Wonderful day!

The weather report says this is the last 100 degree day for at least 10 days.  All of the future temps are are in the 80s for a high so it looks like we are moving into Fall in SW Idaho. Night time temps will be in the 50s so that means I can use my fans at night to cool down the house rather than the AC units.  That will help reduce electrical costs on the next bill.

Mom stopped by today and we had a nice little BBQ of Ribeye Steaks some lobster tails and corn on the cob.  All part of buying up on loss leader/sales last week.  While I bought most of these items for the upcoming Holidays it was nice to just sit and talk with Mom, have a couple of adult beverages and enjoy the food. Not to brag but I grill up a good steak. This was a very good thing for me as I tend to get a little Doomy sometimes and forget to just sit, relax and live in the moment rather than always plan for the future and what might/could happen… I have plenty on hand of steaks for the Holidays, a Turkey and other than desserts The menu items are set.

I’m going to keep shopping the sales for special meals but sometimes you need to take a break and have a special day if only because you declare it for yourself!  Mom said she was having a bad day until the BBQ and now it was a great day for her so that feels good!

The outdoor cooking area is just about finished. All that is left is moving the cabinet smoker to it’s new spot and a small charcoal grill needs a new home. I think I’ll get a large food service pan that fits on top of my propane burner for the little BBQ and make a workspace/top that can be added or removed depending on what I’m cooking. I have enough space to add a propane tank by the burners that is close enough to hook to the gas grill so one tank can do double duty. This moves all of the items that heat up with fire/flames several feet away from my house walls covered in vinyl siding.  I keep a small Fire extinguisher on the patio just in case so the outdoor cooking area is ready for this Fall!

I like the idea of an outdoor cooking space that is setup ready to go. With winter coming and for many people not prepared for high heating costs/blackouts I think it is less tempting to wheel a grill indoors to heat and cook if you have a safe cooking space outdoors. I know there will always be idiots that will bring outdoor grills indoors and possibly die due to Carbon Monoxide but I think every thing you can make your life easier if things go sideways is worth the effort.

I noticed that the replaceable propane tanks have jumped in cost at most stores but Mr. Buddy heaters are around $70.00 so your total cost for an indoor heater that you can control and is not as dependent on the utility companies has about the same start up cost. Many Sporting goods stores are having sales related to hunting gear like sleeping bags, heaters and other items for staying warm in cold weather. It always seems that the more I am prepared for winter weather the less severe winter weather I have to deal with or it is easier on me.

I’m not seeing a big chocolate shortage in the stores.  In fact I’m seeing a lot of sales on candy items earlier than the norm. I’m also seeing shrinkage in packaging on those sales items. The Dollar Stores funsize candy Has gone up to $1.25 and the packages have shrunk from 8 bars per package to 5-6 bars per package. It is looking like shrinkage and higher cost will be a thing rather than no candy bars on hand for Halloween and the Holidays. Chocolate tends to be a good barter item so it is always a good thing for a prepper to have on hand.

Update on the Front yard and the flower beds:  The Simplot “soil buster” has helped green up the front lawn and there are fewer brown spots but the bad news it greened up the weeds.  The flower bed is looking great over all and only one Mum looks a bit sad so I’ll add a little good compost around that plant.  My compost pile is  breaking down nicely and when the irrigation water is shut off I’ll use the rain barrel water to keep the pile wet as I finally have buckets that are easy to fill at the barrels.

Clouds are coming in with the new weather pattern and perhaps we will get a little rain thunderstorm to mark the end of the 100 degree days. Talk to you later friends!


2 Responses to Wonderful day!

  1. Ticom says:

    I ran a Mr. Buddy in my workshop. They work pretty well if you get the adapter for BBQ grill tanks.

    • Jamie says:

      I used a Weber grill attachment for the smaller gas grills from 1 pound tanks to the larger 15 pound? grill tanks. Available at most Mega-marts for $20-30 dollars.

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