Acronyms of preppers and survivalists

I suppose it’s just a thing folks do but acronyms and Jargon in the community can be hard to figure out if you are a new to preparing. So for you entertainment and enlightenment a few of definitions.

  1. SHTF: Stuff or Shit Hits The Fan.  A bad thing has happened and hits not only you but everything around you.
  2. EDC: Every Day Carry  We all have item we never leave the home without such as a wallet or purse that we carry everyday. A prepper may add a lighter, matches, Pepper spray, pocket knife, extra cash, medicine or whatever they feel they need along with the normal daily items.  During 9-11 many folks used cell phones as a flashlights in the stairways of the Twin Towers. A prepper/survivalist might add a small flashlight to carry everyday because of that example.
  3. GOOD: Get Out Of Dodge.  Bad things are close to home and you must leave to save your life!  The Colorado fires and mandatory evacuations are an example of leaving with minimal warning time.  Hurricanes or Floods are another GOOD example. You are at the mercy of nature and you MUST  get out of the impact area.
  4. BOB or BOV: Bug Out Bag or Bug Out Vehicle.  These are kits you have ready ahead of time and provide the basics to live on for 72 hours or 3 days. Think enough basics for backpacking or car camping for 3 days with no notice.
  5. GHB: Get Home Bag This might be for yourself at work or your kids at school and there is no transportation available.  Works in conjunction with EDC and the BOB. Disasters and emergencies can happen without warning so if you have planned that your home is a base you need to plan how to get back to base and have the stuff to survive until you get home.
  6. TEOTWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It  Often pronounced as te’ wokee. Basically a full on societal collapse and anarchy.  Think no power, gasoline, trash collection, sewers,  tap water or shopping. Depending on where you live more prepared folks living in as they did in the 1800’s before oil and electricity, city trash collectors and sanitation. Many others falling into Middle ages type of squalor. After watching OWS and the little city camp outs they had I see a resurgence of many diseases like Typhus. Not because people ore stupid but they are so ignorant they don’t know how to survive without modern technology.
  7. PTBs: The Powers That Be  This can be all in Washington DC to the Bankers and corperations that decide the policy and laws that effect the rest of us.
  8. FSA: Free Stuff Army These are the folks that see getting stuff from the Government via EBT, Obamaphones and the other goodies as a birthright and way of life. People that hit some hard times and just need a few months to get back on their feet are not part of the FSA.
  9. FRNs: Federal Reserve Notes  There was a time that the US treasury actually printed dollars that were redeemable in either gold or silver. FRNs are printed by the Federal Reserve bank and are not redeemable for anything and is simply a debt incurred by the US treasury, backed by faith that the US government will pay all debts. Look at your dollar bill that is from about the 1980’s on and it will say so in writting on the bill. You might find some of the old “Silver certificates” from the early 1960’s printed with a Blue ink that were actually redeemable in silver. The Federal Reserve bank is niether federal or reserve but a cartel of banks for banks created in 1913 just before the Xmas holiday by Congress.

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