Still cutting up wood for the wood stove and more yard/garden clean up

This has been a long firewood heating season for my area. By March we start warming up into the 60’s during the day but not this year. So I was out cutting some wood for kindling and the in-between starting wood for the wood stove. I thought I would be done with firewood for heat by March.  Because this was such a long winter I will be adding two cords of wood to my wood pile rather than trying to get by with my current stack of wood. I have to make more firestarters because of the long winter. I have used up most of my wood chips and have to add buying a bagged wood chips and a lot more of the little paper cups to make the fire starters. It might be possible to sell, barter or trade fire starters so building up a stockpile is on my todo list.  Mom took a tumble and bonked her ribs and is very sore so I cut up a box of kindling for her and some small chunks of wood for her woodstove.  Mom has some local help moving the heavy stuff around so she doesn’t have to try and move feed bags for the critters herself.  Hopefully this will be the last blast of winter this weekend and Spring will finally start here in Idaho. The 10 day weather forecast has days moving up into the mid-high 60s around Easter.

It looks like using the holidays of Easter and Mother’s day work well for planting the garden. Easter for Cole crops and Mother’s Day for the summer crops like peppers, tomatoes.etc. I have had some issues with my starter plants and I think I might have water to much early, then I did not water enough and the soil dried out. I’m not worried as I started early enough I can add more seeds to the pots that did not germinate the first time. When I first tried starting seeds and they failed I would just give up until the next year. Now I just add more seeds as I learn how to start seeds  The plants still  have plenty of time before Mother’s day garden planting. I can buy plants at the store and I can do succession planting. So if your seed starts don’t do well keep working at it and learning .If you have extra plants you can always set out the extras, give the plants away to family and neighbors or sell them at the local farmer’s market. Having extra plants is not a bad thing.

I don’t think the USA banking crisis has been solved. At best the problem has been “papered over” and the fundamental problem of to much debt and not enough liquidity still exists. The advice for protecting your self is still the same financial common sense.

  1. Buy what you need to survive: That might be getting a stash of a couple weeks supply of food, water, a way to stay warm and cook your food to start with but you need to build up a supply of your basic needs to have on hand. Besides this winter has shown everyone needs to have a couple of weeks of food water and heat in a disaster. This does not have to be expensive freeze dried food. 10 pounds of Flour ($5.00)  a pound of yeast ($6.00) and a pound of salt ($2.00) and you can make 10 one pound loaves of bread at home. Sure beats the heck out of paying $2.00-$5.00 + for a loaf of bread in the local mega-mart.
  2. Get out of debt: Especially pay off high interest credit card debt. Debt is getting expensive again. People with good credit ratings are seeing 20% interest rates with credit cards.
  3. Cash on hand to live for at least a month. In a perfect world you could build up an emergency cash fund of 3-6 months. We don’t live in a perfect world!  This is just cash on hand for the basics you must have, Food, Utilities and probably gas/transportation funds for work. After you have that basic amount of cash on hand you can add rent/Mortgage payment as you can slide a month or two on housing. I don’t recommend ignoring those housing payments but you have to eat everyday and rent/mortgage is once a month.
  4. Don’t buy silver or gold before getting your basics in food,water,heat.or cash on hand. I see gold/silver as insurance/barter good and not as an investment. I would trade a real silver dime for a loaf of home made bread. I probably would not sell a bread loaf for $3.00. Value always depends on the buyer. I could dig holes in the ground on my property all day and no one would pay me a dime for my work because my work has no value. All the sweat and sore muscles don’t matter because no one values the work. This is where Marxism goes wrong. Not all work is of value to all people. That is not to knock folks that dig ditches. In the right place and the right time the work is valuable. Me digging random holes in my backyard is not valuable and could be a bad thing. I don’t know of a real-estate listing touting the owner dug random hole in the yard being a selling point.
  5. Think small and doing little things first! Much like eating an elephant you need to do these things one bite at a time. Fill your freezer section of your fridge with good first before you think about buying another freezer. Your garden can start as a container garden of herbs. Your shopping can start at a local farmer’s market. You don’t have go big buying a freezer and a side of beef. In my area beef and pork sampler packs at local ranches/farms can be bought for around $100.00. That might seem expensive but compared to most grocery bills it is not.

Almost everything is simple, that does not mean it is easy. It is doable by anyone if they want to put forth the effort. You can’t sit at home and expect some wonderful creature will land on your door step and make all wishes come true.

I know most incels want women in 8/10 range and above yet they are not the type men women want. You want women, boys learn to dance. I mean take classes on dance. Play a musical instrument and or learn to sing. I don’t know why young women like this stuff but they do. Become economically secure so you can an attractive partner. Some of the most unattractive men attract women because they are economically secure.

Your K/D ratio in COD is not  attractive to most women. Most women want security, financial, home and a man that stands up for protection of home and family. It isn’t about fair or what people say. The reality is most women want a male protector and still go out and earn a living.  I’m just saying to the boys if you want women, you have to go where women are and show then something of value. Ironically most guys would be impressed by my K?D ratio because I’m female. It’s a game and not real life. Play the game and have fun but the silly crap associated with games is silly.


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