Removing peel & tiles from a bathroom floor.

October 15, 2021

I added the cheap floor tiles many years ago so I can’t blame the last home owner.  This was my mess up doing a home improvement without a clue, tools or knowledge needed to do the job. Removing those tiles are doable but take a little bit of effort.  

First thing you need is a heat gun.  Not to worry this is a multi-tasker for shrink wrap labels or for assisting to clean off some paints as well as glue.  I bought a cheap heat gun from Harbor freight  for under $10.00.  The tiles I removed were a bit old and poorly installed by someone who had know idea haw to install floor tile of any type. 

It was easy to remove the tile using a painter’s tool or putty knife to get under the edge and then use the heat gun to work the tile loose.  Now the worse part is I laid the tile directly on linoleum and had a sticky residue of glue and some sticky dirt that worked it’s way in between tiles.  What worked best for me was some spray on goo-gone, add a bit of heat via the heat gun and using my hand rub that Goo-gone into the glue.  Using the heat gun seems to assist the Goo-gone penetrate the old glue.  

The Clean up: if you have used Goo-gone in any form you get a very slick and oily feeling residue.  Goo-Gone recommends Hot-soapy water to clean the oil reside.  I found Acetone and Rubbing alcohol worked better to clean off that oily residue.  Trust me I tried Dawn dish soap and other Spray cleaners to ajax type powders and Acetone worked best and 70% rubbing alcohol second.  After adding an Acetone/flammable cleaner. I washed the floor with my favorite Lysol Multi-purpose cleaner.  

Cleaning this floor up took time. I often waited 10-20 minutes between stages to see if a product work.  I also added a bit of time as my knees don’t do all that good cleaning floors.  It turned into a 2 day job for me, but I had a bit of experimentation of how to remove the tiles and how to clean up the glue goo after the tiles were removed.  This job was a test case as I want to remove some of the peel and stick tile in my back door entrance way and add a “floating wood floor” setting on  top of old linoleum. with added  underlayment.   

I’m glad I tried new stuff with my home.  I really hated that I was so ignorant before I started new stuff in my home.  I have another are to clean up.  But it n entrance way and I have a “floating” wood floor that could look good if I install it correctly.  I have couple more tools I want on hand and I want a bit more wood on hand because I’ll probably screw up.  But that is the tuition/price you pay when you are learning new things.  All the tutorials and youtube videos don’t really matter until you make something for yourself or others.  

Talking a good game, and playing a good game, requires producing results that you or others can see and evaluate those 2 things are very different .  Most preppers are not Pacifists and many are not religious. So I don’t think playing “Billy Bad ass” to attack preppers that have spent years gathering not only food, but ammo is a good idea! 

Life goes on and I have tried to get my shopping as local as possible and I think that most folks should do the same.  If you are hoping for anything from overseas I’d recommend you get it now, find an alternative or learn to without.  No I can’t write a sentence that is marginable believable the Joe Biden will save Christmas. I dobt he could save Thanksgiving.  You are on your own folks so act like it! 


Heating and cooking. You got to stay warm and if the electricity goes out the Microwave is just a box.

October 11, 2021

I did a lot of tests about heating my small home (3 Bedroom/1 3/4 bath 1240 sq.ft.) with alternatives to a older electric furnace and then test how I could heat my home if the electricity stopped.  That meant cooking and heating in a fairly well insulated house that had very bad double pane and some single pane windows but good insulation.  It was cold but not freezing as the average night time temp was 15-20 degrees F. at night and about 35-40 degrees F. for the days high.  I used a mid range Mr. Buddy heater using the 1 pound propane bottles to quantify how much fuel was required to heat the house to about 65-68 degrees F.

I did not run the heaters over night because Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning tends to happen when people sleep.  It did not freezing inside the house when I turned off the electric heat.  The house cooled down to about 50 degrees F. That is a bit brisk to wake up to but you probably won’t get Hypothermia starting up the Mr. Buddy heater. 

