Making a leather protector for the axes and setting up a sewing workspace.

You can not buy a leather axe protector unless you spend some bucks via store fronts like Amazon that choose not to patronize.  I want to simply protect the axe head from bumps and rust. 

I found some thick leather for a sheath but I would have to make that sheath.  I got the thick leather cheap now I had to cut the leather. I used a simple rotary cutter and it cut through the thick leather.  I could not believe  what a great cutter this tool was in comparison to scissors.  I’m terrible cutting a strait line using scissors.  Using a rotary cutter using on very thick leather proves it will cut most cloth. 

I’m going to fix/replace a zipper in a jacket I like.  I may fail but I will learn. I have set up a small work stable for the sewing machine.  One thing I have learned the more effort you put into prep the better results you tend to have on your project. 

I have some wood chunks that are less than optimal sized for my wood stove. Time to split some of the dry wood.  Just because you order split wood does not mean all fire wood is optimally sized for a wood stove. 

Many people want a wood stove as a heat source and wood to feed that wood stove.  I suspect they are a bit to late if their home could have a place for a wood stove.  I feel for the people that can’t find an alternative heat source and are at the mercy of power companies or states. 

I know it is a bit difficult, but what would you do to make yourself and your family safe?  Many of us preppers have the basics on hand and don’t care about the political situation.  Things get scary when you live in an urban environment and you can’t say no to mandates.  

I am not afraid going local, adding more garden beds and my compost pile. 

Burn down cities shopping districts.  We don’t shop those shopping districts.  Cali voted for DA’s that don’t prosecute shoplifters and made it a misdemeanor if you don’t steal at least $ 950.00 of product.  You get what you encourage. 

Now Nordstrom’s, Louie Vuitton and higher end stores in the good neighbor hoods are getting hit. The city councils will get motivated to make the police arrest people.  It is different when poor people suffer but if rich people suffer. Then some thing must be done

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