Compost bins set in place and raised beds filled

May 31, 2014

The pallets are now in place for the three section compost pile. It ain’t pretty and I need to add a few more boards to strengthen as well as hold the compost in place but I think it will work much better than the little plastic bin I bought, because of  additional space for the compost to decay properly.  Getting the pallets in place for the basic structure was my priority. Now I can reinforce and improve the compost bins as I see what is needed to make it work.  There is more to be done as I am learning how to make healthy soil rather than just use chemical additives.  It seems that I am learning what it takes to make a healthy yard and garden and not just seeing green and think everything is good.

Home Depot’s sale was awesome for yard and garden stuff. I added some more mulch and grabbed a couple of bags of the garden soil. I finished filling the new raised bed with soil and planted some tomatoes, peppers and herbs.  I added a bit of of the garden soil to the potato buckets because they are growing like crazy and much better than I expected. I also added a bit of romaine lettuce to the front yard “shaded” bed.  Now it seems the front beds soil needs a bit of work to me. I think I have plenty of organic material that I can use to help the soil and the plants. It is a very different mindset for me looking at the soil rather than plants but I think that was my biggest mental block in gardening. I was trying to make the end of the process my focus rather than start at the beginning and working from making healthy soil and the plants take it from there.

While I still have a bit of work to do on the yard, I’m going to focus on the inside of the house this week. I bought the over the stove microwave at Home Depot and got a great deal on an Amana for only $152.00.  Having the exhaust fan working in the kitchen this summer will help keep things cool when I have to cook indoors.  Replacing the microwave will be the first appliance replaced as part of my 2014 goals and I want to get back the counter space the “backup” microwave is using.  Hopefully I can get a bit of help installing the new microwave because I can’t handle that kind of weight for installing it.  I want to work on some organizing and major clean up of things in the house to be as read as possible for any sort of “disasters” that can come up at the last minute. I “think” I have all that I need, but right now finding it can be a bit of a problem.  As they say in the Army “Just another opportunity to excel”!