“I’m coming to your house if TSHTF” and varations got me thinking

September 23, 2013

We have either heard or read folks that seem to think they can just show up on your doorstep and they will just walk in to home and you will take care of them. Some others think they can turn renegade/criminal  and just walk in and take your stuff  you have prepared.  I have very little sympathy or tolerance in either mindset as they both miss the point that by being prepared you are not dependent on others be it the Government, Friends and family or potential victims.

I do some prepping for friends and family, heck I even have some “charity buckets” that I can give out to help someone move on down the road. I do this because of my beliefs and I’m trying to help out my Mom with the other family members.  My neighbors joked about coming to my house when the wood stove was installed to stay warm. They are folks I would welcome with open arms as they have helped out with my yard work, given me produce from their garden. Even my trike I got from them for free because of the volunteer work they do in the community. I have got a lot of help from them because they are young and strong and just “good people”.  I have no problem helping these kind of people out.

For the moochers, I have no time for because I have proven in less than five years even on limited income you can not only prepare but thrive.  It takes some work to pay down debt, to not go out to bars, cafes and give up things that save time.  You will have to take time to learn new skills and practice them. You will probably looked at as a cheapskate or at least a little odd by people and yes they will talk about you!  You won’t have the latest and greatest stuff while you do that hard work of paying down debt and building up you provisions and skill sets. I know for me it seemed like it was taking forever the first two years, then some things became habits on saving money. I got excited about paying off a debt and instead of going out to celebrate I plowed that money into paying off other debts or food/equipment for my preps. How do you think I came up with my original $100.00-$125.00 shopping list. I got it $20.00 at a time starting cooking from scratch and as I used those bulk foods to learn and eat I would add more to my preps. Making up a bunch of bread or beans and rice is simple. Learning to make it tasty takes practice and cook books/internet.

One of my pet peeves is most prepping sites only recommend buying whole grains. If you can’t afford to buy a good grinder that’s dumb and if you are not used to eating whole grains it can effect your body badly making you feel quite ill. Buy 50 pounds of unbleached flour and start making your bread to save money. Once you can afford a grinder then you can look at slowly adding things like whole wheat to your diet slowly and mixing your flour 1/2 and 1/2 with whole wheat as your body gets used to it.  White flour will last about 5 years if stored in cool dry place so you will have plenty of time to use it up by making bread and stuff then rotating it.

Now for you criminal wannabes who think you can simply take what ever you want from those who prepare. I’d like to enlighten you on a few facts about preppers and survivalist.

  1. Most preppers and survivalist are not pacifists. Most of them have several weapons and consider 1000 rounds of ammo per weapon a good start.
  2. Most have upgraded their doors and windows and have local alarms, lights and other defensive measures installed or can be installed quickly in a SHTF scenario.
  3. Many have set up neighborhood watch groups or live in rural areas where strangers are noticed quickly and are encouraged to move along.
  4. Most practice self defense skills quite regularly and pay for classes to become more proficient at dealing out violence.
  5. While you might be a vet so are many of us.  For what you spend on your tacticool crap and the latest camo (which makes as camouflaged as a school bus) You could probably buy your own basics if you weren’t so obviously lazy.
  6. Let us assume that all your great secret squirrel, ninja tactics work and you take over my home and my preps. You are going to do what with them?  While I do have canned goods most of my preps are in long term food that needs to cooked from scratch.   At best you might be able to carry away about 3-7 days of food.  Lack of clean drinking water will probably kill you in a couple of weeks before you can ever stage an attack.
  7. Let’s just take a look at the quality of people that will join you in your little criminal escapade and just how comfortable with them not to shoot you in the back to take from you what you need to live.  I mean you have all agreed that murder, rape and pillage are quite acceptable in order to live. Good people to have watch you back.  /sarcasm
  8. Now let’s look at the logistics and your so called supply train for your merry bunch. Heck I will even give you a vehicle or two to support your bunch of 5-10 criminals. Now you will need at a min. 10 gallons a day of water though 30 -50 gallons is more realistic, so that’s about 400 pounds of water you will need daily just to cook and maintain a min. level of hygiene. You will need about 2 pounds of food per person per day just to maintain basic health and closer to 3-4 pounds because attacking people in good defensive positions is physical work and takes quite few calories.  So you need about 20-50 pounds of food daily. Now you could stage a raid against a prepper or survivalist and take some casualties. Or watch a place for a week and maybe get lucky and catch someone unaware.
  9. So if you are somewhat lucky, you will need to carry off over 2 tons of water and about 700 pounds of food just to pay off for that one raid. You better hope that prepper had a bit more than a few months on hand to deal with local disasters to justify your investment of time, energy and risk.
  10. That’s only trying to pull off a raid twice a month and does not consider fuel for heat, transportation, the weight of ammo, clothes or anything else your group will need. People need water, food, basic shelter, sanitation and security everyday.
  11. Oh I suppose you and your guys could take over a home for a few days to month until everything runs out. Guess what you just became a target to other raiders.

