Porch Xmas light are done and a break between wet weather.

It was damp and rainy today but the temps were in the high 30’s F. so I got the porch Xmas lights put up.  I don’t do anything fancy just a few strings of icicle lights on the windows and set up the outdoor power cords for the yard lights I want to put up. This weekend is looking good for putting up the yard lighting as it is supposed to be somewhat dry for the next couple of days here in the valley. I have to say one nice thing about the previous owner about his electric light switch choices. I can put almost indoor and out door lights on two outlets that are controlled by one light switch. I don’t know if this was his plan but I love flipping one switch and most of the Xmas light can be turned on or off.  I got the fake tree set up and lit and wonder of wonders my cats did not attack the tree! 

With the next couple of days being drier I should be able to clean up the rose bushes and grape vine to add some of the lighting nets to the chain link fence to add another bit of lighting on a different level. I’m not climbing on the roof or drilling holes into my siding just to hang some Xmas lights.  If I find one of those laser light projectors cheap I might add that to the yard decorations. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars for inflatables or lit up reindeer for the lawn. Though I am impressed with those folks that go all out with the lights and sound systems but I can’t afford to buy those things or pay the electrical costs involved. 

Some updates on stuff: I am loving how the fridge is working as a replacement. I forgot how quickly a good fridge could cool and freeze stuff. I am leaning more towards adding a small 7-8 cubic foot freezer in the garage rather than buying a new fridge.  Using the portion cups for fire starters works better than I anticipated. With the egg cartons you have to tear off each filled section and some of the wood chips drop on the floor/rug. Not a problem with the portion cup, just place it on the starting paper and light the paper. I think these cups use wax to be moisture resistant so that is a bonus for starting fires. These cup take less paraffin wax to fill compared to cupcake papers and use about the same amount of wax as the egg cartons.  I think I’ll buy some of those cookie/candy tins and fill them up with the portion cup fire starters for the people I know that use wood for heat. 

Boomer and I were out for our walk today and  I talk to a fellow about a solar panel array he had on his house. Great in summer until the Air Conditioning kicks on. Not great in winter but he use nat. gas for heat so not a big deal. His statement was it was about 50/50 cost vs savings. I told him I was the opposite with wood heat in winter giving me cheap electric bills but high in summer with Air Conditioning.  He gave me the card of a friend that does heating and cooling installations. Always good to find a recommended local contractor for jobs.  I think a min-split system with a heat pump would be the most efficient system for my small home. I got to save up money so I can make a big down payment and pay off the system in a year or less.  It makes no sense to pay more in interest that you save in electrical  energy costs. 

The dog walks are doing me some good as I’m feeling better about walking to do some shopping as so many great local stores exist close to my home.  I have a walker I use when I shop and I can get quite a lot of product on the walker when I shop.  I won’t give up my mini-van but every shopping trip I don’t use gas is money in my pocket. I also have a Trike that I could use once I replace the tires and learn how to ride it.  I know it sounds silly but I have a hard time riding the trike as I keep trying to lean to move the trike like a bike and it does not work. It should be easy to ride/drive the trike but it is not easy for me.  Also the the trike has a coaster break and I have not used a single sprocket coaster chain brake in 40 years. Years of using handbrake levers have left me looking like an idiot riding a trike that literally won’t fall over like a two wheeled bike. 

I suspect the PTBs will realize that fossil fuels and energy is critical to them as much as it critical to the proles/serfs they seek to control. Diesel prices and shortages are becoming a concern to the PTBs and not just the serfs. The USDA this last summer/fall wanted know about peoples gardens and yields. Oh we are collecting data…. I bet you are Mr.  FDA as many people are growing food you can’t control. 

Remember Gretchen Whitmer Gov. of MI I believe stopped buying seeds in the Spring because no one should need seeds during the Covid lockdown. Ever though almost every gardener in the north starts seeds indoors Feb and March. This is the Status quo for politicians for most of the USA. 

No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself! It is simple if not easy. I will go into the simple steps needed to be more self-reliant.  Don’t get me wrong you can follow all the how to’s and end up dead tomorrow. You could do nothing and survive.  All I can tell you about is stacking the odds in your favor. I’m disabled and the PTBs would name as a useless eater if they could get away with it. But I do have a few skills the least of which is baking bread and the materials on hand to bake bread. I can make beer and have the materials on hand. 

It’s not about bragging about skills almost any one can learn skills when motivated. It is what you have on hand and what you can produce in the future. I’m not worried about any Federal Mandated digital currency as people will pay bills in the digital script and barter/trade what they want to sell/buy with something of value. A few western states say they will accept silver/gold for tax payments.  I have not heard of any person paying in silver or gold. Why would any one pay taxes in silver/gold when the government allows payment in paper not backed by anything? This is about the same as declaring V-bucks a currency or any digital game economy a currency. I like Fortnite but as a digital economy for paying electric bills I don’t want anything like that. 

 I don’t think digital FED bucks or, Fed. reserve bit coins will  not go very far as many folks don’t trust the US/EU governments.  Bitcoins caught on because they were outside of any government control.  At best people will pay the approved bills via digital tokens and everything else will go to black and grey markets. That is one thing Totalitarian top down markets never get. People will find a way to buy and sell outside of the controls. Government would be better to place a 1 % on top tax and no other tax of every sale rather than restrict selling dollars. yes dollars are for sale.  



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