Biglots is having a good sale.

August 28, 2012

I ‘m going to focus on hard goods and food in bulk this month.  I also want to try making some all grain beer.

Big Lots back toschool sale has what looks like real wind up alarm clocks!  At $8.00 each I’ll get at least 1 but I’d like to swing 3 if  the budget allows.  They are having a sale on both TP and paper towels and some 8 GB jump drives.   I like the jump drives because you can keep copies of your important paperwork and Internet library on on them and then carry it on a key chain.  You might be surprised how much data you can store on a $8.00/8GB USB jump drive.

I’m picking up 25 pounds of of Grits/polenta for about $13.50.   You get over 15 servings per pound of grits and you can cook them so many ways for breakfast, lunch and dinner just by adding spices or cooking in different liquids.  So that 25 pounds will have about 375 servings and I want to add some different side dishes made with corn before the price really spikes up do to drought.  Having beans and rice is a good start but you want to mix up your meals to avoid food fatigue. If you like corn tortillas or cooking with Masa Harina I would recommend getting as much as you can afford and store in the next month.

While corn is in the news because of the drought almost all grains will take a hit on quality and go up in costs.  I’m already seeing rising prices for beer making grains and that is primarily Barley and most commercial beers use corn sugar in recipes,  so beer in the grocery store will be going up in price. Flour, breads and pastas will also be going up. These items that are on a lot of shopping lists and while we might see a drop in meat prices in the short term, I would not be surprised to see a huge jump in price of all meats, eggs and dairy very soon!

I know this sounds a lot like buy everything right now and few of us can afford to buy all we would like to have on hand. But hopefully we can save a little money on beef and put those savings towards buying up grains or dairy if you are a little  low on those items for the pantry.  I have been watching the sales circulars and we are seeing some great buys coming up in camping gear so if you are good on your pantry items this is the time of the year to grab a few of those items to finish up you backups and things for BOV as well as making a great “tailgaiting” setup.

I’m  getting the 9mm ammo  stocked up quickly and I figure I should be able to buy about 5 boxes this week. That will be my “metal” buy for this check.  I would like to have bought a little bit of silver but security comes before wealth preservation.  I’m thinking the PTBs will try and hammer silver and gold down again before it can take off,  because folks in metals are expecting it to go up.  We will see a rise on margins like when silver hit the $40.00 + mark.

I  think the PTBs are running out of “fixes” because if gas spikes because of hurricane Issac, higher electricity cost due to the EPA shutting down coal fired plants.  We have even  faster rising food costs due to drought and the Fed is talking about QE3 it won’t matter what the stockmarket looks like because Joe Six Pack is out of money.  Joe won’t worry about buying an Ipad, Iphone or anything but keeping food on the table,  heat in the house and gas to get to work, if still has a job.

Remember for all prepping, get your basic needs filled first.  Food, water, 1st aid/ sanitation, health, shelter(clothing, energy) and security are the critical items. You won’t need to barter if you already have those  items on hand.  Having skills and being able to make or fix stuff via tools is next to build on. Anything like silver and gold should be the last on your list of things buy if you don’t already have the basics.

Look at any local disaster and how quickly there are shortages of just basic goods to survive.  Or how much a generator costs or you can’t buy one at any price, or gasoline or water and food. All the gold and silver in the world may not buy the basics if no one will sell.  Don’t think you can use your guns and bullets will get you what you want as most preppers are well armed and will shoot back.  Darn easy to die from an infection or shock from a gunshot wound if you don’t have some basic supplies and knowledge.  It’s so much cheaper and less risky to get the basics now rather than possibly get shot looking to get your next meal after SHTF.  That’s if you know how to turn what most preppers store in to food!  Grains, rice and beans all take time to prepare, dehydrated food takes water and time as well.  You might get lucky and find a house with all MRE meals but even those are bulky and have a lot of weight and bulk.  Every gallon of water weights about 8 pounds, a case of soup over 12 pounds counting the weight of packaging. Sure you might play brigand and do a smash and grab and carry off at best 9 meals or about 3 days of food if you are in good shape and are lucky.

But why would you do it when you can trade green peices of paper and store what you need now? Especially when most preppers see what they have stored as life itself and they will be more than willing to shoot, shovel and shut up. The cops ain’t going to be around to read you your rights or give you 3 hots and a cot when you rob someone.