Still working on this GUT feeling of 4 months

May 22, 2012

I’m not sure why this idea of four months is so strong or where it is coming from but I’m noticing it coming up more and more in myself and my planning.  I have always planned before in 3, 6 and 12 days, weeks or month type of standards. I can no longer blame this feeling on my coffee getting low. This four month idea of having everything I need on hand seems almost like a minor compulsion but there is no panic or anxiety feelings that usually come with my normal gut instincts.  Somehow it’s seems very important and I can not explain why? Though I know there must be a reason for me to step out of my normal prepping ways that have served me so well for the last couple of years.

Any we got some really good sales this week and next that I’ll be taking advantage of, or already have gotten a few things that are making me feel good on how this prepping thing is going.  I’ll be taking advantage of the Memorial Days sales and or a special discount for veterans. Jo-anns Fabric is one of the best for discounts for veterans and Seniors locally and May 25th-28th they have a 20% discount for vets.  They have 100% cotton cloth on sale for $2.99 per yard and I want to get 3-4 yards worth. No idea what I’ll do with it yet but I want to have some good fabric on hand. I’m leaning toward some simple pillow covers or something for my comforters I got when in Germany.

Cash & Carry’s sale lasts till June 3rd and  has Beef brisket for $1.99 a pound and a 12 pound average weight so a couple of those would take care of my BBQ needs this summer. Suasage 6 pounds for $10.24 works to $1.71 per pound and I like using it to kick up flavor on different meals besides just breakfast. Long grain White rice 50 pound bag for $16.97 which is a great price for 500 4oz. servings of food. Plus rice is one of the great multi-taskers of the food world.  I’m going to pick up a few  5 pound bags of frozen veggies for $3.58 each.  These are easy to dehydrate as all of the prepwork is already done and after last year’s garden harvest I don’t want to depend just the garden for veggies. I’m looking at about 18 pounds of meat, 15 pounds of vegetables and 50 pounds of rice for a cost of less than $72.00 for one person.  If I bought no other food  for the month of June I could eat 1/2 pound of meat and veggies and a pound and half of rice everyday for less than $75.00. Of course I won’t cause I bought bulk eggs and bacon with my last check along with 50 pounds of rice. You can see how buying in bulk streches your food dollars. I have to laugh at some  folks that think it is impossible for 1 person to live in the USA without spending at least $150.00 per month or more on food.

I’m a big believer in living on your preps so you rotate and know how to cook with them.  For me I tend to look at a couple of ideas as far as deciding how much you need to store. I’m not knocking the LDS general guidlines per person but 300 pounds of grains is a little hard to get your mind around if you are new to prepping or at least it was for me. I found for me it worked better to think about servings per pound. Perhaps because I worked food service and catering! Use some of the prepared food serving per pound with how it works for you. It my just be me but as far as I’m concerned a package of Ramen noodles is 1 serving. But every ramen noodle type package I have found claims 2 servings in each package.  I also know a 4 oz. serving of cooked rice is a pretty big serving of rice.

Servings per pound for example:

  1. Rice 10, 4 oz. servings per pound
  2. Dried pasta 8, 4 oz. servings per pound
  3. Dried beans  about 8, 4 oz. servings per pound varies with the type of bean.
  4. Grains also vary but, a small loaf of bread is about 1 pound and you should be able to cut it into about 12 slices. If you are using grains for a breakfast cereal or augmenting soups or casaroles I say about the same servings per pound as rice.

Most Americans would find this diet kind of bland but with a good cookbook and some spices you are ready to try almost every type of cuisine of the world with just these basic ingredients.  If you are gluten intolerant look at storing Masa Harina.  This is Latino cornmeal but it is processed in a way so you get all the good vitamin B’s and fight the disease of pellegra. Or you can make your own rice flour from stored rice. It takes a few steps but it’s certainly doable with basic kitchen tools.  I have also noticed that folks are not allergic so much to white flour but to the overprocessed crap that the stores call bread.  My Mom can eat my homemade white bread without a problem even with her IBS or her Fybro.  Trust me make a good loaf of homemade white bread and buy a big loaf of Wonder bread and try and crush both in the bag. While you might be able to smush the homemade loaf a bit the Wonderbread could be smushed into a ball less than 1/4 to 1/3rd of the original bag.   Heck you are paying for mostly air on a store bought loaf.

I’ll get off my little pony of “I told you so” and let you think about this stuff. I’m disabled, on a limited income and look at all I have accomplished in two years of this blog. No, it has not always been easy sometimes it’s been very hard, But looking back I can say it’s been worth it all and when I get the wood stove and wood this summer and if those little goombas known as the PTBs give me another year or two I’ll be nearly off the grid and start paying off my home.