Hurrah, I was wrong again! Sale on Ammo and Beer brewing

March 23, 2012

If you have been keeping up with the news things have started to heat up all over.  I’ve been kinda concrened about something was going to blow this week but thankfully I was wrong.  Perhaps you think I’m the girl that cries “wolf”.  Itry to give the reasons why I think things may blow up but I’m in no danger in being called a prophetess. All you can do is keep on preparing and if you get a little extra incentive or a good time to practice a scenario I’d say go for it.

Sportman is having an incredible sale on Ammo of all sorts.  Like 9mm or .380 for $15.00 or less for a box of 50. Or 640 rounds of 7.62×39 for $165.00 If you spend over $99.00 there is a coupon code SH678 for $4.99 shipping. I’ve used several times and they give great service and my package usually arives early.  I don’t recieve any compensation from them, I just think they are a good company.

I have my Dark Ale bubbling away and I’m trying a new recipe for a Dark Lager similar to Dos Equis on the stove as I type.  I did overfill my fermenting bucket a little and had a little bubbleover going into the airlock.  No need to panic just clean it up and or replace the airlock with clean water.  The lid I’m using has a flexible plastic neck for the air lock so I just extended it and it’s doing fine.  Just remember you want to limit opening the fermenting bucket so it does not get contaminated.  One thing I’ve found helpful is to keep the fermenting bucket for both lager and ales upstairs until the airlock shows bubbles. I keep my living area  a cool 65-68 Degrees. This seems to give the yeast some time to get working before I take it to the basement that is much cooler.  That won’t work in the summer time but then my basement warms up a few degrees.

Mom is home from the hospital and seems to be doing good and the surgery went fine.  I’ll go check on her Saturday and see how cranky she will be missing the first 70 + degree day of spring this weekend.