Recovery mode

January 13, 2015

It seems I’m having a flare of the CIDP now that I have time for it.  Starting at the end of October doing the harvest and moving Mom along with the Holidays it has been awfully busy. Now add the stress of the divorce and Diana getting sick and I’m sort of stressed out both mentally and physically.  Money is a little tight but still doable. I really kick myself that I did not start and keep up my “emergency cash fund” in 2014.  I got a little lackadaisical about saving money, because I was in good shape for normal stuff and did not plan for a ” cash emergency”.  I have been buying a bit of extra silver while it was on “sale” and overspent a bit on that as well as power tools.  I would have been fine dealing with Diana getting sick or moving Mom in, and working on the plumbing/repair tools. Doing all of those at the same time has left me just a little “cash poor” at the moment and I really don’t like that feeling.

It is not all bad because when things get “nasty”.  I often find the  purpose, direction and motivation to fix the things I did not anticipate.  Having 3-6 months of cash on hand would have dropped the stress level a lot. Now I have to save money as well as pay some extra bills at the same time.  That is life just tossing you a curve ball, if you are lucky you can live and learn.  Sometimes as little as an extra $20.00 in cash can make a huge difference in your attitude, no matter if you spend it or not. We all have to start somewhere and using the dollar a week method starts with $15.00 in January seems doable to me. Perhaps you are a percentage of your gross or net earnings works for you. If you suck at saving like I usually do, you might pay ahead on some bills, debts and utilities. Whatever works for you, I think you need to start getting busy building up that buffer this year.

If you haven’t got your 3-6 months of basics stored you need that first. That is you water, food, shelter, sanitation, medical needs and security. It’s up to you how you want to meet those needs. I will only give you my methods for storage and give you links to other ways of doing things.  My system might not work for your situation. If you live in an urban area on the 5th or 10th floor a BBQ for cooking or running a gas generator is out for fuel storage.  You could do a thing with a solar power and a small battery jumper pack for a light and charging some small electronics. A small butane burner, Kettle BBQ or Hibachi grill might work great for cooking in a limited space.  Heck I have boiled water on a small sterno stove in an Aluminum quart sized water battle in less than 15 minutes.  Add a couple of Igloo jugs and thermoses for holding hot water and you are living large in a grid down situation! Heck if you have to boil water to make it safe you might as well store that heated water as long as possible.