Stay nimble my friends

February 16, 2012

It looks like Greece is going to default in the 3rd week of  March. The FBI is talking about shutting down parts of the internet to get rid of a virus  on March 8th.  The war drums are getting louder in regards of both Syria and Iran.  Just to top it all off the US Stock market is following a pattern very similar to the 2008 Lehman moment/crash.

One thing you can do in regards to the FBI is get the IP addresses of sites you go to often.  From what I understand the FBI will be taking down DNS or domain name servers. If you no the Direct IP address of a site you can still access it. For Example = If you type the number rather than google in the browser address bar you will still go to google.

Firefox has an Add on that is called show IP and after you install it it will show the IP address in the lower left hand corner of the browser. It might be wise to have your bank, email site, and any other websites IP address as well as it’s name saved in a little notepad file.

On Greece there is not to much you can do but get out of any TBTF bank.  Withdraw your cash and keep it handy and if I’m wrong you can put it back in April earning less than 1% again.  It’s not that Greece is so large it’s simply like the last snowflake that starts an avalanche. The Avalanche is the other PIIGS of the EU and CDS or Credit Default Swaps and it will cascade through all financials from banks to investment firms.  Cash will be king for a while and if there is a bank run you will want to have cash in your hot little hand not sitting in a bank that has been closed.

If you have been looking to buy PMs we might see a selloff as the PTBs sell off to get liquid so we may see a drop in price.  It happened after Lehman Bros.  I’m not an investment professional so do your own homework.

On Iran and Syria about all you can do is try and stock up on petroleum based products. If you can store a couple of cans of gas and gallons oil. Keep your car topped off ane if you are due for an oil change get it done this month. Tires also move with oil prices so if you need them get them now!

Get your taxes done and get your refund as soon as possible and use that money now for your plans. Don’t put them off any longer!  If you owe get them paid you don’t want to incure any penalties because of things out of your control.

I truly hope I’m overreacting and at worse you may get some practice on a couple of SHTF scenarios.  But in these situations you don’t want to be in any line when folks start to freak out. Better for you to be puttering in the garden and everyone safe at home.