Clean up and a few more items bought.

I got the patio cleaned up. My gosh I have never seen so many cobwebs, leaves in cobwebs, dirt and apples that fall from the tree then bounce onto the patio. I have a “pressure” wand I can add at the end of a garden hose that does a good job washing down the patio cover, vinyl siding and concrete. I have about a week to use my irrigation water to spray down the house so getting the first area done feels good.

Inside the house I swept the ceilings for cobwebs and gave the ceiling/floor fans a quick brush brush down. It is amazing how much dust and goo can build up on fan blades during the summer. I’m really noticing how quiet the house gets after shutting down all the fans and A/C units. I’ll start up some of the fans when I fire up the wood stove. Many ceiling fans can rotate clockwise or counter clock wise depending on the season. If you want to set your fans according to the seasons read the manual or watch a youtube vid.  My ceiling fan rotation switch is set UP for Summer and DOWN for winter. I cleaned up and put away a couple of floor fans that I use in the summer.

I refilled the Candy bucket. It was about 1/3 full of candy I had bought and got old and stale tasting. That shows that I don’t have a sweet tooth as chocolate can go stale before I can eat it even if I hand out chocolate on Halloween.

I’m reducing the cats to 1 can of wet food per day because they are not eating 2 cans of wet cat food per day.  Boomer the dog will be disappointed since he is the clean up crew for any leftover cat food. I bought two cases of wet cat food at the local Fred Meyers and was surprised to see the pet food aisles were stacked with pet food this evening.  I’m not sure why people have stopped panic buying up on pet food. It might be the rising price or people see the shelves are filled and are not as worried about availability of pet food. Perhaps the supply chains been have figured out by stores and manufacturers.

I’m seeing the Big Buddy heater on sale at Bi-Mart in the Hunting section of the store for $132.00.  That is a great buy as those heaters often cost $180.00.  Big Buddy heaters have a built in fan and use two 1 pound propane tanks but you can buy an adapter for about $15.00 to use a standard propane tank.  You need D-Cell batteries to run the fan but I think this is a bargain to keep your home warm in winter.

I splurged and bought a new mouse for my PC. I really like the Logitec 300S series mouse for gaming and for general usage. Most mice tend to be very large or tiny. Most gaming mice are large as most gamers are male.  As a female with smaller hands finding a comfortable mouse is difficult. This mouse hits the sweet spot for me. I think this mouse maybe discontinued soon by Logitec and my mouse was starting to act a bit wonky so I bought another 300S at Office Depot for $25.00, $12.00 cheaper than what was offer at The old mouse goes into the box as a back up and I use the new mouse. I know many folks don’t think a PC mouse is a thing you need to have backups/prep.  I do because I’m a geek/nerd and when I find something that works for me I buy extra if I can afford it. I have experimented with many products that did not work for me.  I prefer using a product I like using. The old mouse goes into the back up box because I don’t know why the mouse got wonky though I suspect it has something to do with the cable connections.

I downgraded to a dumb/flip phone and the texting is awful, but I seldom text. I take notes with a pen and paper.  I guess I’m old but texting can be done with a cheap flip phone if you are willing to to do it slowly.  I get smart phones are super easy to use but they ain’t cheap to buy or use.  Did I get frustrated send a text of my address?  YEP! did it make me want to buy a smart phone?  Nope!  When did we stop using emails?  I mean emails still work, fast and you have a copy on your PC you can refer back too.

I think there will be a lot of people that will move from the big internet systems like facebook, twitter and other things that could be done via email, forums and other internet places that are not covered by the Cooperate Gate keeper.  I know wordpress is a gatekeeper but it is not as bad as Blogger under Google.  So far I’m small enough the PTBs don’t care about me.

I believe in enforcing section 230 that protects the big tech companies.  Declare you are a publisher and you moderate only legal content. Or declare you are a publisher and your are subject to civil suits like every other publisher like News papers and publishing houses.  You don’t get it both ways!


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