Shopping done this month

July 18, 2012

I’ll be going over dairy, eggs and meat for long term storage but I thought I’d tell you about my shopping day.

I picked up my 15 Gallon water barrel from the beer lady and the fixins for a wheat beer. Wheat beer just seems a good fit for summer. Mom is looking for a way to store some water but she has to sneak it into the house as Dad is not fully on board the whole prepping thing.  So I’m going to show her the barrel and see if it might work for her “size wise”.  If your space is limited these 15 gallon barrels might be just the ticket for stashing in each closet of your bedroom. In a 3 bedroom house that would give you 45 gallons and if you have a standard hot water heater that holds 30-50 gallons that would give you a good 2-3 week emergency supply of water for a family of 4.

I picked up 25 pounds of black beans and 5 pounds of great northern beans. Boy, the price is really going up for beans but they are still a great buy considering how long they last, easy to store and how many meals you can make per pound. Paul’s is now offering it’s 16 bean soup mix in 25 pound bags I’m going to ask Mom if she wants to split a bag with me?  1 gallon of veggie oil and I think I may get a pail of lard that is on sale at Paul’s.  Lard is one of the best choices for the fat you use making pie crusts, baked goods and is remarkably shelf stable.

Got 5 yards of the broadcloth at Joanne’s Fabrics. The fabric feels pretty good for a blend and I got a rich burgundy color.  I’d like to have plenty of cloth on hand for this winter as I want to make some comforter and pillow covers, maybe a lap quilt with the leftover fabric.  Heck something new to try out and learn.  Thankfully my relatives sew!  If I screw up I got experts to ask for help.

Ordered the little Jumpstarter pak from Sportsman’s guide. This is the one with the built in solar panel, 400 watt inverter and AC/DC charging option.  Not a big system but good enough to run some DC fans, Flat screen TV or laptop and charge little things like a phone. It also has an LED light, Jumper cables and an air compressor so I think it will make a great little emergency item to have in the car or RV on trips.

Mom brought over some pasta and a 20 pound bag of rice and a small bag of sugar. The price of sugar is getting up there as well  compared to a couple of years ago. Glad we bought in bulk when it was still low in price a few years back. I always get a kick out of folks that say it’s too expensive to prep when I’m using sugar and flour bought when it was a lot cheaper a couple of years ago!  Picked up some yeast, a 2 pound bag for me and a 1 pound bag for Mom. Yeast will store in the freezer about 5 years and those little packets you see in the store are a very expensive way to buy yeast.  I figure on average bread recipes about a Tablespoon of yeast per 3 cups of flour so 2 pounds goes a long ways.  I’ve done sourdoughs so if the SHTF I’ll go with it or see if I can harvest the yeast from my beer. Sourdough is a little easier to do if you have some starter yeast.

Got some dry salami and a few veggies and I’m going to do up a big Italian sandwich and some pasta salad. My garden tomatoes aren’t quite ripe enough to pick so I had to buy some at the store.  But these will make great meals when it’s to hot to cook, I just forgot to buy Provolone cheese so I’ll pick up some Thursday!

Don’t get freaked about food prices and the Media getting in a panic about the corn harvest. Next week the MSM will be onto the Olympics or something new that will get their “knickers in a knot”.  Keep working your plan and start stashing back a little extra cash in case the meat price drop so you can store meat in the freezer, smoke, salt or can meats if the price comes down.  If you like cooking with corn meal/oil,  Masa Harina,  grits or your snack of choice is popcorn  you might want stock up a bit now and keep adding until the price spikes. But if your are cooking from scratch and avoiding processed foods you shouldn’t get hit to hard except on meat.  Also keep your eye out for good deals on cheese and get some wax or freeze the grated or shredded cheese.  Yes, you can freeze milk and butter so if you don’t feel comfortable canning it grab some for the freezer. You just need to shake the milk good after it is thawed to integrate the cream back into the whole milk.

If you haven’t done it yet rotate your stored gas as the price going up again and you will want fresh gas going into the fall. Many gas station are offering no ethanol gas at a slightly higher cost but I think it’s a good value if you have a station local. Type “Real Gas” in your search engine and you should find a station nearby.  Get some oil, Spark plugs and test your generator if you haven’t yet!  Get some good heavy duty extension cords. You may find folks selling generators that are “Broken” and all they need is a little oil as most newer generator have a cut off switch if the oil gets to low!

September is coming and it is when most crashes of the markets happen statistically. Be ready to ride it out and if nothing happen you are ready for winter early!

P.S. Added another flashlight.