A lot of little projects done this week.

The weather has been glorious. Highs in the 80’s but cooling down into the 50’s and mid 40 degrees F. is perfect weather for me. Sure it is warm during the day but with a couple of fans in open windows at night the house stays cool through out the day.

I got the house sprayed down and cleaned up a little bit. The vinyl siding gets a little dirty but since most of the house is is a dusky blue color it does not really show the dirt.  I use the standard garden hose with attachments that up the pressure and can telescope to reach the tall gables of the house. I might have a couple more days of irrigation water for the house.  After this it will be using the rain barrels to water plants and Mama nature’s rain.

It is a little funny how the front gate closes itself now that I cleaned out so much of the overgrown vines and holly plants.  The holly plants look a little ruff after my pruning/cutting back of their growth, but they will fill in quickly as I have cut the plants much more radically and in the spring they bounce back and grow like gang busters.  I can’t believe it is time to replant the irises in the cleaned out beds.  It seems like it was just a couple of days ago I was digging out the Iris beds.

The garden bed plants are just about done though I might get a few more tomatoes since the high temps are done but it is still warm.  The 3 sisters garden mound did produce a lot of greenery and the squash plants went nuts growing but I need to add some trellises and start growing vertically to make the most out of this growing area. This fall I’m going to add more landscape cloth, more compost and dirt to the mounds. Cut back the grape vines more so the 3 sisters garden can grow without getting over run by grape vines.  I cut back the grape vines a lot this spring and they went berserk with growth.  I have the largest amount of grape clusters I have ever seen of living here for almost 20 years. I want to try making some wine and making raisins though I don’t have a clue of what kind of grapes I have grown other than some are green and some are purple.

I bought some beef this week.  A big 20 pound chunk of Top round from Cash& Carry for $2.96 per pound. It’s is hard to find Hamburger for $3.00 per pound so I figure this was a good buy. I forgot how much time it can take to cut up such a large chunk of meat.  I’m no butcher but you can cut off the fat and follow the muscle groups in a large chunk of meat and use that as a guideline  of were to cut off larger roast or steaks.  With a top round there will be some meat that won’t be steaks or roasts so you make stew meat or thin strips good for stir fry or fajitas.  At worse you could grind the meat for burger for under $3.00 per pound.  Not a bad deal.  I cut off a lot of fat and I will check out the internet of how to render beef suet/fat. I think natural fats are better for you rather than high heat/chemically processed fats.

Despite what the WEF says about eating meat is bad. on average eating 1-2 pound of meat be it chicken pork or beef is a very healthy diet.  I get a little peeved at people that declare that meat animals are bad and crops are good.  Most meat animals are raised on land that won’t grow crops.  I live in an area that a grazing cow is allotted 10 acres of BLM land for grazing. This is land with no irrigation or farming because farming the land is impossible.  Farming and animals for meat take very different types of land and most farmers/ranchers use unfarmable land for meat production.  Raising meat animals is hard compared to farming.  Don’t you think everyone would plant grains everywhere and not deal with animals that have vet bills and other issues if the farmer could just plant grains?

The ignorance and hypocrisy of the so called elites boggles my mind.  I can  have a private jet, multiple homes and lecture the plebes/serfs about their carbon levels and how green the elites are.

I grow a garden, I compost, I’m poor without a mansion, private jet or a yacht. I don’t  own homes on several continents. But me using Air condition is a problem. I can’t be the only that sees the bullshit.


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  1. Anna says:

    I 100% agree with you on the elitist BS being shoved down our throats. First thing to be resolved before electric cars should have been figuring out how to provide enough electric power for everything that already exists and fixing the infrastructure that is currently in miserable shape. Maybe even more important is hardening the system to protect from cyber-attacks. The current government seems hellbent on destroying our precious country. Plus, if you take a close look at electric cars, you will find lithium mining is not green, recycling lithium batteries is impossible, and most people cannot now and never will be able to afford an electric vehicle. No cure for stupid is my thought hearing this agenda.

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