Snow incoming next week

This area tends to have a lot of fog when the weather shifts from warm to cold or warm to hot.  I live in a valley so air can get trapped and get stagnant when the weather shifts.  While I may hate the fog it does mean the weather pattern is changing and all the fog/stagnant air will get blown away with the “storm front” moving into the valley. 

I much prefer snow to a cold or Icy rain but I stocked up the front porch rack with wood for the wood stove.  My kindling box is getting low after stocking up Mom and my own indoor kindling box.  I’m cutting Doug fir into kindling from the Spring delivery.  The wood is dry if not seasoned but after the wood is cut into small kindling size and dries another week or two those little chunks of wood make fine kindling. 

My process for cutting kindling is fine chunks of wood without knots and split that into smaller chunks.  It seems it is easier to split those smaller chunks into kindling after the split wood rests for a couple of days.  There are a few knots that can be hidden in the split wood so I just toss those chunks to the side and add them to the porch wood pile rather than put in the effort to split knotty wood. Almost all of Doug fir I get delivered will fit in my wood stove so it is a bit silly to try and split a knotty chunk of wood for kindling if you can grab another chunk of wood that is easy to split and use the knotty chunk of wood as a normal chunk of fire wood. 

Cutting kindling should be an easy job. If you are working hard to make kindling you should find ways to make the job easier because all you are making is a fire starter.  I have seen some youtube vids that have a different way of starting a fire. I have seen people use no kindling and use a propane torch to start a fire.  One gal uses sawdust/wood chips that are wetted down with diesel and kept in a bucket that she adds a some to start a fire in a small stove in a tiny house she has heated for 7+ years.  While I may not use these methods for starting a fire they could be options if you know what you are doing.  

I would recommend a fire extinguisher in every area that you have a fire alarm. You might not be able to save the house in a fire but having a fire extinguisher to knock down flames so you can escape a fire seems like a good thing to have on hand.  Also if the “Riot Mobs” get a frisky with arson a good ABC quality Fire extinguisher will probably work better than water for putting out a Molotov cocktail compared to water.  

It is sad but very predictable.  The elites don’t care that your local pharmacy or store are burned and looted.  If the stores of the upper middle class like Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom’s and other more expensive/exclusive stores are looted in a smash and grab.  Now it is a problem that needs attention.   

This is not a Democrat vs Republican issue.  It is an elitist against the poor and middle class issue.  I’m no socialist and think communism is evil.  But if cooperate types want people to work for you.  You have to offer better benefits and pay.  That is the Free Market of supply and demand!  

I think the covid-19 and  economic inflation is the silver lining of the cloud that the elites have hung over western Civilization pushed by the elites. People can’t ignore inflation now.  Even though many of us preppers have complained for years about the shrinkage of every thing from Ice cream buckets to soup cans getting smaller. Inflation has been getting worse for at least 5 years and the Covid pandemic madness only made it worse. 

I have cheap tissue paper I bought in year 2010-12 range and it is better quality than most high cost tissue paper sold today.  Inflation has been happening for almost a decade it has just been slow enough you did not notice the value of money evaporating. 

What can you do?  No politician will save you.  You will have to save your self and your family. You already survived the Pandemic panic of 2020 and did not die.  Good for you now you just have to deal with the idiots and inflation.  While not easy, it is doable.  Turn all your money into basic needs first.  I don’t know your prep level but get the basics first of simple to store dry goods like beans and rice, flour for bread and find away to cook off grid that is not dependent on public utilities. 

If I was still working  I would look at what it costs to work your job.  You might love your job but how much time is your commute? I might be odd but I never found rush hour calming and less than stress full despite the fact you are moving at low speed and stop and go all the time. 

Why do you work? Unlike the elites I think most people work enough to buy a house have food. Own a descent car and have few other hobbies they enjoy. Are you working for yourself? Or are you working for the elite?

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