Finished up my Government Paperwork

April 6, 2012

Taxes are done and sent off.  I was able to use the 1040 EZ form which saved a little bit of money on my tax software so that was nice.  I don’t pay income tax and I don’t get or take the EIC that a lot of folks get this time of year.  I’m “below poverty level ” just barely as a single person but that’s okay I’m getting along and have all I really need with a little left over. On the Idaho state form they give out a standard credit of $80.00 for grocery sales tax but that’s it for me.

I have to rework the budget again for increases for my home owners insurance and my internet bill. Not a lot of change but it’s additional $20.00 every month along with water is going up or at least mine did. I wonder if it’s all those water barrels I filled?  LOL  Hopefully I’ll make up the costs on my irrigation bill this summer.  I think I’ll be able to swing both rain barrels this upcoming check and add one five gallon Igloo insulated water jug as my my modified hot water tank.  That will take me to 500 gallons total water on hand when I add the RV’s tank.  I’m feeling confident that I should be able to handle all my water needs for at least 6 months and I can  stay at home rather than venturing out among the barbarian hordes for water.

I got another 5 pack of Brita water filters. I even scrounged my change jar of a couple of dollars in quarters to get enough to pay for them.  Down on my saved cash for the house but I’m good on filters for over a year now. I’m saving a few of them as I saw a way to re use them on the internet by adding fresh activated charcoal.  I figure it’s worth the effort to see if I can use them.  Got a couple of  ideas kicking around in my brain of using stacked buckets some sand, activated charcoal and cheese cloth.  I already have everything on hand so It’s just needs to be put together and tested.

That should finish up all the water needs I have to take care of and the next mission will be getting wood and all of the parts for the wood stove.  That will be the big project for this year, but if I figured everything correctly the wood stove should pay for itself within 3 years and I’ll have a solid backup to my electric furnace, oven and water heater.

I am not sure how long we may have to prepare for a full blown collapse that I expect to happen. I hope that I’m totally off-base and everything will work out just fine.  I’d sure like some more time and want to be totally wrong on my prediction for the USA.  I’ll keep puttering along planning for the worst and hoping for the best and if I am wrong and everything recovers in the economy I’ll go to work on paying off my house and then I’ll be debt free.

Went to the Gunshow today…..

February 18, 2012

Didn’t buy a darned thing.  Almost all of the prices were ridiculously high and I always have my budget in mind.  They often use the trick of overpricing stuff a bit to allow for bargaining but this was insane as some of the stuff was priced 2 times retail cost.  But it was a good day anyway as Dad and I got look around and some stuff and then went to my favorite pawn shop and picked up a roll of Kennedy 1/2 Dollars and I put a russian SKS on Layaway. I didn’t get a bargain but I did pay a fair price and they don’t charge extra for layaway which is nice.  Dad is looking around for a small pistol to carry and he got a few ideas and know has an idea what to pay. I’m the gun nut of the family so I get to help when the family looks for guns.

I seem to be getting some of the smugness knocked out of me lately. I’ve always considered myself fairly intelligent and I’m waking up to how I have been played by the PTBs. Funny how you can always see the mote in someone’s eye and not see the beam in your own.  I am a slave to the PTBs just like almost everyone else,  I did not recognize the chains I placed on myself.  I can see why the questions to authority are so feared, just  questioning my own assumptions has been painful.

I see now how we are divided in OWS/Tea Party, Pro-life and Pro- choice,  and on and on,  I played the game, and did not notice I was the one being played.  It is not fun to find out you have been a fool or at least it’s not for me.  Now I am going back and having to question everything I believed. Now some folks would say that is the beginning of wisdom and I think they are correct but it’s very hard and it is changing me.  For the better I hope!

So you all get to put up with me as I work through some of my assumptions and learn to deal with reality.