My result were the room with the heater got warm within about 10-15 minutes but I had to add a small battery powered fan to move the heat through the house.  After adding the fan, the rest of the house reached 65 degrees in 45 minutes and I did nothing more than adjust the fan or the heater placement other than point it at a doorway to the rest of my house. I don’t have an open floor plan in my house.  So  your heat and fuel usage may vary but my basic trial should give you a basic idea about what you need to heat your home in winter.  I tested using the Mr. Buddy Heater the same way but using a common BBQ grill tank and got about 6 days worth of heat with about 5 gallons/pounds from the larger propane tank.  I have no idea how well the Mr. Big Buddy heater will work I used a cheap O2 battery camping fan powered by 2 D cell batteries to push heat from my mid range Mr. Buddy heater. I’m not sure of the post but the test is on this site.  I don’t delete publish posts of this site unless the post is wrong and very badly written.  You have seen the bad spelling and grammatical mistakes. So you know I don’t delete posts unless they are completely awful. 

Butane stoves are the bomb if you have an electric stove and need a back up cooking source.  Probably the best back up source for cooking if you can’t afford a $4,000 + wood stove from the Amish and the cords of wood to burn and learn how to burn wood in that stove to bake and cook. Well while learn the bake you can keep your house warm.  

You need a simple, effective way to cook and boil water that won’t kill you via carbon monoxide poisoning.  It has to be easy to use and safe to store fuel in a small apartment or home and it must be a Multi-tasker good for several type of environments.  Okay I add that last part…. 

Butane stoves is great for cooking! Caterers have been using the little burners for years and they are very simple to use and the fuel is relatively low cost to buy. There are people that use less than a can of butane to cook a Months worth of food.  That could be possible though I can’t do it.  But I know you could cook at least a week’s worth of meals if you plan ahead and are frugal with the fuel.  A butane Stove costs about $20.00-50.00 depending on the store. Camping stores and Foodservice stores tend to have the best prices for the butane fuel cans.  A case of Butane fuel costs about $12.00-$24.00 as of last summer.  I’m not sure of current butane costs this month as I have already stocked up. I still think adding a Butane stove at double the cost of buying the stove and fuel would still be a bargain to have an alterative/ backup cooking method rather than be a slave to electric and gas prices. You can control what you buy and not the PTB’s or the Public Utilities offer you as take it or get evicted min. standards of many local governments. 

I think I have done some great work getting prepped.  The first was getting a very efficient wood stove.  Buying and stacking good dry wood for that stove.  I much prefer a neighbor stopping by and saying the love the smell of the wood smoke rather than someone getting pissed off that soot, ash and unpleasant smells are pissing of my neighbors. 

Don’t let wanting perfection stop you from prepping.  The Mr. Buddy heater was me just trying to stay warm if the electricity stopped.  I now have a wood stove and don’t need that Mr. Buddy heater in my Hone but it can work great for camping or setting up a warm up area in winter.  I did not waste any effort and I could help some one with that heater and fuel to keep them warm in winter.   You build your preps in steps starting from the base line.  As you improve your steps you free up more resources to help friends and family to build up their resources.  

Preppers seldom are selfish.  I can’t speak for all preppers but we want more more people to get prepared.  We don’t offer a handout but we offer a hand up, on how to prep effectively on small budget.  We know prepping can be hard.  We have been there and done that. 

I’ll be adding the Challa bread to my recipe page. It seemed a tad sweet to me so I think I’ll go with a bit of salt on top rather than sesame seeds.  Ironically the braiding of the bread worked out better than I had anticipated.  I have to say the challah bread made some of the best French toast ever! 


Just because you can’t do everything, doesn’t mean you should do nothing.

