Xmas lights, kindling for Mom and added .25 mile to the dog walk.

I got a couple more of the Xmas lighting nets for decorating the front yard fence. The cashier at the store descibed doing an Arch with Galvanized fencing to create and Arch and laying the net lights over it for decoration. I don’t think I’ll do that this year but it sounds like it would make a great decoration and be fairly cheap to do. I bought some small stakes for stringing lights.  Last year I used some little garden fencing to hold the lights. This year I pilled that border fence so string the lights was a bit of a dilemma until the the light ground spikes were found.  I love how so many Xmas lights are LED and take a lot less electricity and don’t generate as much heat as the old Xmas bulbs of the 1970’s/80’s.  Not starting a fire or using a ton of electricity now is a great thing! 

Mom stopped by and got a box of kindling as she has problems cutting kindling. Her hands just don’t have the strength or endurance to fill up a kindling box. I don’t think Mom enjoys cutting kindling.  She is not the most patient person and I think cutting kindling is just a tedious job that has to be done rather than a job were you can let your mind idle from life and just concentrate on cutting wood. I sort of like cutting up kindling as I have to pay attention to what I’m doing so I don’t cut myself, but my brain is free of worry about the economy, politics and other stuff that fills the brain. I added Portion cups to my fire starter set up. I love using paper egg cartons for fire starters but I’m out of egg cartons.  While cupcake papers worked they were not optimal. The answer is waxed portion cups that are used in restaurants to hold sauce and ketchup, etc… I can buy 250 of these cups for about $4.50 about the same price as the cupcake papers and I think they will work better for starting fires in the wood stove. Now the paraffin wax has jumped in price since it is a petroleum product but overall I think I can buy wax occasionally through the year and make plenty of fire starters.  My neighbor got in a small bit of firewood so I took over an egg carton of fire starters. They have an open fire place rather than an enclosed wood stove but I think it is great they have an alternate heat source. 

I think I found the store that sold me the winter gloves I love so much. I think the glove is a Wells Lamont brand with 100 grams Thinsulate liner. There are gloves with a 40 gram Thinsulate liner but I have not used those gloves. These are the best gloves I have every used for keeping your hands as warm as being in mittens and you can do work with them in winter. Amazon has them but I don’t buy from Amazon.

The doggo and I added another block to the walk so we are up to 1.25 miles. It is not a speedy walk as the doggo must stop and sniff from time to time. But we are building up our mileage slowly overtime. I could do most of my shopping via walking. I avoid the busy streets while walking my dog but it is amazing to see how close most of place I shop in relation to my House. Could I live without a car. Perhaps for day to day living. If I need lumber, a large bag of pet food, not so much!

EV cars and the thing the PTBs never tell you is the cost to charge the EV compared to a gas vehicle. Based on an average cost of .14 cents per Kilowatt hour. It costs about $16.80 to charge an Electric vehicle. What they don’t mention is charging that vehicle at home costs at least $16.80 every night or 2-3 times per week. Lets be nice and it only cost $16.80 over night 3 times per week. That is $50.40 added to your existing electric bill every week! $200.00 + every month. I fill my gas tank twice a month and $100.00 is the most I pay for the month. I’m disabled and don’t work, so your gas usage might be different. That does not even count the cost of buying an electric car for $50 to 100 grand.

I’m not against alterative energy. I think Hybrid cars have great potential. I don’t think fully electric cars are viable for most of the USA. Electric Trucks that haul 40 tons is unworkable when a Ford electric truck struggles to haul a small load a 100 miles. In the North east most homes use Nat. gas or oil/Diesel for heat in winter and the price is skyrocketing. They can buy electric heaters but electricity cost also are higher.

It sucks for these folks but the pain is not enough for them so far. You voted for the Green new deal/ Build back better and against pipelines and new electric lines in NE. Plenty of people said NE needed an upgraded grid and more pipelines for gas and oil. The politicians said no to all of that.

Obviously the average person in the USA is not hurting bad enough to vote for a change. Fine you are on your own .No, I am not obligated help morons.


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