Get beef now, Railway strike and Winter weather gear.

Very low prices for beef at the local stores here in the valley. $2.99 for sirloin steaks and $1.99 for 70/30 hamburger is the lowest price I have seen in months. I think what is happening is there is a glut of beef on the market right now since many ranchers sold off cattle because of the cost of feed and water the last 6 months of the year. I expect the price will go much higher next year so now is the time to get that freezer stock upped while we have these low prices. Sundance at the Conservative Tree House says food inflation has probably peaked and while the prices are not coming down they probably won’t go up in the next few months. I have been seeing things like cake mixes stay around a dollar per box for several weeks running. Most prices in the grocery store seem to be stabilizing at a higher price but the prices are not going up. Not great news but not awful news for the food budget. 

It looks like the Railway strike might be on again around the middle of December. The time frame gives the Unions a lot of leverage but I don’t think the workers really want to lose a paycheck or 2 going into Christmas. I suspect there will be another compromise to hold off any strike until January and then the unions do a hard strike/walkout. Just a gut feeling on my part as I have no info on how the strike might work out.

It looks like winter is here to stay in the valley. We got a few snow flurries moving through every couple of days for the next 10 days and the Ski slopes are opening up for the season. A good start for replenishing the water for next spring, but last year we had a great snow pack in December and it was dry in January and February.  We will have to see how much snow/moisture we get in those months before we get to excited about the summer irrigation season. 

I moved all of my winter coats out to my entry way coat hooks and all of the spring jackets are in the coat closet. I have one poffy down type winter coat but I prefer layering sweat jackets, sweaters, down like vests rather than wear on coat. I replaced some of the worn work gloves but I thought I had bought a certain winter glove with a Thinsulate lining. I don’t have any on hand and I have to use the older gloves that have holes in the leather. When I find this glove again I swear I’m going to buy at least four pair for my glove stash! 

All of my leather gloves got a coating of Heavy Duty LP which is like mink oil for water proofing your gloves and preserving the leather. It is also made in Idaho. LOL Get out those snow boots and make sure they are in good repair and if you have a favorite boot you like you might add a back up pair this holiday season. A lot of people focus only on food and perhaps water for prepping. Buy a a lot of tacticool gadgets and forget about the mundane items like shoes/boots, good work gloves, clothing like undies and socks. It is a great time to stock up on these items on sale. Heck I never would have thought about my stryofoam coolers as a  prep item but they sure came in handy when my fridge died and I need a place to store my frozen items for a day or two while I replaced my broken fridge.  I can say the frozen Cyropacks I used were bought as a prep it for keeping food cool if the electricity goes out. But they worked great for this minor fridge dying problem. 

Some people think that prepping is a waste of money. I doubt it is as large a group after the Covid panic. Many emergencies can be small and personal and not at a regional or national scale. I was a bit lucky as I had another fridge, but having large coolers and Ice packs frozen ready to go was not lucky that was prepping and doing the work ahead of any potential emergency. 

I had though about buying another fridge, but what I really want is another freezer for vegetables. A chest freezer is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run off electricity. I don’t like the idea of Smart Appliances that are connected to the internet or monitored by the electric company via smart meters. I know you can’t really get away from that imposition but I don’t think you should make it easy for the PTBs or any one to hack and shut off your appliances. The convenience of a smart appliance is not worth the security risk. 

I think supply disruptions will become the norm in the near future. The world is changing and the WEST and USA are not all powerful on the world stage as we make very little of real value to the rest of the world. Rather than being a shining city on a hill the USA has become a petulant bully on the world stage led by a man descending into dementia. I still love my country and I have some optimism we might correct the ship of state. I have to be honest about what we have become as a nation.

How do do we fix it. You start at the local level just like the leftist/progressive did and you never stop fighting just like the leftist did. The progressive started in the 1870’s in the USA. We would be incredibly lucky to turn back to the Constitution in 50 years of cleaning out local, state and federal politics. This change won’t happen overnight and you have to be in it for the long haul and not an election or two.

What can you do as an individual? You might not be political but you hate the direction of the country. Disengage from the consumerism of the USA. Don’t vote yes for school raising property taxes that only pay the unions and administrators and do nothing to improve teaching kids the basics of reading writing and math. The kids are not that dumb the teachers are that bad. Honestly any parent that can run a check book register or Excel spread sheet would be a better math teacher than most teachers in schools. You want to teach a kid fractions/geometry teach him/her carpentry. Todays kids are not stupid but they are ignorant and don’t know how to think for themselves. It is our fault as we have failed these kids! When cooking a simple meal on an oven and not ordering Uber eats of using a microwave for a meal. We have failed as Parents and teachers. When baking bread is to difficult for these adult children. we have failed as a society.

I had a Zoomer as an internet friend in Ohio and the Deracchio/wind storm hit his area and power was down and he had no way to cook food. His answer was call up a local pizza shop for a pizza. that also had no power. I convinced him to buy a small butane stove so he could at least cook up some ramen and maybe some bacon and eggs. Don’t forget coffee and tea using a French press and some boiling water.

A little butane stove top works great for cooking. They cost about $30.00-$50.00 and a 6 pack of fuel cost about the same amount These cookers are safe indoors. propane cookers are not generally safe for indoor use.


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  1. 1hobo1 says:

    yes, you are spot on about the temporary glut of beef on the market and the shortage that is going to follow. It takes 8 months to have a calf and another 14-24 months to get it to slaughter weight. Cattlemen have been selling off not only their proven breeding stock but also their replacement heifers due to the high cost of hay and feed despite the glut of hay locally because anyone who had grass baled it and is selling it at premium prices. That included those who had an acre or less of ditch quality hay who went out bought cheap haying equipment and baled it. Next we’ll see a sell off of that equipment. And those that are under the illusion that they need to feed grain to cattle who are designed to eat grass are pinched under the cost off grain feed. Grain does nothing but add fatty tissue, not muscle. Cattlemen are getting less than a dollar per pound from the 4 beef packing houses that control the market pricing so why bother. Shop locally, if you can and know where your food comes from.

    Another thought is to buy a smaller chest freezer, then like you had experienced, you can temporarily keep food in small coolers if you incur failure. Plus if you empty one freezer you can unplug it and save some money on utility expenses. With a large freezer, it would have to run for minimal storage which is inefficient. We keep a couple, one for meat and one for vegetables and fruits.

    Thank you for the posts! I appreciate them! Always good to know what is happening in the flat-lands.

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