October 9, 2021

I used to be envious of people that started prepping or becoming self-reliant in the 2008 when I started prepping and adding in some self reliance stuff. Now I’m one of those type of people that have prepped over the years a little or a lot as money was available.  I think the greatest thing to have in prepping is time.  That does not mean you need a lot of time or money to get started prepping, but you must start with that first step and anything you do can make a difference in the future.  Even if no disasters happen you can take a break from shopping, save up money, buy tools that can be use for a new hobby.  I have not found a downside to being prepared for the future.  

Flour for baking bread. As a bit of an armature historian I know bread tends to be a basic staple of life.  Every culture has a bread, muffin, flat tortilla/pita type product. I’m into baking bread and it can be very simple if not always easy to make bread but I have found that a small 1 pound loaf of bread will last me a weeks worth of toast for breakfast and a couple of sandwiches.  So I need to store at least 50 pounds of flour along with some yeast, salt and some other odds and ends to make 1 year’s worth of bread.  

You don’t have to buy 50 ponds of flour to start making bread. Ten pounds is easy to handle and you can start learning to bake bread.  Making bread is simple that does not mean it is easy as it takes some experience to learn how the dough feels when you make a good loaf.  Don’t feel bad if you make a loaf of bread with the density similar to a brick.  I can’t speak for all bread makers but I have baked a flour bricks. 

Beans and rice are always recommended for dry good storage food. If you know how to cook them as dried beans need a soak and long time to cook.  A nice ting about beans, rice, oats and many other whole grains is they expand in cooking.  A pound of dry beans can become 6-8 serving by just adding some water and heat. Rice , corn grits whole grain barley all become more with some water and heat.  So grains don’t need a lot of storage area.   

But Jamie I don’t like that food.  That is okay buy and store what you want to eat. I have bought cases of ramen and some of the Kung pao sauce I like along with crushed peanuts to make a meal.    It has taken me about 10 years to find a way to pay more to buy local at an acceptable price point.  Most people don’t have a Freezer so buying/freezing food is not an option.  The don’t have the space to garden or storage for canned foods.  I do think given the size of most American closets you can store at least 15 gallon water per closet and not damage a floor as that is only 120 pounds of water storage. 

I love Igloo 5 gallon jugs as you can store hot water for 24-48 hours.  I’m not sure how long cold water is stored. If given time before a disaster strikes I would fill every insulated water jug with hot water and then the tub, sinks and even pitchers with cold water. Just to have water on hand also to have warm water on hand for at least a couple of days. 

Butane stoves if you need an alternative cooking source to electric stoves. Butane stoves don’t generate the CO2 that can kill you like many alternate fuels. Grills, BBQs and propane grills out doors are good cooking items to have on hand. Don’t get dead because you tried to heat your home with a grill. Add extra blankets instead. It would be dumb to prepare and die to carbon monoxide be cause you got lazy or were an idiot.

You can choose to get ready and be an active agent in your survival. Or you can choose to do nothing and depend on others be it the government or charity. I can’t say prepping will guarantee your surviving but I can say doing nothing will almost guarantee you will die. Sad to say many people would rather die than struggle to make a better if not perfect life. That is sad.

I’m looking at getting smaller jobs done by contractors.

October 6, 2021

I hate going into debt and it hit me hard that getting a mini-split system would cost about 10 years to finance at a low monthly payment.  I seldom use credit and when I douse credit I stay around $1-2 grand, so knowing I’d get a bill each month for 10 years for a heat and cooling system.  I know that it is not unreasonable cost for a new heating/air conditioning system.  In fact it was about dead on for my expected cost.  I just don’t want to have a monthly bill for  a loan for 10 years. 

I don’t need this system right now.  It would be more efficient and add some comfort level but it is not a need to have it is a want to have for me. 

I do have a couple of smaller projects I’d like to get done and I won’t have to go into debt.  My gutters are not perfect though they did stop most of the seepage of water into the basement when I had no gutters.  But I got rain chains rather than down spouts and the rain chains don’t work well in areas that freeze or have snow and rainy seasons/months.  I have a patio awning and a carport I want cleaned off before any snow starts adding weight.  2017 Snowmeggedon had many of those carports and patio awnings collapse and I don’t want that to happen to me. 

