everything depends on how the whether breaks across the Rockies. If it stays on the west face we will get Snowmeggeddon. If it goes down the east face of the Rockies the snow and cold will hit the plain states.

2 Responses to Yard cleanup and the garden plants are trying to put out fruit.

  1. Anna says:

    Your $30 to $50 savings will likely be much larger as utility costs continue to increase. My budget plan went up $20 a couple months ago. That’s for electricity and natural gas. The increase represents the cost per unit for both gas and electric. Also cost for the unit will likely go up if you wait and that’s assuming it remains available.

    • Jamie says:

      Anna’; I would agree if I did not use a wood stove to heat in the winter and I have about 2 years worth of wood on hand to heat my home.

      I agree with you about the rising costs of electricity even though I live in low electrical cost state.

      I think a big part about quote on the mini-split system that bothered me the most was the hard sell on financing. I’m not desperate for heating or even cooling as I have maxed out the insulation, new windows, so the house holds both heat and cool.

      Cooling was costly because it was so hot for so long this summer and outside of the norm.

      I still think the mini-split system is the way to go in the future but I’m not feeling taking on a 10 year loan is the best way to go in this economy.

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