I worked at Evergreen State college

June 4, 2017

Okay it was in the 90’s but I was told I could not deliver a cart of catered snacks to a Women of Color office because I was white.  I’m not white at best I’m beige or tan and I’m a women! Nope not allowed and Evergreen does not have grades at all!  If you are a moron and gained a supposed 50% of knowledge Evergreen considers you a success!   Business people you do not want to hire a an Evergreen College graduate.

Random thoughts

June 4, 2017

I started quitting smoking around October of 2016. I am using vapes and I still use roll your own smokes.  On average I smoke 3-7 smokes per day and on a heavy smoke day it is 10-12 cigarettes.  My smokers cough is gone and my smeller is back.  I’m not saying anyone should quit smoking but going to vapes does  eliminate the tobacco smoke smell and it is also a lot cheaper for now.  The progressive Puritans are all about saving the “Sinners” until it cuts into their tax moneys.  Vapeing should be wonderful for the progressives as there is no second hand smoke.  Ah but the Progressives move the goal posts again.  If you vape the Big Pharma gets no love on the nicorette gum sold for about the cost of a carton of cigs.  Also vapeing is a more effective way of quitting smoking compared to Big Pharma solutions. The PTBs don’t care if you die you just must die in their socially approved manor.

I like the Aspire series of vapors,  the batteries are replaceable and the atomizer are relatively inexpensive. I also like the Red vector juice in 24 mg and 12 mg of nicotine.  I’m still pissing off the puritanical progressives by quitting smoking via socially unapproved methods.   If the progressives truly wanted an end to smoking they would love vaping as there is no second hand smoke and it it safer, though not safe to smoking.  So what do the progressives do they treat vaping the same as smoking and want to tax it!

If you can start challenging the progressive system in a nice way.  If you vape do it in a non-smoking restaurant.  If the management asks you to stop and ask why?  Challenge the status quo! I personally don’t want to see small businesses crippled but the time has come to pick a side! We don’t want much just to vape rather than smoke should be a no-brainer.  My gosh who is triggered in an adult bar by a vape?

The A/C unit is working great, stopped a 90 + degree day from happening!

June 4, 2017

I’m quite impressed that buying this A/C unit seems to have affected the weather patterns over the Pacific Northwest and has caused massive cooling specifically to SW Idaho.   Of course I am joking as correlation is not causation especially since one small A/C unit probably does not affect the global weather patterns!

That being said it does seem to me that the weather models seem to be off after the massive El Nino that happened last year.  Last year at this time it was about 105 degrees F. this time in June and we had a massive snow fall last winter. Now based on my memories, I think we are seeing a weather pattern similar to the late 1980’s cold snow/icy winters and a later but hot summer. Rather than the warmer winters and cooler summers of the mid 2000’s here in SW Idaho.  This is a guess on my part that weather runs in a cycle in decades and not just seasons.  For example, I have lived in this house for 14 years but last year was the first year I had a pipe freeze in my house and it was not all that cold this winter but it was cold for a longer time frame.

June is the month to start getting ready for winter.  I have a lot to do getting rid of the mice infestation and rebuilding the compost pile and and gardening is ongoing,  I am  planing  out what I need for the winter.

  • Wood racks and more firewood: I had plenty of fire wood my problem was my fire wood got wet via ice, snow and a fast melt off.  Solution: build more simple wood racks and cover them with tarps this year and add a “kindling box”.  July have the chimney sweep clean the wood stove and add one more pipe to ensure a good draw on the chimney.  City code is a great place to start for safety but I seem to need and a bit more height on my pipe stack to get a good air draw.
  • Adding salt and sand barrels:  I could not find a salt solution for ice in my backyard that was not hard on my doggies paws.  Also while salt can melt ice it sucks for providing traction.  Sand is great for traction so I want to add a salt barrel for the front yard and a sand barrel for the backyard/alley way for traction.
  • A propane weed burner:  I doubt I will use this to burn weeds.  I can use it to melt ice!  I’m handicapped and can’t break ice apart using a steel bar, sledge hammers and other physically intense systems.
  • An electric snow blower:  I can shovel off a small snow fall.  I can’t shovel a non-plowed street or alleyway.  If I get a small electric snow blower, the alley way could be kept clear if proactive.  We might check out the cost on adding a plow blade for the dually truck,  but I’m guessing the $150.00 dollar cost for an electric snowblower is much more affordable than a snow plow/blade.

