Adding more “giftcards” to my money saving program and I like some Rye whiskey

We live in an online world even if we don’t like it.  The reality is we buy stuff online and in the Covid era of the unvaxed.  We are and could be more ostracized from interacting with society.  The covid inoculated are transmitting and catching the covid in higher numbers but some how the unvaxed folks are being portrayed as the Boogie man infecting the Vaxed people despite the fact that it dose not make any sort of logical sense. 

Sorry I went off on a tangent as my point was buying gift cards that act like credit/debit cards without those cards being tied to your bank account.  Now I can’t say how other people treat these gift card but I don’t want to spend them quickly online for silly stuff.  I want to get the most bang for my buck even if I’m buying digital goods. It might be a digital magazine subscription or tokens for an online game that you want to separate you bank account from your online purchases.  

The downside is you are paying a bit extra for the the gift card.  I don’t think it is for everyone but if you want an easy way to buy over the internet and keep your bank account separated Digital gift cards might be an option for you. 

Whiskey taste test:  

Tullamore rye whiskey is very smooth and very easy to drink over a bit of Ice. Glenfiddich is a bit less smooth and a more pronounced harsh alcohol flavor. Everyone has their own tastes. Some people prefer sweet or sour. Some people love spicy peppers and some folks prefer more subdued flavors. There is no right or wrong in your taste just what you prefer. I will buy a larger bottle of Tullamore Rye whisky to drink and I might buy a few small bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey for trade but I won’t drink. Your tastes might be different than my tastes. But I think you should stock pile goods for yourself first and then buy trade goods second.

5 Responses to Adding more “giftcards” to my money saving program and I like some Rye whiskey

  1. mickmar21 says:

    Everyone is allowed to gripe a bit considering the crap of the past couple of years. I started writing song lyrics ripping the piss out of what is going on just for laughs.

    • Jamie says:

      mickmar : Go for it! Music and rhymes stick in folks heads long after the original problem is forgotten. Give me a site to preview your songs and if I think it is good I’ll be happy to add your missives to this blog.

  2. Anna says:

    I’ve come to believe that the new increase in Covid cases is due to those who have had the shot are getting Covid but are not sick enough to stay home so are out and about spreading it. Example, a friend who was not vaccinated got Covid and was pretty sick but didn’t get tested until day 10. Her spouse who had been vaccinated got sick but not enough to stay home from work and when she was tested he was required to get tested and was positive too. So obviously he’d been spreading virus germs for 10 days.

    • Jamie says:

      Anna: I went hardcore masks, face sheilds and treat Corona virus as a deadly disease back in Feb/March2020. I was wrong as it being deadly but I think I was correct in my prepping for the worse.
      I can’t take the vaccine as I have had Guillume Barre and the chronic version that is called CIDP of my immune system attacking my nervous system.

      I might have had the Covid as I won’t test but I had a few unpleasant colds/flu that I treated at home.

      I have not worn a mask since summer 2020 and Idaho was supposed to be a hot Covid spot and did not catch the Covid.

      I live alone and not much for socializing with large crowds of people. If I was afraid of the cough I would take precautions to protect myself and never trust random people to protect me from the Covid.

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