I think I will pay a bit extra getting everything cleaned up this fall but I should save money in the future. Honestly I have sort of ignored this issue because it was not an Emergency.  Now I want to get ahead of a few issues before they become an “Emergency”. 

I think it is important to prep up to the level of what you consider an acceptable life. Then find ways to meet that minimum of an acceptable life.  That does not mean you are eating cat food cold huddled in a corner of some skyscraper. How do you want to live and how much effort are you willing to put in to live at that standard.  Plenty of people will exist with handouts of the government and charity. They will never change .Give them SNAP /food stamps. Give them rental assistance. Energy/power assistance and all they want is more.  Hard to blame them when the government always gives them more without any effort on their part.   

I don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about how things will break but I know the better you are prepared the more time you will have to adapt to the new paradigm. 

Yard cleanup and the garden plants are trying to put out fruit.

October 4, 2021

I got some work down cleaning up all the apples that are dropping off the trees this summer.  I have not used the fruit from the tree as I have had other issues that took priority at the time so some of the fruit dropped and got very mushy before I got them cleaned up.   I’m doing a little better getting the Black walnuts picked up and drying out the husks around the nuts.  I have set up a frame to hold the walnut to dry until the outer husk is ready to fall off so I should get a little bit of harvest off my walnut trees.  At the price of walnuts even a couple of pounds will pay me for my effort. 

We had a brutally hot summer here and most of my garden just baked in the heat. What is happening now is I have volunteer tomatoes and pepper putting out fruit in October about week before the normal frost date. I did plant starts early and all of them got destroyed by heat this summer. A bunch of volunteer plants are doing better going into fall and I should get at least a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden beds I gave up on this summer.

I cleaned out one garden bed that went mostly to weeds. I want to try covering the bed in black plastic to kill the weeds and see how the bed handles winter and an early spring planting. I have plenty of frost cloth and I learned a lot about starting plants indoors this year. I have added shade cloth so I can protect my garden beds during the summer. I’m adding a better irrigation system to the garden beds. I think one of my biggest issues is getting more consistent about working the garden daily rather than getting overwhelmed and trying to fix problems when they become to big to ignore. I’m awful at doing 15-30 minutes work daily to take care of issues early and tend to work a few hours once or twice a week and try and catch up and/ or fix problems.

Good news I got my chimney cleaned and I started a fire on a cooler evening. OMG it was wonderful! There is something about a wood fire that seems to warm you down to the bone. It just isn’t the same feeling you get with an electric or gas furnace. I asked for a quote for a Mini-split system with a heat pump to circulate the air as my old furnace is non-functional but I’d like to have a more efficient Air conditioning and circulation of the heat from the wood stove to the back part of the house.

So far I got one bid and not a bad quote but there was a bit of a hard sell rather than I can do it for this price take it of leave it. I trust a take or leave it bid price from a contractor a bit more than some one acting more like a used car salesman that acts like all they want to work a deal. I’m also a bit afraid about going into debt to get a mini-split system on credit. I think debt is terrible to have in a good economy and absolutely devastating in a bad economy. Good news is my research was about dead on about a mini split system cost. I’m not against contractors making money that is a good thing. But I’m not going to buy anything just because the price per month looks good today.

I’m confident about most of my supplies for this year. I’m not so confident about what will happen with prices in 2022. It might not be the best time to go several thousand dollars into debt to get at best a $30-$50 payback per monthly electric bill.

I added storage of dry cat food that is pretty good quality and a new dog food from a local company. I’m not sure how the supply chain will work out but I’m going local as much as possible.

I’m sure many corporations know they could build local suppliers at huge cost and need at least 2-3 years to build a factory before they get any product. In a year or two the supply chain might be fixed… Then again the supply chain might break for other reasons than Covid.