It’s dumb to think that you can raid homes and folks like preppers or survivalists when it is easy and fairly cheap to build your own supplies up. Most preppers might have 3-6 months worth of supplies for a family of four and a couple of those members are small children that are not food intensive.  Depending on the population you may not have a lot of time to loot and run back to your camp. Exactly how long do you think you may last before you run out of preppers to pillage? Three months,  six months at best as those preppers will be eating and using all those supplies while you get your little raids together. Even if you become good at raiding you will eventually run out of victims and then what?


Running through my checklists

August 28, 2013

I can’t say I feel all that optimistic going into this Labor day weekend.  All this war talk is making the markets jittery and is doing much for my nerves either. But all a person can do is the best they can with what they have to work with.  It seems to help me if I can do something to at least make me feel in control of my own life.  So, I’m going around and double checking my lists  and see how I can handle whatever may happen and doing some contingency planning.  It’s amazing the motivation you get when you think your country might be starting WWIII.

Vehicles: I already got the gas tank topped off last week and still have over 3/4 of a tank for the van.  I got my big “bugout box” finished up with my small tent and added some other odds and ends.  I picked a couple of the one pound propane bottles for my portable shower and added some batteries for the  pump. Stopped by the sporting goods store for a couple of the small blended cans of fuel for my new little backpacker stove. If I read the reviews correctly for the stove those little cans should be good for about 5-7 days each. If I have to use the van I have my dual fuel camp stove, fishing poles and other items I can load up at the last minute.

I’m not quite sure how I want to handle water if I have to bugout. I have a couple of gallons already in the van along with my water filter in the BOB but more on hand would be nice.  I’m hoping to sit tight but I forgot that my area provides call center/tech support for the Navy and Marine Corps. Dumb because I worked for that company before I got disabled. If you are wondering why Idaho is under Cyber attack that is probably the reason.

For backup electrical power I am charging  or have charged just about every battery I have for electronics.  Both of my little jump/power packs are charged and ready to go.  Plenty of small batteries are on hand for flashlights and radios.  Lighting can be done via kerosene and all of the wicks have been trimmed and tested out. I put the smaller electronics I don’t use daily or that I’m charging  in my Faraday cage.

I can cook, heat water all via propane, charcoal, wood or solar oven, but I will feel much better once the wood stove is installed.  I will be testing out my small generator tomorrow just in case besides it needs to be tested prior to winter anyway so I won’t be wasting my time or fuel.  Just move up my pre-winter storm checklist a little early.

Food, water and everyday stuff  is in good shape, but my local farm store has no wheat and is not sure when they will get any more in stock. I let myself get low on lighters but I got stocked up at Walgreen’s along with a couple of Canon printers that are on sale this week for $20.00. The printer may sound a little crazy but if you have read ferfal’s surviving in Argentina, having paper and the ability to print was a big deal.

Financially I should be in great shape as long as we don’t have a banking shut down of any sort. I have a couple of ideas but I don’t think they will work in the short term.  I need another week or two before I feel confident in my financial preps, it’s just a time issue because this administration loves to inform us of any bad news just before a holiday weekend. Hopefully I’m over reacting, but I have zero confidence  in the PTBs doing the right thing  for “We the People” instead of what they see is the best for them!