Moving fire wood and puttering around the garden

One of these years I will be able to make a schedule for the big jobs and get them done in a timely manner. This is not one of those years.

I had an old dog kennel area that I stored firewood since it had a cement base and I built a few simple wood racks to hold the wood. This is the spot where I cut up kindling and the kindling box. I did not stack wood in this area this year since I have committed to stacking new fire wood under the carport, but I still had wood that needed to be restacked and cleanup the area so I can cut kindling.  The cleanup went great I filled up the wood racks and have plenty of wood available to cut as kindling.  I covered the wood in tarps to keep off the weather. I had to throw away a few tarps that shredded but I had plenty of other tarps on hand to cover the wood. After restacking the wood in the kennel area I figure I have about 1-1.5 of seasoned cords of wood stored in this area.

I think a person should store fire wood for two heating seasons. I use about 2-3 cords of seasoned Doug fir/pine per heating season. It tends to get cold in the -10- 0 degree F. range for at least a couple of weeks in my area. The heating season is fairly long starting around October and going till March/April. I guess Dec.-Feb are the biggest use months of using the wood stove 24/7 rather than starting a wood fire just to warm up the house then l let the fire die out during the day. I use wood heat only, so you might have different results if firewood is a backup heat source.  The USA is such a huge country with different eco systems that if you live back east Hardwoods like oak are common fire wood. In the west we have mostly softwoods for firewood. I got an appt. with the Chimney sweep for the 26th if he shows up.  Great sweep but getting an appt. for work is a challenge.

I dug up a small volunteer Apple tree in the backyard.  The root was growing under the concrete sidewalk so I’m not sure the tree will survive but I think it worth the effort of trying to transplant it it a new location. I laid out plastic sheeting in the area I want to set up the Green house.  Welp! no greenhouse yet but I killed off some weeds and dumped a lot of fallen apples in the garbage bin. Heavy duty black plastic does a great job killing weeds.  I went around all of the garden beds pilling fallen apples and some  of the garden bed weeds.  I never thought about going vertical with my garden plants. By accident I see many of those plants will grow vertically if given a place to grow. This a great thing for people with limited space but you have to things in place and train the plants early in the growing season or you end up with a mess of climbing greenery and no plants.

We will have a warm weekend in the 80’s and it is the last weekend for irrigation water so I’m going to spray down the vinyl siding to get rid of some of the dirt. I have read that using a pressure washer on some vinyl siding is a bad thing since it is laid on top of older siding and water can get trapped between the layers if a pressure washer is used to clean siding. My little hose attachment wand does a good job cleaning off most of the dirt on my vinyl siding. You do not want force/trap water under your siding as that could lead to the wood rotting.


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