Europe is hoping for a mild winter as the green energy is not providing the energy they need. The Canary islands has a volcano going off adding ash to the atmosphere that might reduce sunlight to solar panels and solar light to plants. I don’t think the EU will get a mild winter this year.

I think we will see a hard winter in SW Idaho. I think it will be more cold rather than snow. But a shift in the jet stream winds could bring a lot of snow. Everything depends on how the whether breaks across the Rockies. If it stays on the west face we will get Snowmeggeddon. If it goes down the east face of the Rockies the snow and cold will hit the plain states.

My shopping for preps feels a little weird….

October 1, 2021

This fall I started buying meat from local suppliers.  1/8th of a beef or a 1/8 of pork mix of meats to put in the freezer. It’s weird  to me because I don’t have to shop for meat at the local mega-mart for sales.  My freezers are mostly full and about all I want to get is a Turkey and Rib eye roast for the holidays and my shopping is mostly done. 

Buying local seems a bit odd compared to my normal shopping pattern which was also odd compared to how most people shop that I did not realize what a “rut” I was in how I shopped. I think I created “mental block” for myself that only a certain class of people or political viewpoint or people bought food and stuff from the socially approved sources rather than evaluate how to get the most bang for my dollars.  

What I have noticed most is buying local has become more competitive in price and quality compared to most mega-marts. Value per dollars spent is the biggest change for me. While getting the beef and pork bundles were not cheap.  I don’t have to shop the mega marts for meat because I already have full freezers of vacuumed packed meat. 

Onto the white flour I stored: The flour smells a bit odd after a few years of storage. I have read that white flour can be less than optimal after 4-5 years of storage and I think some of my Flour storage has reached that point.  While I hate throwing away any sort of food product.  It is better to rebuild your supply rather than use a poor quality product if your life depends on that food storage.  Good news is Flour is on sale building up to the holidays.  So replacing White flour is not a problem.  

Adding more quality pet food:   I don’t think good quality pet food should be expensive but supply chains are breaking down so I need a to have a good quality pet food locally available and stored on hand.  But if you look at the rising cost of store brand pet food.  Locally made pet food is becoming competitive on price. A big thing I’m worried about is good quality pet foods will not be available at any price. 

I remember the 70’s inflation and the USA still made stuff in the USA.  With everything outsourced with a fragile supply chain it gets a bit scary that things are not only expensive but are not available at any price. 

Keep on stocking up but try using more local suppliers for your basics. Learning to make/have ingredients for a basic dog food is not glamorous but it can keep your pets alive and healthy.  If you stock up food for your pets you should stock up food for your family. 


Panic Porn seems to be ramping up again! No XMAS!

September 27, 2021

Toilet paper is going to be rationed again at Costco and other stores in the USA. I think Toilet paper is wonderful but it is easily replaced by a sponge and a bucket full of breach water,  a bidet and rags that are washed.  Is it a little gross using a sponge rather than flush and forget Toilet paper?  Yes!  Is it a crisis not to have TP?  No it is not a crisis level event. I recommend you use color coded sponges and a bucket of bleach water to sanitize and clean the sponges.  You could use rags, phone book pages but it is not something to panic over.

Gatorade seems very sensitive to supply chain issues.  I recommend you buy powder Drink mixes like Tang, Kool aid, Country time and yes Gatorade makes a powder mix though it is only in the orange flavor. Fizzy drinks AKA soda pop flavors are getting in short supply.  I think Ginger ales should be added to everyone’s med supplies as ginger is good for nausea and also works great for gas, but tastes better than Baking soda.  I know a lot of people that prefer lemon-lime sodas when you are sick but I think a natural Ginger ale is a bit better as a multi-tasker of fluid replacement and anti-gas, anti-nausea soda.

Liquor like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and other smaller retailers in the USA have a supply issue of getting glass bottles and have become hard to get in some states. If you want a well stocked bar for the holidays or want hard liquor for your prep supplies I recommend you start stocking up now and not wait for the rush of the Holidays.  Buying one or two bottles a week or every 2 weeks should not send up any red flags.  If you start now.

