Snow and then clear and cold weather. Turkey on sale?

Had a pretty good snow for a couple of hours and then it turned cold so the snow will probably hang around for a couple of days. Sure looked pretty during the sunset. I refilled the porch rack with some wood and used the leaf blower to blow the snow off the kindling and wood tarps. I have a small B&D 18 volt leaf blower that is not powerful but it is very handy in the winter time for blowing the snow off of sidewalks, tarps and other items. It does not replace a snow shovel but for cleaning off a light snow it is great.

I’m seeing Turkeys going on sale at few different stores. Albertsons has Turkey for $1.29 per pound if you buy $25.00 of other stuff in the store. Grocery Outlet has turkey in the 14-16 pound range for .53 cent per pound if you spend $50.00 in the store. I have read that Walmart is offering sale prices on Thanksgiving food items but I don’t shop that store so I’m not sure of the savings. Bi-Mart has the Stove top stuffing 2 paks, 2for $5.00 and Cranberry sauce 2 for $3.00 till the 22nd of November.  I have been reading that the turkeys might be smaller than average this year.  For me that is great as I prefer BBQing a turkey in the 12-14 pound range. Some people are doing more of a Potluck type of  Thanksgiving  everyone bringing something to contribute to the meal. My family always did a sort of Potluck. While the “Host” cooked the main item like turkey, the “kids/friends” brought the chips, snacks, casseroles or a dessert. Or you can do the Holiday meals at different homes so no one pays for all meals or takes a big hit in the budget.  Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I don’t like reading that people won’t have a holiday meal to save money.  I understand it, but I don’t like it.

I have a turkey I bought last year that I will be cooking for Thanksgiving but I’ll be watching the prices for next year’s Turkey. A frozen turkey will last fine frozen for one year but after that the flavor can go off and taste “old” is the only way I know to describe it. I’m on the look out for good price for prime rib but I have plenty of Prime rib steaks and a NY roast that was super tender that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  What I’m saying is anyone can have a nice holiday meal if you shop the sales and if you pay a higher price it is worth the effort!

As far as the Mid-term elections go it seems most people voted for the status quo.  Democrats voted for the same old same old and Republicans did the same. That seems strange to me when over 60-70% of all Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. If people won’t vote for people that are outside of the party line be they Dem. or Rep. nothing will change.  I suppose most people in the USA are not hurting enough to look outside the box and try something different.  In Idaho we got the same old Republican party votes and some progressive education votes that the Chamber of Commerce wants for corporations. I’m no liberal, but I hate monopolies and oligarchies that control all politics they have power because of money.  In Idaho we literally voted the government the power to disburse all surplus taxes to special projects of the government, money to education/(UNIONS) and perhaps give back a bit of money to the taxpayers if anything is leftover.  The Idaho voter said Okay to this ballot measure. This boggles my mind, when by voting no all extra tax revenue could have gone back to the tax payer.

Poor people don’t need income tax credits as they don’t have enough income to be taxed. I am poor by government statistics. I could pay 20-30 grand for a solar panel set up and I would get nothing in tax credits because my income is so low I don’t pay any income tax. Now a $5,000 voucher to install and energy efficient heating/cooling system or replace appliances would help the poor. It would not cover all costs but it would cover enough of the costs that a “poor” family could afford a new energy efficient heating system or new appliances. When a politician talks about giving tax credits to the poor. Know that most of the poor don’t pay income taxes so nothing is paid to anyone that is poor and nothing changes.


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