Added some more flour and more dog food with a $6.00 coupon for dry dog food.

I’m not buying food for this year.  I’m trying to stock up for next year and get ahead of inflation. 

I prefer buying unbleached white flour. Especially when I can buy 50 pounds of white flour 5 pounds at a time when a 50 pound bag of flour costs over $20.00 and I can get it for about $12.00 per 50 pounds of flour.  Even if it is buying several 5 pound bags every time I shop. 

I got a great coupon for buying Grain-free Beniful dog food at Albertsons and I had to buy a bag to make sure my Doggo has somewhat good food to eat. No good size turkeys to buy as I want a small Turkey in the 12-13 pound range.  There is no reason to buy a big turkey if  it won’t fit in the BBQ.   

I can find ways to “justify” spending money. I’m sort of poor but not so poor enough to get all the government Goodies. I did apply for some government sponsored Internet access and I thought I might get $5.00-$10.00 discount.  I got a $50.00 per month discount for as long as the program lasts.  I don’t feel bad taking advantage of this government program. I can use that $50.00 of saving each month in better ways than paying an inflated/non-competitive internet cable bill.  

Unlike the elitists us poor folks are affected by compounding inflation everyday. Dog and cat food has literally double in price in 2 weeks at my local mega marts. I’m not really shopping for this year.  I’m shopping for next year.  Perhaps Inflation won’t get worse in 2022 but I’m not counting on it.  

I found some small parsnips cleaning out my garden. The roots got a little freeze and the roots look good.  I cleaned up most of the garden,. I have plans to move the raised garden beds and build up the 3 sisters beds.  I’ll need to cut back the grape vines to make it work.  I also want to build a green house. 

Just one step at a time, buy the tools, buy the materials as you can afford it. Then make it work.  It does not matter if you talking construction, sewing or food.  Just make progress one day at a time. 

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