I live in Idaho that generally has low electricity prices because of all the Hydro power via dams.  But most of the reservoir’s behind the dams are low on water going into fall so they may not have the water level to run the turbines of those dams.  I hate praying for it, but we need a very heavy snow fall and very cold temps that keeps a lot of that water frozen during the spring melt.  In Idaho we had a good winter snowfall this year but we had a fast warm up in spring and a very little spring rains.  You add in politicians that have short term thinking about draining reservoirs to placate the Greenies you get less power production and less water for the farmers that grow food.

I’m not against commercial Agriculture in the USA.  We do feed a lot of the world.  But it is not all good and being local is also a good thing. Your garden is about as local as it can get and you don’t need a trucker to get food from your garden to your table.  I know it takes some effort to find local suppliers and I live in the middle of a big agricultural area.  I’m seeing the difference of prices of buying local and buying from the local mega-mart shift.  Its not so much that local prices are coming down in price as the local mega-marts prices are jumping up in cost, but dropping in quality and quantity.

Baking bread, freezing green beans and Gift Cards

September 19, 2021

I have been doing kitchen stuff most of the day.  I did a lot of bread baking stuff starting with my Artisan bread recipe but I used the kitchen aid mixer rather than hand stirring the dough.  Using the mixer did save me some physical effort and the dough looks better than what I usually get from hand mixing the dough.  I don’t know if all bread doughs react to refrigeration like the artisan bread dough but it is nice to put the bread dough in the fridge and have some time between making the dough and baking bread. 

I’m trying out a new bread type called Challah.  I bought a loaf of this bread at the local farmer’s market and loved the flavor.  The recipe is a bit more complex than the artisan bread with the additions of butter, eggs and sugar and braiding the dough,  hell I can’t even braid hair and I need to braid bread dough…. 😉

Okay I just pulled the Challah bread out of the oven and it looks pretty good despite this is my first time trying to braid dough. The dough still needs to cool but just looking at the loaves I’m feeling positive that the results will be at least edible and perhaps positive for a new recipe to add to my bread making preps.  

I got the foodsaver bags all set up and got the pork chops and chicken thighs in the freezer.  Getting the green beans prepped and in the freezer is taking a bit more effort and time than I had anticipated.  It is not that canning, drying or freezing veggies takes a lot of time.  It is all the prep work so you are able to freeze, can or dehydrate food that takes the time.  I cut off any stems of the green beans and toss any beans that are dried out or look a bit iffy for blemishes or  dried out and less than a optimal veggie I want to freeze for the future.  I cut off the ends of the green beans and toss any beans that are discolored or dried out.  I blanch the beans for 4 minutes in boiling water and then toss the beans in an Ice bath to stop the cooking process.  After that I seal the beans up and freeze them.  I suppose  you could use a pressure canner to “can” or pickle the beans.  I’m not sure check out the “Ball” canning guide as I know green beans don’t have enough acid to to be hot bat canned and need a pressure canner to be safe.  I can’t think of a dumber way to die from food poising  than using only a hot bath canner or steamer when you can do the same amount of work and just use a pressure canner. 

I think I need to elaborate about adding Gift cards” to your cash preps/emergency funds.  Perhaps it generational or perhaps it is a economic “class” thing but I want to get more into depth about using gift cards rather than your debit/credit card or cash to buy something you need/want. 

I use cash buying stuff because I have a issues about handing over cash for a purchase and that is a good thing because I really notice how much money I am spending for that item. For me Sliding a card is just to easy and I don’t always notice how much money I spend if I just swipe my debit or credit card. If you look at the advertisements it is always about how fast and easy it is to spend money via your bank account or your smart phone. Those folks at the banks seldom make saving money as fast and easy as spending money.

