I got the price of the coconut oil really wrong it’s $100.58 per bucket

April 17, 2014

I thought the price on the coconut oil was to good to be true. Needless to say that oil did not get bought but I did get most of the other items on my shopping list. Yesterday I got three of the Prime Rib roasts cut and tied with the bones, one of the butt portions of Ham and two pounds of the butter. It was $93.00 at checkout,  I can’t remember the last time I spent almost $100.00 in one shot at a regular grocery store.  The freezer are almost full of meat but Mom and I are going can up the chicken at the end of the month so that will free up some space.  Today I did Mom’s shopping at Albertsons and got her some chicken, pork chops and butter along with a couple of cans of veggies for under $20.00.  I know the Prime Ribs are a little expensive but they are for “special meals”.  Looking at how quickly meat prices are starting to go up I think buying now will save me money later this year.

I got the gas cans and the small axe I had a rain check for at True Value.  I could only afford one can for myself and Mom wanted one so now all we have to do get them filled around the 1st of May. Hopefully the gas prices will stay stable and we won’t see a price increase before the 1st of May.  Not to much we can do about the price if it goes up.  I finish paying off the City for the water main leak this month. I thought about having the bill split over a couple of checks but I want at least this part done and over with completely. I don’t have quite as much money for savings but that money was for emergencies I just had to start using it a little earlier than I wanted.

If I don’t have any disasters in the next couple of weeks I should be able to make up the amount for the monthly savings plan. I will pay off the last of the Les Schwab credit account. I’ll finish up the car insurance  and start on the next 6 month premium.  The car insurance is cheap but having paid ahead seems to make my life a lot easier. That means two less monthly bills staring in June,  Huzzah!  If life can go some what according to my plans and I’m able to catch up in May, I will add the amount of those two former monthly bills to the wood stove payment. I want to get that loan paid off early. While taking care of the water main has caused me to adjust a few goals I’m sort of surprised that overall I’m getting back on my plan so quickly. If it wasn’t for the prices beef/pork going up so quickly this year I could have got back on schedule a bit quicker. Stuff happens and life can get messy fast!

Last but not least I’m brewing up a black ale. I’m playing with the recipe for the English porter but with a different hops and yeast. I think it should turn out good and it gives me a few different types of homemade beer fermenting.  Got to call my aunt and let her know about the coconut oil screwup and that I have spent grains for her goats.