You can always start today on your preps, home stead or doom stead no matter what your circumstances are currently.  Don’t be afraid of failure, as failure tends to be the best teacher.  I screw up a lot though I do think my screw ups are getting a bit less noticeable on some things.  Then again the mouse infestation was a darn big screw up based on me not being proactive and following good storage procedures. So far it’s a big job to fix but I will not die because of my screw ups.  The fix on this is not going to be pretty but I do hope the fix is effective.

In conclusion it is better to do things the correct way the first time, but I’m human and I do tend to get lazy or simply trust things won’t go wrong.  Gosh, I can’t imagine why I thought that!  I forgot Murphy’s Law “Everything will go wrong and at the least convenient moment”.

It’s going to be a cool day Monday and I can build the middle section of the compost pile and pull /mix stuff up.  Add a bit of greens and hope to complete the build in a day or two so the chickens can get busy mixing stuff up.  There is nothing wrong with taking some time and planning but at the eventually you must do something even if it is wrong because that is how you learn.


New portable AC unit arrived!

June 3, 2017

I have to say the little 8000 BTU Haier AC unit from newegg.com was very well packaged.  The unit is more bulky than heavy at 56 pounds.  The wheels/casters make the unit easy to move around. the fixture for exhaust/air intake did not work well with my large picture window but I have to admit it would work great for a smaller window that either slides vertically or horizontally.  A bit of thermal barrier will take care of any small gaps.  Over all I have to give Haier props for making an effective window intake/exhaust vent as well as supplying some window tape/insulation.  I did not have to take out my window screen to use this mount so that save a lot of work on my part.  My biggest problem was with using the collapsible tube and installing the plastic vents for window to the back of the A/C unit.  The tube is heavy duty but as soon as you applied pressure the tube would collapse.  You need to twist the plastic fixtures onto the tube and avoid kinks.  Easy fixes and more annoying rather than a design flaw by Haier.

I tried out the unit today but it was a relatively cool 82-85 degrees F.  This weekend it’s supposed to hit the mid 90’s F. which will make a much better test on how the A/C unit cools.  I will say that the whole hose seemed to keep a cooler temp.  and Mom and I did not need to kick up our window A/C units for a cool house today.

Things I like about this unit: Overall it has a good setup for installing a portable A/C unit in a window.   The fan function seems very good and the compressor seems responsive of kicking on the compressor or going to fan mode based on the set temp.  drops below the temp settings you choose.  It seems quiet on fan settings and even when the compressor kicks in the noise level is no more than a large fan on high settings.  I’m not sure about how to use the dehumidify settings as that is not an issue for me but it might be something you all East of the Mississippi might want in a portable unit.

The real test will be this week and see how the unit handle low summer temps of a 75 F. degree day and a 97 F. degree day and how it works.  I think the unit will do okay!  I don’t expect an 8000 BTU A/C to cool 1200 square feet of home.  I just want to cool the central part of the home so the 5000 BTU window units to make sleeping possible in 100  F.+ heat.

Just so you know that fricking tube for the AC unit demands floor space and area.  I’ll try sticking it in a corner but I thing I will probably fail!  Honest to gosh if you install this unit you don’t need to fear air clearance as it makes it own.


New Scissors and getting the dogs ready for summer

June 1, 2017

I’ll admit I never thought about scissors as a tool.  I have to say having a several good sets of scissors has become very critical tool to have on hand around Casa de Chaos.  So today Mom and I bought a couple of sets of Fisker’s everyday /craft scissors via BOGO free sale and gosh they are wonderful to use!  Like a good sharp knife, sharp scissors makes your cutting jobs easier and faster.

