Removing peel & tiles from a bathroom floor.

I added the cheap floor tiles many years ago so I can’t blame the last home owner.  This was my mess up doing a home improvement without a clue, tools or knowledge needed to do the job. Removing those tiles are doable but take a little bit of effort.  

First thing you need is a heat gun.  Not to worry this is a multi-tasker for shrink wrap labels or for assisting to clean off some paints as well as glue.  I bought a cheap heat gun from Harbor freight  for under $10.00.  The tiles I removed were a bit old and poorly installed by someone who had know idea haw to install floor tile of any type. 

It was easy to remove the tile using a painter’s tool or putty knife to get under the edge and then use the heat gun to work the tile loose.  Now the worse part is I laid the tile directly on linoleum and had a sticky residue of glue and some sticky dirt that worked it’s way in between tiles.  What worked best for me was some spray on goo-gone, add a bit of heat via the heat gun and using my hand rub that Goo-gone into the glue.  Using the heat gun seems to assist the Goo-gone penetrate the old glue.  

The Clean up: if you have used Goo-gone in any form you get a very slick and oily feeling residue.  Goo-Gone recommends Hot-soapy water to clean the oil reside.  I found Acetone and Rubbing alcohol worked better to clean off that oily residue.  Trust me I tried Dawn dish soap and other Spray cleaners to ajax type powders and Acetone worked best and 70% rubbing alcohol second.  After adding an Acetone/flammable cleaner. I washed the floor with my favorite Lysol Multi-purpose cleaner.  

Cleaning this floor up took time. I often waited 10-20 minutes between stages to see if a product work.  I also added a bit of time as my knees don’t do all that good cleaning floors.  It turned into a 2 day job for me, but I had a bit of experimentation of how to remove the tiles and how to clean up the glue goo after the tiles were removed.  This job was a test case as I want to remove some of the peel and stick tile in my back door entrance way and add a “floating wood floor” setting on  top of old linoleum. with added  underlayment.   

I’m glad I tried new stuff with my home.  I really hated that I was so ignorant before I started new stuff in my home.  I have another are to clean up.  But it n entrance way and I have a “floating” wood floor that could look good if I install it correctly.  I have couple more tools I want on hand and I want a bit more wood on hand because I’ll probably screw up.  But that is the tuition/price you pay when you are learning new things.  All the tutorials and youtube videos don’t really matter until you make something for yourself or others.  

Talking a good game, and playing a good game, requires producing results that you or others can see and evaluate those 2 things are very different .  Most preppers are not Pacifists and many are not religious. So I don’t think playing “Billy Bad ass” to attack preppers that have spent years gathering not only food, but ammo is a good idea! 

Life goes on and I have tried to get my shopping as local as possible and I think that most folks should do the same.  If you are hoping for anything from overseas I’d recommend you get it now, find an alternative or learn to without.  No I can’t write a sentence that is marginable believable the Joe Biden will save Christmas. I dobt he could save Thanksgiving.  You are on your own folks so act like it! 


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