Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, shopping loss leaders and it’s okay to splurge for Holidays

We had a great little Thanksgiving meal.  The turkey turned out just about perfect.  I wrote a mistake about cooking a turkey at 18-20 minutes per pound at 350 degrees F. when it is closer to 13-15 minutes per pound on my BBQ that averages 325-350 degrees F. Sorry for that mistake! I once again got the cranberry sauce chilled and forgot it once again and left it in the fridge. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition here at Casa de Chaos.  Both my aunt and Mom took the Cranberry sauce home with some Care package/ extra paper plates of leftovers so nothing went to waste.  Both of them took home about 3/4 of a pie, pecan or pumpkin.  The lemon merengue pie is MINE!  LOL

A great thing about turkey is it is almost always a low cost meat product.  Even if the price was a bit higher this year compared to the past.  You can make bone broth or stock out of the carcass after your holiday meal.  Be on the look out for sales on turkeys for the next couple of weeks as higher prices before Thanks giving might drop lower for the turkeys that did not get bought.  

Some one said the best cure for higher prices is higher prices!  I have noticed since the local Fred Meyer/Kroger raised prices shelves are full compared to the last 6 months. I don’t like that dry pet food prices have almost doubled in the last few weeks but the shelves are mostly full and it does not matter you can get a great price if there is nothing to buy at that price.  

Shopping Loss Leaders will help keep your budget from taking as big of hit. Almost every store I shop at has an ad online as well as digital coupons. Many stores offer 10 % discount days for seniors, veterans or teachers. Even if you don’t fall into one of those categories  you might know someone who does and you can share a shopping trip. Now a lot of those coupons are tied to a cell phone but most will load the coupons on a shopping card so you don’t have to load your cell phone with the coupons if you have a small data plan with your cell phone.  You can still be tracked but I think it is better to have a small data foot print rather than being completely “off the radar” as the absence of data can also send up a red flag to the PTBs.  Honestly being somewhat of a “Coupon Queen” should not be seen as much of a threat.  If you want to stay gray you should only use cash and never sign up for store discount cards or use someone else’s discount card/phone number so your purchases are not tracked back to you. 

Splurging for a Holiday.  It is in all the papers and news media that the Thanksgiving was 14% higher in cost.  I’m guessing in was at least 33-50% higher in cost for many people that did not buy ahead or used coupons.  I bought a 13 pound  small turkey at $1.69 per pound for a cost of about $22.00.  I bought another 12.5 pound turkey for about  fifty cents per pound at a cost of about $7.00.  For both turkeys I paid about 88 cents per pound.  That is a good price if you are buying chicken by the pound.  For my local stores I still got a good buy on over 20 pounds of good proteins even though I paid a higher price per pound. 

I will probably pay a very high price for the Prime rib I like to cook for Xmas and New years meals. I don’t make meals for a large group of foamily or friends. So a small 3-4 pound Rib eye will cost $30.00-50.00 at most and I have the bones for bone broth so nothing goes to waste.  Many people drop 2-3 times that much money on a meal at even a cheap restaurant or getting food delivery.  This is a Holiday meal, it is special and while inflation is terrible you probably don’t eat Prime rib every day.  If you are eating Prime rib weekly the cost per pound probably is not a concern. 

I am becoming a big fan of Visa/Mastercard gift cards not only for my own digital shopping but as a way to be anonymous online shopping.  A big bonus is you can buy subscriptions to online services and it is separate from your bank account.  I have been buying $ 25.00 Visa gift cards for myself to shop online for subscriptions to online services that I don’t want to give out my banking data. Even if I forget I bought a subscription the card limits any payout to $25.00 with no hit on my bank account. 

While us preppers talk about cash being king when the power goes out.  We have to recognize at the time there is a digital economy and it is very difficult to buy online if you don’t have a credit or debit card as long as the internet keeps working.  There are some work arounds via bitcoins.  I don’t have a lot of faith in that solution as it seems to be a combination of the John Law scam and tulip bubble. I think anyone that trades Bit coins for real assets is freaking brilliant. 

If you are middle class of upper or lower end what can you do? Ask yourself why do you work? The answer is to buy stuff survive and you taught to consume.  Debt and buying on credit was taught to you as a way of life.  You don’t need an emergency fund. You have a credit card and good credit! 

If you don’t buy into the Cooperate speak. If you raise some of your own food. If you use a little bit of solar power for small electric needs. If you realize the elites need coal miners, farmers, truckers, welders and families that are the building blocks of any society. You start to see your power because you can say no I will not comply to the any  and all Federal government mandates. 

I’m saving lots of money. On occasion I would order a pizza delivery from Pizza hut.  This fall they corperation got “Woke” I won’t order a pizza from them again.  That is sad as most franchise owners are not “woke” but all I have to fight the progressive beast is my dollar.  Salvation Army has gone “”woke” and demands all white people admit that are privileged bigots based on skin color and even if they are not racists or bigots.  It only proves they are bigots and racists. 

I suspect the Salvation Army got a big donation from the George Soros type of of funding. It is very sad to see how quick organizations will sell out and how low the price/cost is. I bet most of the volunteers for red kettle call won’t be notified about the Salvation Army going woke.  

It might get “sporty” when energy gets cut off to many folks and they can’t afford to buy food as inflation eliminates / eats into food stamps, and rent assistance. The more money the government tries to print the worse inflation will get and the poor will be hit the hardest. 

The Democrats created the Mob and think they can control it.  They can’t control the Mob. Don’t count on Republican congressional Senators or House Representatives  to say stop.  They have sown the wind and we the people will reap the whirlwind. These are not good people be it Democrat or Republican.  They are evil and we must stop there evil works. I’m not sure how to stop them but we must defy the evil they to enact and enforce. If just saying we won’t enforce the PTBs edicts. I was just following orders from above did not save many people in the Nuremberg trials that just followed orders and you medical folks should also take note.  I’ll be happy to support you  (if you first refuse do harm to your patients)  Let us know and  people will support you.  

Everything is simple. That does mean everything is easy! 

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