A little more prep done and it looks like we will get a couple of cold nights and then back into the 40’s F. next week.

The “cold snap/Arctic air blast” looks to last a couple of days and only single digit temps at night and not below 0 as hyped earlier this week. Now if you are east of the Rockies you might get more of the cold compared to my area in SW Idaho. Overall I think you should prepare in accordance with the the weather hype. Not because they are correct but it is a good test of your prep skills for storms. I brought in a bit more kindling I had cut up on Friday and spread a little Ice Melt on the front sidewalk just in case of a hard freeze. So far there has been a light snow falling for about 6 hours on and off and the roads and grass have a nice coating of snow but the cold won’t hit till Sunday night so everything should be okay for travel by Monday and melt quickly through the week.

I got a notice that Idaho power will be tree trimming around my house. I called the number given and got a person at my house in less than 5 minutes to discuss what needed trimmed and what they could do according to their guidelines. While Idaho power is not perfect. They seem much above average Electrical Company for customer service and keeping power online. It is all to easy to fall into an adversarial attitude when dealing with companies but, I recommend trying to meet the people that work for/with these companies with a bit of give and take. Remember these people have work within company rules and they know the rules are sometimes dumb but they don’t make the rules. I know there are people that rage at cashiers because of grocery prices or waiter/waitresses because of price going up. These people are not setting prices and don’t deserve the abuse they often take from people with no clue how things work. It is a bit of cliche but thank those folks that do the work and keep a smile on the face despite the abuse they take for things out of their control. I think it works out for me as memorable to people because I’m not complaining about the cost but thank the cashiers, and foodservice workers and small store owners for trying to help or keep costs down as long as possible.

Boomer the dog and I are up to 1.25 miles for our walks.  Boomer had his collar taken in a bit as he is either losing weight/fat and building more muscle. I’m getting a bit more definition in my calves and losing the canckle look. I think I’m losing some weight as the size t-shirts are going back down a size and some t-shirts are hanging on me that did not last year. I added another 20 pounds of flour for the storage buckets. That is 60 pounds so far for flour and only 60 to to go for my 120 pounds of flour goal. If you are just starting to prep this shows you how simply you can start. 10 pounds of flour, some bulk yeast (don’t buy those little yeast packets they are a scam). Some sugar, salt and an oil/fat and you can not only make bread but all kinds of bread.  For the cost of one Artisan bread loaf you could buy 10 pounds of flour to make 5-10 of the same loaves at home. It takes some effort and some failure as my bagels sere not the best but I learned from that failure.  My English muffins turned out very good  on the second baking. Even if you failed making bread 6 times and made 4 good loaves of bread with that 10 pounds of flour you would still be ahead on a cost benefit ratio. While I can’t speak for other people I usually have a massive disaster the first time I try a recipe.  Then I try again and while not perfect I can see progress and by the 3rd time making a recipe i make it okay and will tweak it to work for me.

A thing I have noticed is some people are so terrified of failure that they will never try any thing new/different. Failure is okay and a part of learning new things. Or people will wait until they have the money for a perfect (thing) and never do anything because they will never have the money/time/skill to do this prefect thing perfectly! My recommendation is you start doing some thing. You don’t need to be dumb about it but do a little research and begin.  That is it!  Will it work? I don’t know try it out!

I don’t know about you all but when some tells me I can’t do something I get very motivated to prove them wrong.  Okay I still can’t slam dunk a basketball.  Overall that has not had an affect on my life. That is an example for the Nay Sayers in your life. Unless you can slam dunk a basketball and that makes that argument moot.

I don’t understand most people getting upset with my life choices as it has no affect on them. Saving rainwater is depriving children/ families of water.  All saved rainwater goes into the ground for gardens, ponds and other stuff.  But the rain water isn’t being saved to create a drought.  It is simple capturing rain water in winter and spring and releasing in summer and fall.  The water will still go into the ground just a bit controlled. No aquifers could be damaged by a few people with rain barrels as all the water will go in the ground over gardening season.

People are silly and the Elites are the silliest people ever. They are Morons. Keep working your plan and you should be okay.


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  1. Yep Saturday was nice even here. Sunday horrible. I just call all those Karens like that Democrats 🙂

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