Next week’s shopping list and Xmas lights

December 10, 2014

I put a couple of tools on layaway at the local pawn shop. I got a Skill reciprocating saw and a Black & Decker plunge router. Both tools feel solid and this pawn shop works with contractor type folks so the tools tend to be heavy duty compared to the your Harbor Freight cheap tools.  There is nothing wrong getting some tools cheap, but in the long run you should try to get the best quality you can afford. You can use your first set cheap tools as a barter item and keep the better quality tools for yourself, if you start on the low end of quality and prices. Sometimes the the cheap stuff is good quality and you can save a bit of money rather than paying for a “Brand Name” tool.  You might be betting your life on that tool doing what you want to do, so plan accordingly. What is very cool working with a local pawn shop is I don’t get charged for my layaway.  I have a personnel relationship with these folks and I pay off quickly.  I don’t haggle prices much as they are reasonable and they need to maintain a little profit margin to stay in business.  The pawn shop has a couple of concealed carry pistols I’m interested in and they are really stocked up on silver. So I’m working the budget to allow a a few long term purchases.

Called a local be keeper about buying a chunk of Beeswax. I’m down to my last couple of oz. and that is not a good thing for my pain relief salve and my dry skin salve is getting a few followers.  Natural beeswax is great and the beekeeper does a very simple cleaning and I run the wax through a finer cleaning but I don’t bleach the wax so it retains it’s slightly sweet aroma and I think a few of the natural healing properties.  Plus I think natural beeswax just smells nice!

We hung a few Xmas lights today.  Nothing fancy, just a few white and multicolored light strings in order to be festive. I never hung Xmas lights on the front of the house as I never had a ladder I felt confident using. The new Costco 5-1 ladder has changed that feeling. I was darned impressed how the white lights lit up my stairs, no porch light needed. I need to try out a couple of solar string lights to light the entry way in the future. Mom and I also stung up some colored lights and I have to say the new ladder rocks for a a safe and secure platform.

The chicken run and shed are working out well though Mom is only getting a couple of eggs per day. I think once the birds get used to their habitat egg production will go up and in a week or two we can let the birds free range in the backyard once they get used to their new home.

Dad stopped by and covered the roof of my RV with a tarp until I can buy some snow roof and seal it. My step Dad is wonderful man in many ways and has helped me from splitting wood to fixing my water main this year. We have sort of different mindsets about the future but that does not mean he is a bad person and I hope I’m not correct in my  prepping for “Doom & Gloom” at times.  We sort of disagree , I am preparing for the worst and he hopes things will stay the same.  It does not make him a bad person. Financially speaking he is about cash flow and I’m all about paying cash and getting out of debt. I think I’m correct in my outlook and he thinks outlook is best.  I can’t say he is wrong but I think my financial outlook works better no matter what happens. His financial depends on thing staying the same.  Like it or hate it change happens!