Starting to feel better

January 16, 2015

Both Diana , the peke and I are starting to feel better today. Diana is on her 3rd day with out her pain pill and she is much steadier on her feet. She was off her feed for a couple of days, I think the pain/anti-inflammatory pill upset her stomach so I’m feeding her by hand. She is starting to eat and it seems her appetite is improving. Jan. 27th Diana will get the mammary tumor removed and hopefully that will help finish up her recovery.

This flare has been tough, mostly due to physical and financial stress I created for myself. Now that I’m feeling better and making some positive plans on the financial area there is less stress. It’s  easy to get all doom & gloomy when you don’t have a plan or any control of what is happening in your life. I am so glad that God gave a generally positive and optimistic outlook on life. When things get tough, I may have some down time but I usually bounce back mentally in a few days. Don’t get me wrong it takes a lot of work to stay positive. I just seem pre-disposed to doing the work rather than some people that are more cynical or stoic personality types.

I have been cooking and trying out new recipes as well as buying a new cookbook. I don’t know about you  but I love pork & seeds from a good Chinese restaurant so I did a Char Sui or BBQ pork roast in the rotisserie using mostly authentic ingredients for the marinade. I substituted “cooking sherry” for the traditional Chinese wine and left out the red dye. The roast turned out very good though the roast should have marinated 24 hours rather than the 6 hours the recipe stated. One thing I have noticed is the rotisserie is great for cooking any roasts that get freezer burnt. I cooked up a prime rib on Christmas that I thought might of been a little freezer burnt but assumed I was wrong when it tasted great. The pork roast I used for the Char Sui was freezer burnt, but after cooking it on the rotisserie you could not taste it. I have read that you can use a pressure cooker to save freezer burnt meats. I can confirm that a rotisserie will also save any beef or pork roasts with some freezer burn.

If you want to add a rotisserie to your cooking options I would get the biggest one you can afford. I have the Ronco “compact” rotisserie oven that I bought at a second hand store for the princely sum of $3.95. That oven will handle up to a 6 pound bird or roast with no problem.  Most of the smaller combo-type rotisserie/toaster ovens have a hard time handling any chunk o meat over 3 pounds because of size. The rotisserie oven is a great way to add flavor to fight food fatigue as well as be a way to cook electrically via your generator if the power goes out.

You’re doing to much! Listen to your mother or the commentors of your blog

December 8, 2013

It can be tough for me to ration physical energy when I’m feeling good. It’s almost a race what will give out first, my project list or my body. Let’s say my body has a mind of it’s own and it won this round big time!  I don’t know if many other folks with disabilities do this but the few I know do sort of the same thing of trying to get as much done on good days as they know they will have bad days in the future.  I thought I took a break for recovery in time to save a bit of pain but I was wrong. I felt absolutely awful Sat. night and somehow my left shoulder decided I needed to stop using it for awhile today. I could still move the left arm some and finish up the dishes, do laundry and get some no-knead bread dough made so that worked out well. The hot muscle rub and aspirin is helping to ease  some of the pain.  While my example is a little extreme having some basic OTC meds and chemical hot and cold packs that are not dependent on electricity are a must have for any prepper.

I marinated a pork roast using the Char Sui marinate and it was so good! Made up some rice and added some sesame seeds and it really hit the spot. I think letting the pork marinate for 24 hours rather than over night would have made it better but I knew this would be a learning experience.  The Char Sui has some sweet and you want to get that to caramelize so using a rotisserie or  BBQ I think is better than a wet cooking method. I think it’s kind of cool that I can make a easy meal of pork roast and have the fixins for pork and seeds later. I  missed having hot mustard in the house, another thing to add to the shopping list.  I will try out the stewing method with what is left over of the roast add some frozen Asian veggies and try out the rice noodles. You got to love a roast that gives you three or four meals in addition to yummy snacks.

I might have been a little optimistic in what I can accomplish this month. I may only be able to the basics of cutting wood for right now to keep the power bill low and just handle any minor little things that come up in life. I want to get the soap making and cleaning beeswax going but it might have to wait till next year. I knew I was pushing my limits and so not accomplishing those goals this year is not so bad. I think a person should push the limits of what they are capable of and if things don’t work out you just learn to adjust.