Diana the Peke is doing much better!!

February 5, 2015

Diana got her staples out today and the Vet said the incision area healed up great.  Since Diana is still wobbly and having some pain issues with her spine/back legs we discussed trying out some steroids for inflammation of a disc in her back.  It was very nice to have the Vet listen and actually try out my recommendation. Diana got a steroid shot today and will start her steroid tablets this weekend.  While Diana is still a little wobbly, I  think this the first day since Christmas eve that she has been out of pain.  The biggest change today is that Diana is very interested in eating again. I was almost force feeding her and trying anything I could to entice her to eat. Today she ate a lot and she was interested in eating, rather than just tolerating me hand feeding her.  The steroid shot isn’t quite a miracle cure but it has already had a huge impact on her. Hopefully the course of steroid tablets will finish up Diana’s recovery. The Vet gave me a few more pain killer’s to help with any of Diana’s pain issues but my hope is that she won’t need them much because the steroids are helping with her nerves and spine.

I was a little worried about asking for the steroid treatment and a few pain killers because the Government have gotten so crazy about prescription drug abuse and the reporting requirements.  I will admit,  as a prepper I would like to build up a pharmacopeia of medicines on hand to deal with any injuries, but I don’t want anyone to get into trouble and like most people that have animals and pets we don’t want to see them suffer from pain or illness if we have something on hand that can help with healing.  I will as truthful and forthright as possible because I think that resonates with people.  Heck if I was a “junkie” all I would have asked for is the painkillers rather than the steroids that worked for Diana when she was a injured when she was younger.

I dropped off the Mac & Cheese and Mini-meatloaf pans to the neighbor’s parents that are watching the kids while the parents are at the “Burn Center” to show some neighbor support. Offered to help with shopping, dog and kid watching (Mom) is good at that “taking care of children” sort of thing, me not so much! So far so good, but a surgery each week to clean up 3rd degree burns not to mention grafting of skin is tough and painful.  Over all the neighborhood has done a great job offering help along with pretty darn good first aid after the gas can explosion happened! It does not matter if this family takes up up on the offers of help. The entire neighborhood has seen that people have put words to actions and will be there when things go badly. Talk is cheap, it is actions that we can measure a person’s character.

As far as myself, things are going okay now that Diana is on the mend. I paid the vet bill out of the start of my “emergency fund” for Jan./ Feb. and the bill was only $38.00. While not that much money or a true emergency in my mind, I paid cash for a somewhat unexpected vet bill. I picked up a few more pork chops on sale for $1. 69 per pound and a filled up on my “snack addictions” of store brand corn chips and Popsicle. You don’t have to deny yourself little “treats” while becoming self-reliant, just plan ahead and live your life as you see fit. I sort of figure once you have the basics on hand you should do whatever you want in prepping and self reliance.  I post about what works for me, I have no special authority or knowledge, except what seems to work for me.

What works for you maybe radically different from what I have done. More power to you as we all have different outlooks on this topic. Someone doing things differently than what I do does not make them wrong. They probably just have different priorities and mindset. I think most people are clear on basic disaster preps after that things are more subject to debate. Heck I’ve done 5 days without tap water and had some issues I did not anticipate. I’m sure folks that deal with a CAT 3 or above hurricane that plan for a min. of 30 days without power or folks smack with various natural disaster might disagree with my planning. I won’t say they are wrong but Idaho does not get many Hurricanes though other disaster do happen here.  In some things it does not matter where you live , such as a power outage! It does not matter how a power outage happened we all deal with the same issues.