I know that Fiskers is a quality mid-range brand and for specific applications they may not be perfect but when I can get them on sale they are great tools.  I bought  Fiskers Kitchen shears a year ago and love how I can cut herbs with them and the blades break apart for easy cleaning.

I’m using an older set of scissors to practice my sharpening skills.  I am using an oil stone and have put a good edge on the first part of the blade but I will need to take the scissors apart in order to get the cutting edge sharpen for the entire length of the blade.  I suppose what I’m trying to say is have good scissors on hand is a tool for my prepping.  Being able to sharpen scissors is a skill I am trying to add to my prepping skill set.

Brushing and cleaning up the dogs for summer.  I’m ashamed to say I did not keep up with the grooming of my dogs this spring when they are shedding like crazy.  Pekes under coat is almost like down and mats like crazy when not combed out and I dropped the ball on brushing the little critters out.  So how do I fix the problem?

  1. Get rid of the big mats of hair.  I’m cutting them out as much as possible (hence new scissors) without hurting the dogs.
  2. Using brushes and combs in short time frames of brushing that get the dogs back in the habit of being brushed regularly.
  3. Cutting the hair between pads and cutting dogs nails.  This is taking a bit more time to rebuild trust but Mom and I have had some some success.  I use a a nail cutter that is not spring loaded and resemble scissors.  Once I cut hair around the paw I simply cut back the extra nail that keeps the paw from resting flat on a solid surface.  This is easier for me compared to finding the quick and trying not to cut into it. If you cut in in to quick Witch Hazel is great for stopping the bleeding.
  4. Using treats to reward good behavior of your pets getting groomed.

I won’t say it is okay to drop the ball in caring for your pets, but I do understand how it can happen.   Start off slow and take care of the of the worst issues first even if the hair cuts look sub-optimal.  Then start a normal grooming schedule slowly so the pups don’t fear but like the attention,  and try and make it as positive as possible for the pet.

Jackson the terrier is very fearful of combs, brushes and scissors.  We are going to try using rags to get him use to the motions of grooming.  Thank goodness he has a short/wire haired coat so we have a bit of time to work on him.

The portable 8000 BTU AC unit is supposed to arrive on  Friday and the temps are supposed to hit the mid 90’s F. I’m not sure how to “vent” a portable AC unit or how to deal with the moisture with the unit being inside.  Gosh we are all going to learn new stuff!  Even adding another 8000 BTU portable AC unit the wattage/ electrical use is still lower than my “Central air” power usage.  But we shall see if the portable AC is worth the cost in electricity.

Last, but not least I think I can afford another Ryobi mister fan for the yard.  In a dry climate these misters are wonderful for both humans and critters.  I want to add some mulch and Mom has some offering sedum starts for the alley garden.  With the people that are ignoring weed growth in the garden I need more plants and more mulch to stop the spread of bad weeds.

AC window units installed

May 30, 2017

The small 5000 BTU window units are installed once again and the wailing and gnashing of teeth was not excessive.  The window in Mom’s room is always a pain as it slides side to side rather than vertically.  So we have to remove the sliding section of window and then cover up a large gap above the AC unit so we don’t have either heat or bugs come in the house.  I used a bit more wood and some of the thermal barrier to close off more of the gaps around the AC unit and the window frame.  I think this year Mom and I did a much better job on eliminating all those small gaps compared to previous years.  This year I used cedar shims to help brace the bottom part of the AC unit in the window. This seems to be better for supporting the weight of the AC unit.

Mom and I installed my AC window unit in about half the time because my window slide moves vertically, so everything is much easier to install.  FYI I use bits of thermal barrier to cover the gaps and cracks around the AC unit and the windows.  This material seems to do an acceptable job for stopping bugs and hot air that might come into the house.   The last bonus of installing the AC units is using them really seems to help with allergies that happen in the early stages of summer.

