Garden cleanup, a few more sales items picked up

Mom stopped by to give me a hand with some garden cleanup. The 2 of us worked about 90 minutes before the it started getting into the low 90’s with no breeze.  We got about half of the garden cleaned up and I noticed a couple of areas were not getting enough water so I added another sprinkler to cover those plant beds. We pulled out a lot of weeds and some crops that had gone to seed and I’m impressed the the soil in most of the beds is loose, a rich black color even after all the heat we have had the last six weeks. I gave Mom a few grape vines to use around her squash to see if that will help with the squash bug.  Mom also grabbed a few irises and tulips to add to her yard.

Next I have to get after the tomato and pepper beds and the three sister mounds.  I have a good stock pile of mulch along with landscape cloth and plastic sheeting to lay over the weeds.  So the plan of attack is to work my way through to the three sisters mound clearing out weeds and laying out cloth and mulch as I go.  I have been buying four bags of wood mulch the few paychecks and now I have enough on hand to put down a thick layer of mulch in the garden.

My compost pile is breaking down though it needs to be turned over but I know that it can make good compost/soil if I keep working it.  It wood be really nice next spring to use my own compost and not have to buy any from the local stores.

I picked up some pork chops from Albertsons for .99 per pound. My freezers are just about maxed out with meat I bought on sale or from local suppliers.  The next project is adding in frozen veggies either from the garden or local food stands. I had coupons for both Fred Meyer and Albertsons for the Lysol Multi-Surface cleaner that also sanitizes.  I really like this cleaner as you can buy a big bottle and it still sanitizes when diluted. when multiple stores put the same item on sale with coupons that often means they are getting rid of the larger sized product inventory so the can sell smaller bottles at the same or higher prices or they are discontinuing the product.  If yo like a multi-tasking cleaning product to refill your spray bottles I’d recommend stocking up at a low price.

I tried out a spray bottle Lysol bathroom cleaner. It foamed and it did a worse job cleaning the tub than the regular multi-surface cleaner from Lysol.  Don’t waste your money on this product.

I finished up the chocolate shopping and I should have plenty of fun size candy bars for myself and the trick or treaters for at least a couple of years. Again I noticed that many stores have chocolate on sale at the same time but not at holiday time.  I’m seeing packages shrink and prices going up/ then the item goes on sale.  Perhaps I’m wrong and we will see great sales on candy in October and if that happens I say good and you can buy and store more chocolate.  I’m not telling anyone to pay full price or clean out the candy section of a store.  If you see  a good sale take advantage of it and stock up now so you have it on hand.  If the price drops in the future you can always buy more.

I bought four more cans of coffee that was on sale.  Though the sale prices are going up.  I’m seeing coffee prices going up in several stores and the sales prices are not as good as they were even 3-6 months ago.  Coffee like chocolate can’t be grown on an industrial scale in the USA so basic ingredient must be imported and lots of costs are added to importation. I don’t drink tea but I assume that tea drinkers are seeing the same rise in cost in stores.

Be aware of rising costs but don’t freak out and panic.  Six-12 months ago you could not buy Gatorade in a store. The cost is higher for Gatorade bottles but I bought a lot of Gatorade powder for under $2.00 that makes 5 gallons. I got a good price on a store brand tissue paper and stocked up even though I always stock up.  You won’t get the price on sales that happen back in 2017. You have to dollar cost average your shopping cart and buy some things at higher prices even though you have stored item that cost less in the past because nothing last forever when you use it.  Buy now at the best price you can get and if the price goes down you buy more, if the price goes up you don’t buy because you have your backups.

I think it is possible we will see a stock market crash this fall or perhaps next spring.  It does not matter to me as I’m not in the market but many people are and they will get hurt in crash.  How not to get hurt in the market is don’t be in the market.  I’m not a financial guru all I can say is are your potential gains greater than your potential losses?  I’m biased I see the stock market entwined with the TBTF banks, the Federal reserve and DC government and I don’t trust any of them.

2 Responses to Garden cleanup, a few more sales items picked up

  1. patticru says:

    I am always reading, but not always commenting. I am grateful that you continue to be prepared, help your mom and take advantage of loss leaders. I think you are right, this could go real bad. I am well stocked, but add with loss leaders and regularly used items each week.
    My husband has had yet another injury and is out of work for a bit…it’s a great reminder that a stockpile is not just for the SHTF. While I am still able to add, its not needed and that is a relief.
    I’m 58, so I took my 401k out of the market and into fixed about 6 months ago. I had lost a chunk of the gains from last year and decided the principal was more important than any potential gains.
    I feel so much better! Take care.
    Patti in Cali

    • Jamie says:

      Patti: That is rough about your husbands injury. Sending big ups energy and prayers for a quick recovery. On the 401 k I think the statement “Who panics first panics best might be applicable, especially if you protect your principle investment! I could be wrong and the stock market will take off again. If that happens you can always jump back in and take the risk.

      I think it is always good to ask yourself WHY you work for a pay check, invest and join the rat race. To have food ,shelter, financial security. A lot of people don’t want power over others or lots of money. The want to live their life and not be under the power of people that tell them how to live. If you already have what you need on hand that gives the power to tell those busy bodies to go get bent!

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