Thanksgiving prep, wood cutting and more winter preps done.

The small turkey has been in the brine for 24 hours and will be in the brine for about 3 days before it gets on the BBQ.  I use Apple Cider for the liquid and add canning salt, brown sugar and what ever spices I like for turkey/poultry.  You can use anything you want to brine as long as you use salt and sugar in your liquid you can get creative. I use about 2 quarts of the liquid to dissolve the sugar and salt.  I add my spices to this so the spice warm up a bit and release their flavors more easily.  Make sure you have plenty of cool liquid to remove the heat before you place the turkey in the brine.  I use a 3 gallon food grade bucket for the turkey and place the bucket in my shop fridge. If you don’t have fridge space for the turkey you can use a cooler and Sealed Ice bags/ Double Bagged to keep the bird cold but not frozen. Figure the cooking time will be about 20 minutes per pound at 325-350 degrees F. but use a meat thermometer to check that the bird is at least 160 degrees F. to be done. I rotate the bird front to back and give it a turn every 15 minutes to make sure it cooks evenly.  You might keep some tinfoil handy to wrap the wings and legs as they will cook/brown faster than the breast. Make sure the last 15 minutes of cooking and rest your bird on its breast after cooking so all the juices’ settle into the breast so the white meat does not dry out!  

I’m very happy my aunt  will be coming for Thanksgiving. I have most of the fixings on hand and I went a bit nuts buying pie because it was on sale.  So all my pie needs are fulfilled for the Holidays.  I’m not sure how it is going shopping for the holidays in other parts of the country but here in SW Idaho there is plenty of holiday foods but inflation is starting to show up on other products.  You need to be getting coupons and start shopping more for next year getting the stuff that is still inexpensive or isn’t inflating in price as fast as some other items right now.  

I cut more kindling today since Mom got another small box for her wood stove.  Nope, I have not filled up my  big outdoor kindling box.  I have kept the box full enough so I have at least 3-4 indoor boxes worth of kindling in it at all times and Mom can grab a small box of kindling if she needs it.  Mom got a box of some of the hardwood (apple, cherry, elm)chunks and sticks I cut up this fall.  Mom buys pine and poplar for her stove because that wood is cheaper. So she loves having some chunks of hardwood that burns longer but is small enough that the house does not get too hot. 

While I haven’t cut and split all the kindling I want to have on hand.  I have a better set up for cutting and splitting wood through out the winter.  Most of the wood that needs to cut with the chainsaw is under my carport awning so that cutting area is protected from snow and rain.  The little saw buck I built in the fall works great for cutting the bigger chunks of wood into woodstove size chunks and on clear calm days I can cut a lot of kindling in the kennel / breeze way area.  The garden cart makes it easy to move wood from the wood pile to the porch and if we get a lot of snow I have a toboggan to move the wood from the wood pile to the porch wood rack. 

I got most of the garden bed clean up done.  I have one small section to finish up but I ran out of space in my trash can but I can finish the last of the work after the holiday. I have some big changes and moving raised beds, compost bins and setting up the foundation of the green house. We added Pasture grass seed to Mom’s place and got some new ideas to expand her garden area in the spring. I bought a case of 30% vinegar and I hope to add another case in Jan. for weed killing that does not kill the soil.  

Some things to think about for your garden, yard and plants next year is fertilizers, weed killers that are oil/chemical based will probably be in short supply.  So get to composting, find a local supply of manure/fertilizer and find ways you can add what you need via local suppliers or make your own.  

With this inflation it isn’t just higher prices.  Some things just are not available at any price. If you made something in the past but you stopped for what ever reason start again.  I stopped baking my bread and making beer and wasn’t any big deal it just stopped being new and exciting to learn and use those skills.  Now is the time to get those supplies and get back to using those skills again.  For you it might have been sewing, knitting, woodworking or something else but now is the time to put those skills into use. 

I ordered some beer making ingredients. I bought up new flour to replace old flour and started making some new types of bread.  Both are great things as the heat of making the item also help heat the home so you get bonus of heating your home while you get those old skills back or learn new skills. 

You may not have a lot of power, but you have the power to say NO and find your own way.  Covid in a way was a blessing in disguise as many parents saw what was being taught in schools. Say no to school levies that increase your property taxes.  Say no to teaching racism/communism in the class room. Say no to corporatism and get local. Say no to lawlessness and vote out the no bail DAs. Hold cops accountable but don’t vilify every cop. Prosecute bad cops.  

The questions and answers are simple if not easy. 

2 Responses to Thanksgiving prep, wood cutting and more winter preps done.

  1. jeanie says:

    amen to last paragraph. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Jamie says:

    I think many people don’t understand the power of saying NO. You don’t have to announce yourself on Twitter for “ass pats” just keep building your resilience by buying local, gardening and getting tools to be self-reliant in the future.

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