The last part of the AC install is I ordered a portable 8000 BTU air conditioner for the living room.  This unit is on rollers and uses a tube out the window rather than being installed in the window so I’m not sure how it will all work but between the fans and the existing AC units we should be able to handle the summer heat this year.  Between adding the new roof , attic vents and how well the house is insulated this last AC unit will take the house from tolerable to extremely cool if we need it.  By using several small units we can choose what to cool in the house and when we cool.  A big factor in my thinking is it much easier to plug a couple of small AC units via a generator compared to powering a large central AC unit.   Remember heat can also kill, oldsters and the young are the most vulnerable to heat.  Even one cool room could make the difference in surviving/ thriving.  The most important thing to remember about survival is do everything you can do to not get dead!

Surprisingly,  I’m just slightly ahead of the power curve.  Usually I’m at least 3 steps behind the curve. Then I also tend to put myself in that position of playing catch up.   I was hoping to find some sweet corn starts at the local farm store but nothing was found but we got some lovely flowers and added some basil and another type of Rosemary that we hope to grow.  I have some seed for sweet corn so we will go with that for the beds.

Update on the rose beds I hacked and slashed.  Most of the roses are not only recovering but thriving!  Who’d a thunk it?  Improving  the soil, mulching to restrict weed growth could make such a difference?

Update on the mouse hunt.  Well we got several mice and the Sachets are having an effect.  Of course the mice have changed up what they are doing because of the sachets.  I do think the sachets are worth the money especially if you want to prevent a mouse infestation.  Making good shelving and have good containers that don’t give mice a place to breed or feed is next.  Remember Rodents are not your only prepper problem.  Insects is also a big deal.

I got lazy and did not follow proper prep procedure. Doing your preps correctly the first time same time, effort and money long term.  Prepping for the long term is my goal!

Don’t get me wrong getting a 3 week supply of the basics on hand is a huge accomplishment!  Honestly I think that is the biggest accomplishment based on myself prepping.  Three weeks is not difficult but it takes some effort and once you reach 3 weeks of prep adding another week for a month’s worth of prep seems simple.  Hell I got a month’s worth of preps then your mindset starts to change.  Or at least my mindset changed.

I have to stop myself as this is a new blog post about changing mindsets.

Everything in life is simple! It just the simple things are hard!

May 28, 2017

Simple and Easy are not Synonyms.  They are very different words with very different definitions.  Building my compost walls is simple that does not mean it is easy.  Starting a garden is simple that does not mean it easy.  Using a wood fire stove is simple that does not mean it is easy.  Simple and easy are very different concepts. Building a raised garden bed is easy,  but building the the soil, the seeds to plants and how to water the bed can get complex quickly.  Simple and easy are not synonyms.

Well I never pay much attention to the SJW types when making my garden so I’m good.  For gosh sakes SJW do you have so much time on your hands to strike down the heretics?   Also how are you any different than any cultists?

The PTB’s do not want you self sufficient. The PTBs don’t want you having a wood stove, growing a garden or collecting rain water. Without you being dependent on the PTBs they have no purpose.  So grow a garden, make your own bread,   make a wood pile and go solar as much as you can with your income.  Every step you take to become independent is a strike against the PTBs.

I’m getting a bit peeved that the SJW don’t seem to understand White or Beige is a color!  I’m low on the economic food chain making $18 grand a year but I should support the SJW and their little “pet causes”?  Nope not going to happen here at Casa de Chaos.  I will grow Tomitillos and revel in the fact I grow Purple tomitillos!  OMG I’m a white person that want to can salsa grown from my own garden.   I’m not Italian and I make raviolis.  and I want to learn how to make Pirogis.  Not learning about food and other cultures are an anathema to the SJW or is “profit” the anathema?

So you person of color and over all schold please tell what us white people are allowed.   I’m sure we will read your comments and then we will….

Of course since you use facebook, computers  and the internet were invented by white people you will stop using them immediately.  Gosh we would not want any cultural appropriation.