It’s getting mighty sporty out there….

February 27, 2012

I don’t know about you folks but what I see happening in the world could probably scare the crap out of Superman.  I will admit I get a bit frightened as well,  not so much for myself but for average folks that are not ready for bad times.  So far in my adventurers I’ve mentally gone from if  SHTF to when SHTF to will I get another month before SHTF.  Heck they almost had a riot  over the privilege of paying $220.00 for a pair of glow in the dark Nike sneakers in Florida. This last Xmas we saw near riots and assaults over $ 2.00 toasters and waffle irons. I can just imagine the struggle over the last case of bottled water and frozen pizza rolls if  SHTF really happens.

I don’t want you to get discouraged or think you are to late to getting ready and learning self-reliance. You are not to late as long as things keep moving along and the PTBs are desperate to keep everything moving along.  I’m still seeing some good deals out there for store bought goods and my local stores.  Heck I see brand new Hi-point pistols, a Mosin-Nagant rifles and 12 guage shotguns for less than a new pair of Nike sneakers. LOL  Heck for the price of 2 pairs of those sneakers you could have a nice little arsenal of weapons and a little left over for buying ammo.

Yes, you will have to prioritize and no you will probably not get a great stash of money you did not know about to save your butt.  It will take work and sacrifice and there will be a little pain. Or you can keep doing what you have done and you will keep getting the same results you always got in the past!  No politician will save you. I believe you must start with saving yourself, then your family, then your community.  If you can’t do that exactly how much difference do you think you will make in DC? You don’t have High priced lobbyists or can afford to travel to DC and sit in front of congress critters and tell them what you need.  Hell your local cops are at least minutes away when you have a home invader.  Fire fighters don’t come to save your house they come to keep the fire from spreading. They will do the best they can but usually they end up containing a blaze rather than saving your home.  I don’t blame them there is nothing in my home worth a firefighter getting injured it’s just stuff.  Sure it would hurt emotionally, but as long as I evacuate my critters and I’m out safely I’m okay and that’s why I have insurance.

If you are new hopefully  you have looked through my getting started page. That give you a relatively cheap shopping list for some food and get your mind thinking in new ways.  2 books I would recommend is the SAS Survival Guide that you can find for $12.00 at Amazon and most book stores.  Great book with everything from minor surgery to edible and poisonous plants. The Boy Scout hand book, not sure of the cost but I picked mine up for $2.00 second hand.