Fixing the desktop and playing in the mud

February 16, 2014

Just for fun my Desk top PC died! A little annoying but I had plenty of spare parts and got it up and running again so no big deal.  Repairing or building your own desktop PC is fairly simple. Most of the parts can only be inserted the correct way and there are a ton of instructional videos to build your own desk top. Knowing some basic repair such as adding memory sticks, a hard drive or video cards can help save you a lot of money.  If you ever have to replace a dead hard drive I would recommend physically destroying it if you can’t format the drive.  Just scratch the platters (round mirror like discs) and hard drive won’t work. Don’t throw any parts in the trash! There is some very valuable metals like gold, silver and platinum used in small amounts on those computer parts that can be recovered and recycled! Some recycling companies will pay you a small fee or pick up and recycle those parts for free. Recycling  keeps the landfills  clean from toxic chemicals and the landfill has more space for trash.

Of course a Dead PC always brings up the subject of backups and how often you are backing up your data. With external hard drive so large and cheap now you don’t have a very good excuse not to do back ups of your data. But if you are like me you forget until you have problem with your PC/Laptop.  I prefer having an external hard drive that is physically in your possession rather than some of the internet/cloud based backups. Jump drives are great for your critical files that you might need if you have to bugout and you can carry one on a key chain. Copies of insurance policies, ID/driver licenses,  Birth certificates, SS cards, resumes and other critical documents can be saved on a 8-16 GB  jump drive for under $20.00 and would be a huge help if you ever have to recreate that documentation.  Even if an EMP happens it will be Line of Sight (LOS) so computers will survive somewhere and if you put  your external hard drive in your Faraday Cage the data should be recoverable.

It is amazing just how much mud has been created by digging the trench for the water main.  The soil here has a lot of clay so it is very sticky when wet and sort of humps up in some areas and washes out or undercuts in other areas. With the weather so warm I moved some of the dirt into low lying areas and cleared the back  gate that goes to my wood pile. With the gate cleared I was able to load up the party buckets with wood using the garden wagon and the gate no longer just pops off in my hands.  We have more rain/snow in the forecast but I got a the worst of the trench washed out areas filled in, stacked up wood for the week and even started the dirt and stuff for growing potatoes in a bucket in March. I should be able to add the green house this March and while it wont be a huge help starting plants early this year,  it should add a bit of help this fall to extend the growing  season.

The budget looks okay and I should be able to double the amount of money to pay back Mom and Dad for the leftover debt when I got disabled and now the cost of the water main. Dave Ramsey would probably say pay down the interest loans first but paying off my parents is important to me. I’ll keep working on my savings plan, plan for a little bit of money for repairing/replacing some of the older things around the house and hope that life/ karma and God don’t hand me any more challenges at the last minute.