Just plain “Good People”

May 28, 2012

I posted up about some folks helping Craig, who writes the KISS blog on wordpress. Now he has a boat and a little money for the traps and gas so he can generate some income.  Another person is Sci-fi chick at Bacon and Eggs on Blogspot, her truck had a little argument with the laws of inertia and lost! While she is fine physically her family are building a homestead from the ground up and the truck was incredibly important for doing everything on the place plus all the shopping and transportation. Someone just offered them a truck and to drive it across texas to get it to them in OK. Another blogger buddy Kris got a nice little motorised trike for puttering around after car would no longer meet Cali’s registration standards. Due to an incredibly generous donation for the bike.

I had a internet prepper  friend send me a bar of silver completly out of the blue. I was just starting out on my prepping a few years back and while was a bit cheaper than it is today it was still a big deal and I felt so humbled. That silver bar made a huge difference to me and I still have it! I know if times got really tough I could sell it and mentally that helped out a lot.  Now I get to pay some of it forward to Craig

I know we all talk about building a tribe of folks that help each other out and this shows that we are a tribe.  For all of you folks that have given of your time, your prayers, your money and equipment Thank you!

The fact that you folks are out there and are willing to do these things for others gives me great joy and real hope for the future.