I’m not saying gift card are a great way to save money. I do think they could be a tool if you get unbanked as you could still buy and pay bills online. Online buying is here to stay so how can a person adapt and if you want an online debit card that has minimal risk tracking back to your bank account I think these gift cards are an option. Especially since the US/DC establishment wants to track all your $600.00 purchases to get those Criminals that hide $600.00 drug and military arms purchases that everyday Citizen must be doing to keep the feds from getting their rightful share of the people’s income. LOL

I don’t want anyone to protest the government. I just want you to not comply and walk away from supporting the Feds. You are a construction contractor, plumber and see a Biden sticker or Inclusive sticker just walk away from the job. ” Just to busy or there is an emergency somewhere else” .

Two local hospitals declared last month that all health care workers had to have the vaccine by Sept. 15th or be fired. Sept 15th came and now the vaccine was no longer required for health care workers. I have know Idea if this is happening in other parts of the country but the local hospitals have activated volunteers that signed up to help medical facilities in a disaster. Idaho has not suffered a disaster!

I suspect that Hospitals don’t want to pay higher wages to attracted the people that work food service, laundry and janitorial staff at higher wages that is the norm in Idaho. I’m no Union advocate but a straight up captilist. The prevailing wage is not Federal Min. Wage. The wage is what it costs to hire some one to do the job!

I wish more people realize you are selling your work, time,. knowledge and effort as a contractor not as an employee. Damn skippy you should get the most money per hour worked as well as provide the most value to your boss as well as your customers.

Update: the bread is edible and is pretty good over all. I need to tweak the recipe but it was a good start!

Another freezer full

September 17, 2021

I picked up the beef today. It was sold as 1/8th of of beef but I got to choose what cuts I wanted within reason. I got a good mix of high end cuts, some roasts, lots of burger along with some bones for the doggo and making bone broth. While not cheap I actually got a bit more meat than I expected and the small freezer is so full I don’t think I could add an Ice cream bar and still close the lid.

I have some freezer space for stuff as I added Ice blocks this summer to fill any empty space and as a backup just in case the power went out to have some time to set up the generator to power the freezers during a power outage.

The local market did not have corn but I got a big bag of Green beans that I can freeze using Food saver bags. I have a bit of freezer space for my latest purchaces but I may have to move around the Ice blocks to add more food to the freezers. If you want to preserve green beans in a freezer recipe… I blanch the beans for about 4 minutes , cool in a ice water bath and then bag the beans in via Foodsaver bags and freeze. The taste and texture of the beans will knock the socks off of any canned or frozen green beans you can buy at your local mega mart.

Speaking of the local mega mart I bought Mom 13 pounds of some chicken thighs and pork chops I bought for a dollar per pound. I got myself some of the chicken and pork to freeze. I’m not saying anyone should buy organic or only local stores especially if you have a limited food budget. Speaking for myself I usually went for meats on sale that were of average or better quality. I think once you have the basics of dry goods on hand you should start making some local connections to get higher quality food even on a small scale. You don’t have to practice being miserable. Life itself will try and make your life miserable without any input from you.

I think about food prep as a staircase. 1st step is your basic beans and rice. It’s boring but you can survive on it.

2nd step: Adding , snacks and those want to haves. It does not have to expensive a 12 pound bag of pop corn is cheap and you can buy an air popper for a couple of bucks at a yard sale or 2nd hand store. Fun size candy bars are in every dollar store so you can satisify your sweet tooth. I can only speak for myself but I lived on beans and rice for 6 weeks and I would have committed some mayhem for a bag of potato chips during that time. It seems a bit silly to say but you should store what ever snacks you want to have on hand. It’s your money and your preps.

You should prep for you and perhaps your family first! What I do for preps may not work for you but I think my basic preps is a good starting point. You can stock a freezer full of Rib eyes and a liquor cabinet full of top shelf liquor to trade/supply/ cook for the local politicians/warlords and I have no idea if that is the correct choice.

