Humming bird! and a little more shopping done

The first? hummingbird stopped by and got a drink at the new feeding station by the patio. That little guy stopping by for a drink made all of the work worthwhile.  Hummingbirds are such amazing creatures. They are so small and delicate looking yet they travel thousands of miles migrating twice a year. I think Idaho has a couple of species of hummingbirds that overwinter if the have a good food supply so I’m hoping I can attract some of those this year.

The large birdfeeder is in the rock garden and soon the birds will stop by when they find the feeders are full again.  Water is huge for wild critters and I hope the new fountains will help attract some wildlife now that the solar fountains keep the water moving and don’t create a mosquito breeding ground of stagnant water. I have window screen cloth over the tops of my rain barrels so that keeps the bugs from breeding.

Got a little more shopping for items to stock up on before stuff is gone. I got two more of the large 3 cubic foot bags of garden soil for topping off beds next spring. I got these bags from Bi-Mart this spring for the raised beds and the soil seems to work about the same as the Kellogs soil I bought at Home depot before Home Depot started selling smaller bags at higher prices.  If your local stores still have garden stuff in stock you might find some good sales as stores clear out the summer inventory items for fall/holidays sales.

I got a good buy on some sirloin steaks at Albertsons for $3.47 per pound so I got a couple of 3.5 pound packages. Beef prices are relatively low right now as herds are going to market early because of high feed costs and dry conditions are drying out pastures.  I have see prices for a chuck roast go over $7.00 a pound when not on sale. Next spring and summer we will see a price rise on beef products.

I have a new vice of buying tater tots and curly fries since I got the new air fryer.  I can make fries from potatoes but I hve not found a good way to make tater tots at home.  I like using the air fryer as I don’t have a lot of oil sitting in a fryer getting old for only a few uses.  I bought a few spray cans of Coconut oil for adding a little more crispy to the air fried tots. I’m not hearing a lot of local people freaking out about a potato shortage in Idaho.  I think this might be more about Commercial food operations and not about the basic spud sold in stores.  This was in the news early January of this year so it is an ongoing problem not just a new thing.  If you are like me and want a special potato item like tater tots you might want to store a few bags before the price goes up.

Hershey’s has stated they don’t know if they can supply candy bars for Halloween.  I think that is a big deal as I’m sure Hershey’s has all kinds of deals with cocoa suppliers around the world.  So if they can’t get cocoa there is probably a shortage for other companies getting cocoa. I have noticed the Dollar Stores are selling the candy bar paks are getting smaller from 8 “funsize” down to 5 bars and now all dollar store prices are now $1.25. I’m seeing grocery stores having sales on candy bars before Halloween. Is it to get rid of the older stock and replace it with smaller packaging?

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I don’t get many trick or treaters but I like having a few candy bars around if I want to have a bit of chocolate.  I’m seeing a lot of fun size bags in grocery stores and even full size candy bars going on sale so it might be wise to stock up now and not wait for the traditional sale time for Halloween.

Coffee is going up in price and you need to take advantage of sales to stock up. I know ground coffee has about a 2 year shelf life but if you use a can of coffee per month you could store over 24 cans and rotate and not drink old coffee. I’m adding more coffee to my storage as I remember coffee hitting $12.00 a can around 2011/2012 and my storage helped reduce the cost over all.  Inflation is bad enough but anything that must be ship from overseas will cost more.

Inflation is culmative and always build upon itself exponentially. Inflation in June was 9.1% according to the US government and 8.5% in July.  That 8.5% growth of inflation was on top of the 9.1% that happen in June so your pay check that stayed stead lost almost 20% buying power over just 2 months. Just because the inflation rate did not beat the prior months rise in cost does not mean inflation dropped to 0%.

Lets say you have a savings account tied directly to the inflation rate. In June you got 9.1% interest on that savings account. In July you only got 8.5% interest on that savings account. No one would say you earn 0%  interest in July.  Sorry, nobody but a politician. 401 k’s lose and the stock brokers and TBTF banks win. A few folks get wins as you need a few winners to keep the grift going in any scam.  Don’t invest in the stock market invest in your self!

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