Shopping day!

This was my day to do “surgical strike” shopping, getting those items that are low price, needed in the future and try and get stocked up on items that you don’t normally buy in fall but you know you will need in the future. 

I picked up two more bags of the soil I like from Bi-Mart and I want to get one more bag next month if the soil is still in stock at my local store. Currently I have 5, three cubic foot bags/bricks of this soil for next spring of topping off the garden beds, pots and some new ways of growing potatoes in cages.  I don’t know if all city plots have thin or bad soil for gardens but I suspect it is a common issue for people growing a garden, lawn or even flower beds. Having good soil on hand before I need it in the spring makes life much easier when planting the garden beds. Plus garden soil needs to be replenished with nutrients that the plants take out of the soil. So if you get your soil in the fall you are ready to fill your beds with new soil, you get a lower price considering how inflation is going up and you don’t have to worry about the soil not being in stores when everyone is buying dirt. I have high hopes for my compost pile but I want to add a few bags of a steer manure/compost as a backup to keep improving the soil around Casa de Chaos. 

I picked up another 2 gallon jugs of the 30% vinegar for weed killing. I could not afford to buy the case for $80.00 this month but a couple of gallons should finish up the last of the weeds in my alley area.  It is so frustrating to clean up/prevent weeds and have neighbors that do nothing about the weeds on their side of the alley. Weeds don’t respect property lines!  I picked up another 2 rolls of landscaping cloth I will use as I start cleaning out the 3 sisters garden as I did not have a good weed reduction plan for that part of the garden (and there was a lack of money issue at the time).  

I bought the big 20 pound chunk of Top round at Cash & Carry for $2.96 per pound.  That should complete my beef needs for the next 12 months.  I’ll have to cut the chunk o meat into steaks and roasts and vacuum seal but you can’t buy quality hamburger for under $3.00 per pound. Think about how much meat/protein you need to store to be healthy. I’m one person and a year has 52 weeks then think about how much meat you eat per day.  I doubt you are eating 16 oz. Porter house steaks every day.   😉

About 2 pounds per week per person is what you need to stay healthy and that is a high estimate. 20 pounds of meat will cover10 weeks or 2 1/2 months if you only eat beef. I have hamburger, chicken, pork in the freezers. You can see how storing meat can really help your preps and add variety to your diet. But Jamie what if the power goes out and you can’t freeze the meat.  You have a pressure canner right? Jars, lids, a dehydrator? If you have meat at your home you can store it as you like with the equipment you have on hand.  If you have a freezer full of meat, a generator for blackouts and ways to smoke dry and can meat you can save the meat without a freezer and start doing it at any time you have electricity on hand.  I will admit preserving the meat in my freezers long term via canning and drying would take a few days, but it is very doable. You can paralyze your self with (What If) scenarios. Get what you need on site first then figure out ways to handle black outs. I did not do it this way, I bought a pressure canner, dehydrator and smoker for preserving meats.  Make sure your freezer is defrosted, clean and any freezer burnt or old meat is rotated out. 

I did a bit of shopping for the pets but no luck on pet cones of the right size.  I got a spray for animal injuries from the farm store but Boomer’s foot injury is looking better so now I’m restocking.  I bought some new doggie treats at the local farm store.  Not grain free but it is oat grains and not wheat that is hard on some doggos.  Of course Boomer is not picky about his snacks and eats almost everything he is offered. All pet items have jumped in price so finding a dog treat for $2.18 per pound is a good buy. 

Don’t assume people will eat anything if they get hungry enough and don’t assume people will appreciate food if it is not what they want. I know when I was in the military and got meals that were scientifically tested to provide everything a body needed to preform very physical tasks. Every one wanted sugar, chocolate, salty snacks and foods that were loaded with fat. These were healthy physically fit people but the US governments idea of proper diet would put a Puritans to shame. Add healthy fatty foods to your preps like nuts, store chips, crackers and sweet snacks. Store soda, I recommend a good Ginger Ale that can help with stomach up set. Buy popcorn, have the fixings for smores on hand.

I have never understood that many in the prepping community seem to want to suffer and not buy comfort food items. Not me I’m allergic to pain as it hurts me. Call me a bad prepper but I bought the ingredients for S’mores and I don’t think I am evil or some other pejorative that some people use.

I’m blogging about my journey and no one else is involve in what I have done. Perhaps your journey is different and I loved to read about it. I don’t call shenanigans unless it is very bad like a person declaring 10 pounds of flour would last 6 months for a family of 4 is his prepping scenario. What is terrifying is some people believe that sort of nonsense and think the are prepared.

I’m worried about folks heat this winter as oil and gas sales are a global market and the EU will pay top dollar for any fuel to heat this winter. Electrical costs will go up this winter and I suspect the NE USA will get hit hard with rising heating costs. I don’t think most of the USA understands how high heating costs are rising in the EU. One business energy bill was normally about 5000.00 per month. It is a business so they use a lot of energy compared to a home. That business now has a bill for energy of 32000.00 and it is not even winter. It boggles the mind. The USA could help out the EU and it’s own citizens by opening up federal energy permits. But no we (USA) won’t do that.

OIL, LNG and petroleum is a global market and unless you produce your own fuel you will pay global rates. Get stocked up and/or get backups.


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