Last but not least if your a peeved how things are going in the USA and most of the west the most powerful thing you can do is to walkaway. Not protest, sadly not voting. Just stop playing the game. Get your kids out of the government school system and home/charter school or join a pod. This part will be tough but if you see a Biden bumper sticker or Democrat sign don’t work for that person. You are more powerful if you just don’t comply. Don’t march just don’t comply with the edicts coming from DC.

Here in SW Idaho the 2 major hospitals stated everyone working at the hospitals must be vaccinated by Sept. 15. They hospitals have recinded that decree and they have been looking for “volunteers” to do everything from data entry, janitorial services and manning the kitchens and cafeteria without paying/ hiring people to do the jobs and get a good wage.

I know I may sound a bit like a commie but it is capitalism of supply and demand for the price of labor. Labor is a cost and the people that are willing and capable of doing the work demand higher wages. 2 major hospitals dropped the vaccine mandate because of workers not taken the vaccine. Mcdonalald Douglas dropped the vaccine mandate because 400 workers refused to take vaccine to work. MD is a major government contractor.

I don’t recommend anyone anyone protest as you make yourself a target. Just don’t comply with any edicts that take your freedom. Get local and stock up as the Powers that be will be angry and will want to punish someone. Don’t be a target.

Buying more local meats, raw milk and veggies.

September 15, 2021

I am so happy I started buying local! Especially with the new vaccine mandates the government is pushing onto the private sector businesses. The costs are a bit higher but I think the improvement in food quality is worth the effort.

My area has a lot of ranches, orchards, farms and dairies and it seems you have to find at least one local food supplier of some sort “IN”, then you start finding a network of suppliers that direct you to suppliers of other products you need. I really like how the city of Caldwell Idaho has has worked with local producers to make a map and promote the local farms, wineries that offer local food and even over night accommodations to spend a weekend at a “farm”. If you want to start buying local you should do a web search for “buy Local” and your location. I found a few dead web links but once you find one site selling locally they often lead you to other sites offering different products. Of course your local farmer’s market is another great place to start finding local producers.

This is my week to pick up my grass fed 1/8th of beef from a local ranch. While the price is higher than what I generally pay at the local mega-mart. I have found since inflation is really starting to hit the supply chain the cost difference between locally grown meat and veggies is shrinking significantly. Just a couple of weeks ago a local market had Organic locally grown leaf lettuce for the same price as Regular leaf lettuce in my local Albertsons grocery store. Of course prices will be lower based on the season but I think that now more than ever you can buy much higher quality food stuffs for about the same price as you can get at your local mega-mart.

I am loving the Raw milk being delivered to my door every couple of weeks! I go through a couple of half gallons in those 2 weeks so I freeze the milk in pint jars so the milk does not go bad during that two week period. Plus if the roads get nasty this winter I don’t have to go to the store for milk as I have set up the delivery. Yeah it is kinda retro getting milk bottles on your door step and the cost is bit more than grabbing a jug a milk at the mega-mart. But I get real unpasteurized milk straight from the moo and I love it!

At the local farmers market stand I can get a much better price on veggies. Local mega-mart is selling 4 cobs of corn for $4.00. At my local market stand I get 12 cobs of corn for $4.00. I get almost 2 pounds of green beans for $2.00 a bag as opposed to paying $2.00 for just one pound of green beans at the local mega-mart.

I’m not telling you to shop exclusively local food providers. I will be buying some chicken thighs and pork chops from Albertsons for .99 cents per pound. For myself and Mom. But I think you should start now getting local food suppliers lined up and vetted that provide good quality stuff at a reasonable price. Plus with going local you make contacts and become a real person rather than just another customer. I have always loved shopping at local stores because you can get that service that is specific to you and you seemed valued. Not to knock the bigger stores as I have got the same sort of treatment and some of the Mega-marts but the mega-marts are always limited by cooperate rules. The smaller markets/shops you are more often dealing with the owner or one degree of separation from the owner. Being a polite customer is rewarded at the local level. Being an asshole customer is rewarded at a cooperate level.