Moved the compost pile and another raised bed.

Moving the compost pile over a few feet is a job that needed to get done as I don’t really “work” the compost pile and it was a dumping ground for some yard waste but it did not break down yard waste very quickly.  Moving the walls of the compost pile was much easier than I anticipated. I just move the walls in sections via unscrewing the the walls and the brackets I used when making the pile.  I’m so glad I did not use nails!  I had a a bit of a blob of  organic material that did not break down and needed to be moved and re-start the composting process.  Moving the the pile I finally got to mix up all the layers of greens and browns so the pile could start breaking down all that organic material.  I don’t have irrigation water yet so I used water from a rain barrel to add some water along with the rainy weather to add water to the pile.  I’m going to give the pile a couple of days to work and then take a temperature to see if the pile is getting warm enough to actively start breaking down the organic material.

After I move the blob of material to the new compost pile there was a thick layer of material that looked a lot like peat moss and some black soil underneath that blob. While  not efficient the compost pile did break down the organic materials at the bottom levels.  Compost piles do work even if you ignore them for awhile.

I moved another raised bed but changed the spot I had originally planned in the area where the compost pole was as I don’t think it will get enough sun.  This bed is for root crops like parsnips, rutabagas and so on.. and will be direct sown this week.  My plan is to get a Spring crop and  get a Fall crop of the root veggies in this raised bed.  To fill up this raised bed I used the soil that was in the Compost bin area after I moved the the blob of material that had not broken down.  I added some new soil to the bed but I figure I saved at least $10.00 buying bags of compost from the local farm store by using the stuff that I found under my compost pile.

If you are gardening you have to replace the nutrients and minerals the plants take out of the soil.  It can be “cover crops”, let it lie fallow, add fertilizer, new soil and compost.  But you must replenish the soil if you want a productive garden.

I have had a few seeds not do so well starting seeds indoors but I have had some successes with my starts.  Most of the tomato and pepper plants look good though I had to reseed the mini-bell peppers.  Starting Cole crops indoors was a failure but I think I should move those plants off the heat mats after they start growing and just use lamps for artificial sunlight. My celery starts were an abject failure. while the plant germinated they got leggy quick and died.  Celery is not a cole crop and likes some heat so I’m not sure how I screwed up starting the seeds indoors.  I’ll try direct sow and buy celery plants in stores if that is what it takes to have celery in my pantry.

I got rid of a lot of trash during the spring cleaning free trash pickup though the trash guys left a small chunk of wood out of all the big stuff they picked up.  I’m very happy to get rid of a lot of junk and it did cost anything extra to have it hauled away.   I know I have a hard time throwing stuff away and can be a bit of a “pack rat”.  My rule of thumb is if you have not used something within 1-3 years you probably don’t need it.  I don’t watch TV much but I don’t feel the need to trash my flat screen TVs.  I sat out for trash pickup an old EU/German Digital TV that had great picture but I would never use that TV again, so why store it?

Perhaps it is my age 55 years old, or my up bringing at being at the bottom of the economic food chain or becoming 100% disabled and spending 3 months in an extended care unit that having a bath or putting on your socks and undies alone was a WIN.  I have been there and had great people help me become self-reliant and capable of making meals for myself in my home.  I won’t give up control of my life.

I will control my heat in winter.  I will control as much as my food supply as I can.  I will buy local and make a garden.  I will educate myself.  I will screw up and that is okay as that is the cost of learning.

Everything is simple. That does not mean everything is easy.


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