Four large paper bags of Irises and a small bag of tulip bulbs

The two big beds of Irises are all cleaned out and ready for planting.  One of the beds was so overgrown I had to use the pick axe to dig out some of the iris rhizomes.  Once I filled the last bag with cleaned up irises I tossed the big chunks away since none of my neighbors wanted any Irises.  There are two small beds of irises by the fence that are left to clean out. I am going to replant these purple irises in the house beds and add a few of the white and yellow irises as a contrasting color.  I’m sure there will be a few volunteer iris plants that I missed in the house beds but next years flowers should be happy and healthier now that they have more room to grow.

I left some of the tulip bulbs in the ground though it is to early now (October) to plant the bulbs. Some of the bulbs were damaged or I just missed some of them hiding in the dirt. The bulbs I did leave in the beds I pulled toward the front so I know where to transplant the other irises.  The left over bulbs I saved I will share with Mom when she picks up the irises she wants for her yard.

Just to give an idea of how much clean up was needed o0n these two beds… I filled two large garbage bins and a 42 gallon construction grade garbage bag.  Lesson learned:  Don’t be afraid to get out the pick axe to get beds cleaned up when a shovel or garden fork is a struggle to use.  You save both time and energy!

Now is the time to get your lawn prepped for next year with getting down some weed and weed and reseeding grass and getting those beds ready for bulbs even those garlic bulbs that need to be planted in the fall. For my area 6b I think October is the time to plant for spring bulbs.  Your Zone might be different but sooner or later it will be that time of year for your yard and garden.

We are still getting some hot days but it is much different than what it was back in July.  While I complained about the weather this summer it was much better than last year with the early Summer heat and a lot more smoke from wildfires.  I wish it was better for other folks around the USA.

It has not been all bad here in Idaho as we got a lot of rain in May /June and that helped with the drought. SE Idaho is catching the edges of the Monsoon out of the SW USA and that is helping fill the Snake river and the reservoirs we use for irrigation. A wet fall and winter would probably kill the drought.  So on average we are doing better than expected for the year.

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