Be the change you want to see!

November 29, 2013

I think most preppers and survivalist go through an annoying stage! We have started prepping because we are aware just how bad things can get and we try to convince our loved ones to prepare.  I know when I was in that stage I was probably very annoying as I forgot just how big of a smack upside of my head it took for me to wake up.  I have done a lot more good since I have stopped trying to wake people up and just live my life.  Being happy, engaged and at peace is attractive to people, preaching to those who don’t want to listen not so much.  Let’s face it being a prepper is a pretty hard sell, as all to many folks believe in the consumer paradigm and are taught what they buy defines them as a person.

Being self reliant is all about being an adult and taking on adult responsibilities.  Sad to say we have raised a nation of overgrown and spoiled children.  We have been saying the toys you have count more than the character of your heart. What you can get from society counts more than what you give.  I have been seeing more stories lately of people who are simply parasites on society. The get a stipend(SSI, SSDI) EBT energy and housing assistance and then sit around watching TV, smoking dope, drinking and playing with their friends.  Then ask who would blame them?  I do! I think every human should aspire to a higher purpose than simply turning the food they eat into crap that goes into the sewer.

I believe that each person has a spark of the divine and they can work to reach more than what they are today. I understand good  jobs are hard to come by. But there is no reason a person can’t start doing for themselves in a small way to become self reliant. It can be as simple as starting a little herb garden or baking your own bread that saves you money and you eat better food.  I think we are headed for an economic collapse of the dollar. How long do folks living on handouts from the PTBs think they will last? We have already seen that the PTBs have threaten to cut all entitlements to make a political point/threat. It won’t matter that I’m a vet or that I worked for over 20 years or that you are a single Mom with 8 kids and 6 baby Daddies that won’t pay child support. No money means no money! Actions will have consequences and it doesn’t matter my fault, your fault or nobodies fault!

I know I can eat, have shelter and security as well as be a blessing to others. I am the change I wish to see, how about you?