Weak as a kitten and trying to rebuild some stamina.

I have not had this bad of a flare of CIDP in a long time.  A couple of bad days here and there but nothing as bad as this loss of stamina I have had the last couple of weeks.  I’m not sore or tired but my muscles just seem to turn into water when I do the smallest of jobs but when I take a small break and sit down for a few minutes I feel fine.  I’m okay for doing jobs around the house like normal cleaning jobs though I need more rest breaks.  I can still make my food coffee and take a  bath and dress myself but it is disconcerting to get so fatigued so quickly that is similar to how I felt coming out of ECU and being so weak when I got home.

I can’t  call what I am doing “puttering” as that overstates how much I can work right now.  I’m being very methodical in my work and while I have no stamina I do seem to recover quickly after sitting for about 2-5 minutes after doing a job.  I got couple of very light weight barbells and will use the glider for a few minutes at a time per day to start building up my stamina.  I don’t know that it will work as CIDP is a rare and flaky condition that can progress in strange ways that is different for anyone that has it.

I added a new water manifold/splitter to the garden area and the irrigation is getting the garden wet but it needs a few more tweaks. Corn is coming up and have a few volunteer plants in the squash/melon varieties. Tomatoes and peppers are doing great but I have lots of bolting crops in the heat. Cabbages are okay but the broccoli has bolted though the cauliflower seems okay if only small heads. Time to start planning for a fall “cole crop”.   The local farmers will be opening up their fruit and veggies stands for buying local produce.  If you can’t grow much of a garden you can get fresh local produce to preserve via canning, drying, pickling and other storage methods.  These markets are great for finding local suppliers of food that are outside of of the normal supply chains.

You don’t have to worry if the store has bread,  if you have the ingredients to make your own bread. You don’t have to worry about meat products if you have a local rancher and butcher of meat.  While Idaho can’t grow citrus on a large scale it grows orchards of fruit like apples, apricots, peaches berries and other crops like hops, corn and wheat.  Every place that was settled in the USA managed to grow enough different food to live on or trade enough food to survive.

I think we will see some food shortages and not just because of rising costs.  I think some things we take as normal in the store will not be available to buy at any price.  That is not the end of the world stuff as there will be other things that we can buy locally that will work as a replacement.

Buy and learn how to cook food you want to eat.  I love bread in all forms from brioche to tortillas.  My tortillas still suck though I’m getting better at different types of bread loves.  Grow a garden but don’t depend on your garden.  Go out to farmers and orchards and get those fruits and veggies and learn how preserve them.   Cook out doors on grills, BBQs and gas burners.  Less heat from cooking indoors is always helpful to keeping your house cooler in the summer heat.

I think solar energy has great potential at small scale residential energy Co/op project. Rather than an large scale industrial energy project.  I think it would make more sense to encourage people to make/buy small scale solar products that can run electrical appliances in each home rather than than acres of solar panels with no energy storage facilities.  Saving money would encourage people to go solar even if it is bit inconvenient. That leaves large scale power producers to power industries rather than worry that individual customers have a black/brown out.  I think giving every American household an 1800 watt solar power bank and a couple of 100 watt solar panels would do more for the USA being energy independent than trying to convince OPEC to give us oil.  I don’t recommend this as we have seen all the green energy scams but it is something to think about why the the government hands out subsidies to ” Green energy” corporations  and not to the people.

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