Feeling darned pleased with how the shopping turned out

September 20, 2012

As you know I’m skipping silver this month to get some additional things like the grinder and the rototiller. I’m happy to say both should be here next week.  I know going electric power is not a perfect solution,  but it’s something that I can work at producing my on my own energy.  So that takes care of the big purchase for prepping this month.

I was out about for my grocery shopping and Albertson’s is doing one day sales and it was coffee on the 19th. Limit 1 big can but it was only $3.99 each. Thankfully I live really close to the store and I stopped by 3 different times for a can.  So that helped me to restock the coffee a lot faster than I had anticipated.  I got all of the pork chops wrapped up and in the freezer and the additional boxes of saran wrap in the pantry.

Talked it over with Mom and she’s going to focus on bulk dry goods and I’ll focus on meat. I got a five pound bag of lentils for her, but C&C was out of the split peas but they have some coming in so I’ll grab the peas when I gas up the Kia.  We each have our favorite stores to shop at based mostly on location so we try and pickup whatever is on sale for each other and then deliver when we go for a walk.

I got the big Binder clips for holding the bag for the all grain beer. It seems it’s important to keep the bag off the bottom of the kettle.  With the clips and an insert I think I have everything I need for the first batch.  Picked up the last of the 15 gallon water storage barrels from the beer lady.  These will be additional water for me or a for the “idiot children” to cover water needs for a week or two.  At 120 pounds per barrel  full, they are heavy but I know we could get them into a vehicle and take them to a house without to much trouble.  I was going to store them in my shop but it’s not insulated and I have no idea how long it would take for a 120 pound chunk of ice to thaw at room temp. So I’ll be storing it in the house and stacking a few item on top of them.  These barrels are a great size for stashing in a closet!

Added another full propane tank for my heater and stove so good for over a month of fuel for cooking and heating.  October I will focus on fuel as the PTBs are trying to hold down the cost on oil.  Yes,  I know it’s probably for the election but I don’t care why they do something  as long as it gives me a better price.

Bills are all paid, quite a bit of prepping hardware is either here at my little house or is on the way.  I got a much better price on all I bought along with some pleasant surprises and a little cash leftover to stuff in the piggy bank.  A new project to try out on all grain brewing, that’s saves money and the grain leftovers can be used productively as animal feed.  All in All a pretty good month!

Sales at Sportsman’s Guide and silver quarters

June 27, 2012

I went looking at sportmans guide.com as I get the flyers and email updates and they have some great buys on on the Camp Chef propane oven combo for under $200.00. A new Camp Chef product is just the oven with no burners on top for $152.00.  If you already have a little camp stove with burners this might be a good option for backup cooking/camping.

They are coming out with those power packs for jumping cars that you can charge with a solar panel. They usually have a small inverter (400-600 watts) a light, radio and some times an air compressor. I have a small power pack that I have used to keep my router or a small 12 V DC  fan going during power outages, but I have to charge it via 120 V AC.  Being able to charge one of these with solar panels would be great to have on hand.  They have  one I’m looking to get next month for $80.00, I think this would be a great little gadget for charging the Laptop, phone or  run a small fan.

The Big Mr. Heater is on sale for $116.oo and though I have the mid size Mr.Heater, I’d like to have the big one as it has a fan for circulating the heat that runs on batteries or AC power. I was impressed on how well the Mid-size heater did on heating my home during the test I did this last winter and having 2 would give me a backup.  I already have the Adapter hose for using a big tank but my local grocery store Paul’s has the little tanks on sale for $2.98 each and I can refill or use the big tank for the oven or the heaters.  This is a good time to looking for camping stuff on sale and SportsmanGuide has great service.

The only thing left on the “wish list” will be the propane water heater.

Apmex has a sale on a roll of quarters 90% silver which split the difference on cost between dimes and the 1/2 dollars. So I’ll be getting a roll. That should give me plenty of change for barter for at least a little while and then I’ll get back to buying 100% silver.

UPDATE: The Big Stove was just marked down at Sportsmans guide to $170.00 

Coupon Code SG2254:      Offer good on merchandise orders of $125 or more (minimum order cannot include Buyer’s Club Membership fees). Cannot be combined with any other special offers or coupons and cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer expires at 11:59 P.M. CDT on Sunday, July 1, 2012. $10 Gift Card will be mailed separately within 7 to 14 days and will expire on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.


Stuff done today and plans for next week

June 21, 2012

I didn’t need to get much this week but been checking prices and seems coffee, butter and bacon are starting to come back down in price. Since I’m buying silver this check I’m skipping most of the grocery shopping as only one or two items “blew my skirt up”.  Cash & Carry has a two week sale and the items I want I’ll get those next week.

  1. 40 pound bag of mesquite charcoal $11.40 (2 bags)
  2. 50 pounds of rice $16.65
  3. 50 pounds of flour $13.95

Albertson’s has a good buy on it’s bacon that I like so much.  $1.99 per pound but it’s a min. buy of 5 pounds,  I’m thinking about getting some  if I sell a few of my water bottles.  I’m going to Family Dollar and check out some shorts that are 2/$10.00 if they are good quality I’ll pick up a pair.  I know the PTB’s seem to think they have fixed all of the problems in the world or at least fooled most folks for a couple more weeks.  But I want to keep a little cash on hand just in case!

Now that the days are finally staying sunny I can try out the solar oven.  I soaked some 16 bean mix last night and I’m doing a small boneless pork loin to see how it cooks up via solar.  I’ll try my oven baked mac & cheese along with some biscuits if the beans and pork loin work out.  Got your beer ready to go Craig,  it’s a 6 pack of Dark lager I hope you like it. It tends to be one of my favorites.  I’m going to start a batch of wheat beer for some summer time drinking.  Looks like summer finally arrived so I’ll take the hot plate outside to boil the wort and help keep the house cool.

I’ve been rethinking my wood stove goal for this year,  instead I am looking at doing propane because I already have a Mr. Buddy heater, a propane oven/burner combo and for about $100.00 I can buy an instant hot water heater.  I won’t have to install a chimney,  nor does propane give off smoke or smell like wood burning.  All I will need to buy is the tanks and fuel and that would be a lot cheaper option this year.  Plus I’ve become very aware of my energy levels since doing my water test and flipping a switch or turning a valve is a lot easier than packing in wood or starting a fire and I’d still have to heat up water on the wood stove.

Looks like I completely missed my guess on which way Silver prices were going this week.  I hope it keeps going down for awhile as that means I can buy more next week.  Logic is often a way to go wrong with confidence especially in today’s market. I think this is only my second miss so overall I’m doing good. The historic value remains the same so I’ll keep plugging away at it.