Felt like Spring today but cold weather is coming.

Lots of blue sky, no wind and just a very nice day in the mid 40’s F. today. Of course got some cold air moving in this weekend to let us know that winter is still a thing and cold temps can come back with a vengeance. It doesn’t look like it will be to bad here a couple of days this weekend it will hit the single digits at night. It looks like east of the Rockies will get hit with most of the cold air. Things can change so I’m getting the cold weather preps topped off and in place.

I’m stacking up the porch wood rack and then some for the colder weather. During the last little cold snap I got out the Mr. Buddy heater to help warm up the back part of the house in the morning. Boomer the dog loves that little heater and lays in front of it while it is running.  This heater does a great job warming up this area when it gets cold and no increase to the electric bill. I need to get out my second Mr. buddy heater to make sure it is in working condition and bring up a couple of the 1 pound propane tanks for the heaters. So far a pound propane tank lasts long enough to heat the back rooms from about 60 F. to 68 F after running it about 30 minutes about 3-5 days. I’m not heating my whole house just warming up a couple of backrooms until the wood stove get going good. I don’t care what anybody says heat with a flame feels warmer than electric heat.

I’m feeling the need to get started for spring planting. I think I could start sprouting my onion seeds on paper towels and get them growing this year. The Hollar homestead ytube channel said they had great luck starting onions this way. My onions from seed did terrible last year so I would like to have a good crop this year. I want to start my mini plants for an indoor garden. Just some small pepper, tomatoes and green leaf lettuce plants for some salads until the garden gets started later this year. A good job for a cold weekend outside.


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