Fridge dies on 22 Nov. Change out fridge 23 Nov.

It is almost a cliché of a major Appliance dying during the holidays but I had it happen this Holiday.  The old fridge was on it’s last legs and I knew it was a matter of time before it finally quit working. In some ways it was not so bad since it was cold outside I could put most of the refrigerator items in a cooler and set it out on the porch. While I lost a few items that completely thawed I had enough room in my chest freezers to save the stuff still frozen or partially thawed.

I checked around the internet to see the price of new fridges and it would cost at least $625.00 or more to replace the old fridge and get it delivered. I just paid off my credit card and I really did not want to put $600.00 dollars on the card. I moved the beer fridge from my shop into the house. The beer fridge is a little bit smaller than the old fridge but it is several years newer the the fridge it replaced.

The first thing to do was get out the old fridge and clean up the area, which was messy and dusty. The wall plate of the electrical out let was cracked so I replaced it while I had the area cleared. The doorway was about 1/2 to narrow for the frdge to fit so I had to take off the doors. I do not have a hand truck but I used a couple of small furniture dollys to move the fridge out of the kitchen and into the backyard. After I emptied the beer fridge into another cooler I blew out any dust and dirt, wiped off as much dirt as I could outside and then moved the “new” fridge into the house. Guess what I had to take the doors off that fridge to move it into the kitchen. The entire job took 3-4 hours total including about an hour for the fridge to sit for while after moving and then the time for it to cool to the correct temp.

I was very tired and sore after this job but the good thing was all of the food for Thanksgiving fit into the fridge and this fridge freezer gets really cold. I have solid ice in the ice cube trays in just a couple of hours and in the fridge portion was so cold my milk did not defrost overnight. The frdge portion was to cold as my drinking water pitcher had a skim of ice on it after two days, so I turned down the cool dial.  Mom brought over her hand truck for Thanksgiving and I moved the fridge out for trash pickup. Gosh a freon appliance is $60.00 to have the trash guys haul away but the old fridge will be gone. Overall I think the “new fridge” will work out great. It is full at the moment with Thanksgiving leftovers but for normal day to day stuff this fridge will be plenty big enough for me.

Thanksging dinner went great. I started the charcoal chimneys with my fire starter and those bad boys were roaring in just a few minutes. Worked a lot better than the vegetable oil soaked newspaper trick. My aunt brought over a bunch of home made goat cheeses and the sweet potato fries were a big hit. My biggest problem now is I have to much leftover desserts. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving!


4 Responses to Fridge dies on 22 Nov. Change out fridge 23 Nov.

  1. Dan says:

    Refrigerators are no longer built to last. My mother still has the one she got when I was in High School and it works fine….and I’m OLD. I however am on my third one in the past 18 years.
    Designed obsolescence….the people designing and building appliances deliberately make it so they die right about the time any warranty you may have expires.

    • Jamie says:

      The old fridge that died was a Magic Chef that was in the house when I bought it in 2003. The fridge had been in the house a few years before I moved in so I’m guessing at least 25 years old.

      The “new fridge” is a Roper by Whirlpool I bought around 2005/2006 and has been a great beer fridge in the shop and is doing great as a replacement.

      I agree with you Dan about obsolescence. If you have to buy a new appliance always buy the “dumbest” least electronic/digital appliance in the store.

  2. 16mewood says:

    Our oven died just before Christmas last year, utter nightmare. Appliances are no longer built to last.

    • Jamie says:

      I can’t complain about the old Magic chef fridge. The fridge came with the house when I bought it in 2003 and it was an older fridge that year.

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