Good news, in strange sort of way

August 30, 2012

It’s very to easy to be scared and a bit of a doomer when you look at the world today.  Things are probably going to get tougher for a lot of people.  You can’t live in fear and panic all the time, your body and mind just won’t let you.  You can and will adapt if you just move ahead  and take one day at a time.

We are watching this drought and it will cause almost everything to rise in cost.  But we still have time to buy long term items right now and for a couple of months at a low cost.  For example Cash & Carry has a 50 pound bag of flour for $12.95, 25 pounds of black beans for $15.00, 50 pound bag of Calrose rice for $20.00 and a 25 pound bag of grits/polenta for $13.45.  That’s a start for breakfast, lunch and dinner for one person for at least six months for about $60.00. Kind of  boring meals but it is super easy to start adding in other canned goods, spices and meats you can get darn creative on meals for under $100.00 feed a family of 4 for at least one month .

I think the reason we are seeing a mini-spike in food prices is the drought is giving some cover for the food makers and grocery stores to recover from the US Fed’s cheap money policy and planned  inflation.  I don’t blame them most profit margins on food are very small in the 4% on real food a bit higher on the packaged stuff.  I may complain but I did not think they would be able to hold down prices this long.

Now we have a little lag time before food price start to spike a lot higher that we must take advantage of and get what we need for next year.  White flour is good for five years so if you want some for baking get keep buying for 2013.  Emergency Essentials has a Whole Wheat starter kit for $49.99 that includes a small grinder, Cooking with Wheat DVD, 1 pound of yeast and a dough enhancer. This a low cost way to get the items that I’ve been needing to add to my preps for the price of a grinder.  September is “Preparedness Month” so you should be seeing some sales for prep items after Labor day or even some prepping fairs. Be ready to take advantage of those sales.

Disclaimer:  I don’t get anything from Emergency Essentials for recommending them.  I think the food they sell is good quality but usually costs more than I want to spend. I have bought some of the prepping equipment and shipping costs are reasonable and the service is fast and reliable.

So don’t freak out,  panic or go into debt to prep.  Keep your priorities in mind, work your plan and if you can afford it, keep $20.00-$40.00 on hand to grab  any sale items that you can get. Start thinking about shopping for 2013.  If you celebrate any holidays coming up start looking at getting some of those basics now. I know I’m looking for cheap turkeys, hams and Rib eye roasts and they will last 4 months in a freezer. Clothes and computer goods will go on clearance sale after school starts. Camping and sales of summer items are staring to happen. I think Sept. and Oct. are two of the best months to get great buys for a prepper.

The whole point of being a prepper is you are ready for everything from Holidays to the Zombie Apocalypse. Sometimes that seems like the same thing!