Finished up the Xmas lights, planning for next year.

I ran the lights around the front yard using some small spikes that hold Xmas lights and little border fences to keep all the plug connections out of the snow. Overall I think it looks good for just ground level strings of lights and not using a ladder or drilling holes into my house. Yes, I know they make clips for siding but I can’t make them work easily so it’s not worth the effort.

One bad thing about using the light strings in the front yard. It makes using the wagon to move wood to the front porch more difficult.  Remembering to step over the lights is annoying at times.  It is only for a couple of weeks and I can use my wood carry bag to fill the wood rack for that long.  Speaking of wood I had to do some restacking of my wood pile. When I cleaned up my wood pile this summer I stacked the wood in a North/South direction and all of the new wood got stacked in an East west direction. Well, the old wood worked as a brace wall for the new wood and when I removed that brace wall I got some of the old wood falling down. Not a huge problem about 20 minutes of restacking the new wood in a new row fixed the problem but a small chunk of wood hitting your foot is painful if all you are wearing is sneakers and are not ready for it.  Once I get the last of the seasoned Doug fir moved to the front porch I can move that new wood into that space as the new bracing wall.

I’ve been reading some terrifying stuff coming out of the plans of the Western “elites” for us serfs.  RNA added vaccine proteins to commercial vegetable products. Dropping meat consumption to 16 Kg (35 lbs.) per year by 2030.  That is about 12 oz. of meat per week per person for us in the USA.  Sorry serf, your kid can’t have chicken soup for a cold because you exceeded your ration by having 2 strips of bacon twice this week and a 6 oz. steak. Your(2) kids had a Whopper and some Taco bell for lunch this week and you have no more meat rations. Very little dairy is allowed in the new diet from fresh milk to eggs.  Makes you wonder is this Avian flu a way to destroy the poultry farms in the Western world. It is strange that the Avian flu is only hitting Western nations. I would think it would hit all of the Americas and not just Canada and the USA but not Mexico, Central or South America. Avian Flu seem to effect western Europe but not Russia, the Middle east, Africa or China. Now China did get hit with poultry and pork diseases but it did not really cause global shortages of those products.  Something to think about…

I was talking to my aunt and she has tons of skills as a Homesteader though she does not consider herself that type of person. She got a great property and I think it was Providence taking a hand as she keeps finding things that make this property better than she had imagined. She has artesian wells, possible geothermal heat/water, great tasting and safe drinking water all in the middle of a desert. She raises goats for milk and cheese and I think she can grow anything given enough time and little help via mama nature.

She wants a green house and if she can find that Geo-thermal spot on the property. I bet she will be growing tropical fruits. Is she lucky? I don’t know, but I do know the harder she worked the luckier she got.  I want to visit her place and get some of that water out of her well for myself and Mom as the city water we use is chock full of chemical flavors.  Don’t get me wrong most cities have to add those chemicals to make safe drinking water.  That does not mean the water tastes good. I like good tasting water and if you brew beer water is the main ingredient  if the water tastes bad, the beer will taste bad.

This has been a been a bit disjointed verbal ramble but I think things are moving towards the Book of Revelations sort of bad . You need to be testing yourself and your preps. I’m in my 50’s Gen Xer and the worst gift for a kid wans socks, underwear/ most clothing items. Clothing items is critical for prepping. You don’t have to give these items as a gift.  It is great time to stock up on them.  Could you go 2 weeks without doing a load of laundry? What would it take for you to go 2 weeks without doing a load of laundry? I’m not saying you should, just could you?  I was amazed that people think changing bedsheets twice a year is good and then wonder why they deal with bedbugs.

“It’s natural not to take a bath or shower or wash clothes and they have bed bugs, fleas and the Bubonic plague(Black death )that killed 1/4 -1/2  of Europe was totally natural you bigot!  :/

You can see I don’t have warm and fuzzy feeling for our so-called elites. I wonder what you need to do to become a Russian Citizen? I don’t think I’d like China’s rules. Russia looks like a better choice.


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